Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

More Horse In Our Discourse

Where is the horse in our discourse? We have administrators and track managers and bean counters, rather than ex jockeys, ex trainers and folks who know the feel of leather in their hands and whose bodies carry reminders of what happens when the basics are not adhered to. read more


Knowledge Is Key

Why are we being locked out?

Asking for an explanation regarding stakes and the Industry Liaison Committee meetings resulted in a rather abrupt reply from the Racing Association. We wonder why this information is such a big deal. read more

Being Weird

The Rio De Janeiro Story

Thanks to a special group of people, a battling racehorse called Rio De Janeiro travelled half way across the world with a superstar and now gets a brand new life in South Africa read more

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary (photo: supplied)

Silence Of The Donkeys

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary

In January 2017, Jonno Sherwin of the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary executed a large scale rescue operation for horses and donkeys at a livestock auction in the Northern Cape. The racing community waded in to help. read more

Select Success

Short Heads - our weekly news snippets feature

Australians have discovered the power of ‘Select’ at yearling sales, a mightily successful concept long abandoned by South African sale companies for reasons unknown read more

Cotton-Eye Joe

Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go?

RA CEO Larry Wainstein recently stated that the Racing Association governs all stake money paid to owners and it is them that foot the bill. We try to find out where our stakes come from and where they go read more

Reach For The Skye

A chat with aspiring lady jockey, Skye Gilbert

Aspiring lady jockey Skye Gilbert was granted her apprentice license in England last November. She had her first ride under rules at Scottsville last week and we caught up with her to see how it went. read more

Whip Synching!

Our weekly news snippets feature

The apparent disparity in fines dished out for various whip offences by the National Horseracing Authority is interesting read more