Bernard Fayd'herbe

Winter Series Wonder

Bernard Fayd'herbe wins Second Winter Series

Bernard Fayd’herbe became the only jockey to win the Cape Winter Series on Pocket Power back in 2006. He is still the only jockey to have won the Series, only thanks to African Night Sky, he’s now won it twice! read more

Durban July (photo: Ludwig's Roses)

The Durban July Rose

A Colourful Rose for a Colourful Race

The Kentucky Derby has the Freedom Rose, the Preakness has the Black-Eyed Susan and the Belmont has the Carnation. But did you know our Durban July also has a rose named after it? read more

Put Punters First

Player-centric product mindset is needed

Current products will never succeed in an acquisition capacity as they critically ignore the value of a more entertaining and potentially rewarding experience, especially to new and smaller players read more

November Rain (photo: Fine Photography)

Guns N’ Roses

Hard Rock and Large Hearts

Some horses are born to be rock stars. November Rain surprised everyone by being a sprinter, defied the odds by surviving a road accident and is now excelling in his second career read more

Little Promise

Should have been withdrawn at start?

Odds-on favourite Hernando’s Promise has always been the Bookies best buddy but his shares dropped to new lows with punters at Kenilworth on Saturday read more

Kat Coetzee (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Kats In The Cradle

Meeting Kat Coetzee

While everyone knows Felix Coetzee, few know that his equally talented daughter Kat Coetzee is doing an equally good job taking Hong Kong by storm on the music stage read more

Obama Way (photo: supplied)

Of Trump And Obama

Horses and their stories

“Horses make and break our hearts, but carry our stories and bring us together to share them in faraway places,” writes Malcolm Draper read more

KZN Start – Not Good Enough

Time for Gold Circle to meet with the jockeys, trainers and the NHA to sort out a simmering problem

The combination of angry jockeys and inexperienced 2yo fillies is a toxic cocktail and the KZN starter really did not look to be in control of matters at the 1100m read more

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

More Horse In Our Discourse

Where is the horse in our discourse? We have administrators and track managers and bean counters, rather than ex jockeys, ex trainers and folks who know the feel of leather in their hands and whose bodies carry reminders of what happens when the basics are not adhered to. read more


Knowledge Is Key

Why are we being locked out?

Asking for an explanation regarding stakes and the Industry Liaison Committee meetings resulted in a rather abrupt reply from the Racing Association. We wonder why this information is such a big deal. read more

Being Weird

The Rio De Janeiro Story

Thanks to a special group of people, a battling racehorse called Rio De Janeiro travelled half way across the world with a superstar and now gets a brand new life in South Africa read more