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Top Yard Dump Jock After Shocker

Bling no longer king as Snaiths take immediate action

Former South African champion jockey S’manga ‘Bling’ Khumalo, who currently leads the national jockey title log, has felt an immediate impact on his career following his shocker of a ride on Captain Courteous at Fairview on Friday.

Khumalo black jockey wins JulyS’manga Khumalo after his July win on Heavy Metal

A spokesman for Snaith Racing, who train the beaten horse which Khumalo rode for top Gauteng owner Michael Leaf, confirmed to the Sporting Post that a decision had been made to take him off his rides for the top yard at Durbanville this coming Wednesday.

Jono SnaithJono Snaith – runs a professional outfit

“We cannot be associated with any form of unprofessionalism, and while we realise that the disciplinary processes must still run their course, we owe it to our patrons and the racing public to ensure our horses perform on their best merit and ability,” said Jono Snaith

Khumalo patently failed to ride Captain Courteous out when the colt was in a clear winning position in the final stages of the third race at Fairview.

The 3yo had in fact passed Luyola Mxothwa on the favourite Seattle Light, but was in turn passed again when Khumalo appeared to make no effort to ride his mount out.

While Khumalo is alleged to have said after the race that he was shouting at his mount, his body language tells a very different story.

It is not the first time that Khumalo has been guilty of questionable riding.

Champion Jockey - S’manga KhumaloProud moment as Bling receives his SA champion jockey trophy

He was suspended after failing to give the horse Dragoon every chance at the Vaal on 29 March.

In August 2015 he was also fined R75 000 for not riding the horse Supertube in a competent and professional manner on 5 November 2013. There was a protracted legal battle surrounding the charge that landed up in the High Court.

Khumalo recently had a short film made about his rise from township obscurity in his youth to the glitz and glamour of the world of professional race-riding.

He has no guaranteed July ride at the moment, with his engagement on reserve runner Trophy Wife subject to a withdrawal before Friday morning.

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30 comments on “Top Yard Dump Jock After Shocker”

  1. Fame and fortune sometimes has an effect on the brain ,the racing yard concerned I salute you ,this type of thing makes things worse for horseracing ,maybe others will also restrict using the gentleman concerned for future riding engagements

  2. well done snaith racing. always open about your horses. keep these schemers off your horses. wish other stables will take your lead. the jocks have had it to easy for to long. if the three blind mice(stipes) dont warn them off the trainers should not give them rides. i would rather do my money on a trier that do my money in cold blood.

    1. Some of the “top trainers” send horses out underdone and you don’t hear anything about that, and they put the public on the wrong horse, example: future and legislate , they put the public on futura and then the right money comes for legislate at the death, it’s easy to point fingers, but S’manga Khumalo is one of the very few jockeys that give their best, it was an honest mistake in my opinion, the only schemers are the trainers.

      1. I agree, S’manga is a very good Jockey, that man delivers. Its not a bad thing to keep the jockey’s on there toes, BUT sometimes the horse also do not want to perform that day as good as he was trained to do. a Jockey can just do that much.

    1. Correct me if I am wrong but Gerome ,please explain to me why you are the only one here with this view ,maybe we are all missing the point ,you could be correct .

      1. I did not see the race that he is being blamed for, but I know he is definitely a jockey that gives every trainer his best. Sometimes we don’t realise that the trainers are sending there horses into races not ready. The trainers send their champions out not even 50% ready on many occasions and we the punter burn our money. The trainer in this article says every horse must run to it’s best merit and ability which is not the case.

          1. Lmfao. Fading horse? When the pilot is giving you all the signals to stop running, all horses are faders. Absolute no good or overconfident ride, take your pick. That should have won by 5.

        1. You must be having a joke chief…what planet are you living on ..he should have being ban a long time ago…he think he is untouchable..ban him

  3. i suggest all those making excuses for the ride, should go watch the race again. Agree, the horse should have won by 5, if he rode in a professional manner. Burning your cash when being beaten is part of the game, but in a manner such as this is unacceptable

  4. The problem is that the NHRA will take ages to hold an inquiry.

    S’manga played the fool with the NHRA on the last occassion he was found to have breached the rules while riding Supertube.

    The Inquiry should have been held immediately after the meeting.

    The NHRA stipes may have sheltered employment but that should not mean that they should not work outside ordinary business hours.

    The rules need to change. If a jockey is suspended or any penalty is meted out, bad luck for the jockey. He should immediately lose his upcoming rides where he has an appointment whether it be for a maiden or graded race.

    S’manga and his top lawyers who I think are Werksmens , have shown up the NHRA and shown all jockeys how to play the system.

    Where there is a hole there is a potential for hiding or a potential way out.

    All eyes are now on the NHRA.

    Any bets that nothing will be done until the July is over?

    The joke is on the punter. Hee ha.

  5. I agree that the ride was unprofessional and that S’Manga should receive the punishment that fits the crime.
    My hope is that the stipes concentrate as much on horses that run into the placings (or just miss the placings) to ensure that these horses are all ridden out to achieve their best position.
    The only thing worse than Mr. Khumalo’s poor judgement are some of the derisive comments on this article.

  6. To those that comment and haven’t even viewed the race, do yourself a favour and watch what he does. I feel sorry for punters that took whatever bet and especially the owners.

    I have only two words to describe this event, “Bling” SKULDUGGERY!!!

  7. Lets be ‘fair’ it was reported that that this pro jockey decided that it was better to shout at his mount than to use the whip or encourage it by using his hands,
    After all,did a starter a few weeks ago not shout at the jockeys to signal a false start instead of using his hands to activate the false start hooter.
    This is South African horse racing, hands are used for other things,liking punching punters.

  8. Although Khumalo deserves to be banned I think that the handicapping system is also to blame here in that often one doesnt see jockeys riding their mounts out fully as they dont want to win by too far as they cop a heftier penalty.

  9. Well done to the Snaith’s for removing Smanga Khumalo from all their mounts. I watched the race in question many times and it’s patently obvious that Mr Khumalo had no intention of winning that race. The suggested 3 months ban is not sufficient. This act, whether intentional or unintentional brings racing into disrepute. It’s time the NHRA sets an example rather than just a slap on the wrist as they normally do. Horse racing is much bigger than any individual. This is not the first time that Mr Khumalo has failed to ride a horse to win or obtain the best possible placing.

  10. I still shocked that Khumalo is still riding…he needs to be suspended immediately while the stipes take their sweet time to “investigate”

  11. well he f’ed up but he rides many jockeys to sleep, i hope whatever that was going on can be forgiven. i’d rather have him on my horse any day than most of his peers….

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