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Recent Results Summary

Race Meetings
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 12:55

Race 1 Juvenile Plate (Fillies) 1000m Win time: 61s

10Casual Diamond160.0B Fayd'Herbe15-10
22.50Regal Ruby460.0G van Niekerk2-1
34.75It Is What It Is557.0H v'd Hoven25-1
44.95Lacerta260.0B May7-1
57.20Namibia360.0L Govender9-2
610.20Silver Streamer757.0L Africa66-1
722.45Kinrara657.0G Behr25-1
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 1:30

Race 2 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1200m Win time: 75s

10White River2060.0C Orffer26-10
23.50Southern Sun1460.0L Burke100-1
33.70Cot Campbell360.0B Fayd'Herbe3-1
44.10The Silva Fox1860.0M Byleveld30-1
54.15Evolver660.0P Botha14-1
65.40True Words1960.0D Dillon17-2
75.50Siberian Husky1360.0A Balloo25-1
88.00Fool Proof760.0A Domeyer4-1
98.20Super Performer1760.0S Cele44-1
108.95Peg Of Zeus1160.0G van Niekerk14-1
119.15Dan's Empire460.0G Cheyne66-1
1210.65Commissioner260.0H v'd Hoven50-1
1310.75Radlet1260.0A Andrews100-1
1411.75State Capture1560.0C Bantam100-1
1512.25Sunset Clause1660.0J Bekker66-1
1613.00Captain Buffet160.0L Africa100-1
1714.75No Fly Zone1060.0O Noach44-1
1714.75Dramatist560.0B May100-1
1920.75Lake Washington960.0L Govender100-1
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 2:05

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1600m Win time: 102s

10Bridal Party260.0G Cheyne26-10
20.20Lady Li Lay860.0A Domeyer5-2
31.45Hither Green560.0L Burke44-1
42.70Le Claire160.0G van Niekerk2-1
54.20Destiny Duchess760.0C Orffer10-1
64.95Mr World Wide956.0A Balloo100-1
76.70Raise Your Hand460.0B Fayd'Herbe20-1
89.20Meaningful Look360.0D Dillon20-1
922.45Yolanda660.0L Africa100-1
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 2:40

Race 4 Maiden Plate 1600m Win time: 101s

10Redeemer260.0C Orffer2-1
21.25Tripple Explosion160.0B Fayd'Herbe7-2
31.55Two Brothers460.0G van Niekerk8-1
42.30Nordic Chant1156.0M Byleveld20-1
53.55Desert Lark760.0D Dillon16-1
63.75Leadman360.0G Cheyne41-10
73.95All Night Long860.0A Domeyer50-1
85.20Badawee1056.0G Behr59-10
97.20Kinneret660.0S Cele50-1
1014.45Exemplar960.0P Botha66-1
1115.45Break Out560.0J Bekker100-1
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 3:20

Race 5 MR 80 Handicap 1400m Win time: 88s

10Nasty Harry457.5C Orffer9-2
20.75New Caledonia557.0G van Niekerk9-2
31.05Silver Master754.5M Byleveld14-1
41.45Gadget Man953.0H v'd Hoven61-10
51.85Cock-A-Hoop160.5B Fayd'Herbe59-10
63.10Come On Sonny655.5A Domeyer9-2
73.40Strathdon258.5G Cheyne17-2
84.90Volatile Energy853.5S Cele36-1
96.15Half Moon Hotel1052.5C Bantam36-1
10DistGiveusagrand358.0A Andrews17-2
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 3:55

Race 6 MR 86 Handicap (F&M) 1000m Win time: 60s

10Sails Set852.0S Cele10-1
21.00Miranda Frost160.0D Dillon41-10
32.25Trip The Willow356.0G van Niekerk41-10
42.35State Ballet455.0C Bantam61-10
53.85Shizam752.0L Africa12-1
68.35Seattle Oak256.0C Orffer19-10
710.10Harakiri652.0A Balloo16-1
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 4:30

Race 7 MR 80 Handicap 1200m Win time: 73s

10Blackmore261.0G Behr25-1
21.50Jay Rock1254.5P Botha36-1
32.00Captain Courteous659.0B Fayd'Herbe8-1
42.75Power Grid758.5G van Niekerk8-1
52.80Northern Corner1155.0L Africa25-1
65.05Bobby Dazzler858.0G Cheyne8-1
75.80Mount Keith459.5D Dillon59-10
86.20Sunset Eyes361.0C Orffer32-10
96.70Seven Wood1057.0M Byleveld25-1
107.20Joiners Arms957.0A Balloo25-1
118.45Caballo Blanco559.0A Domeyer37-10
1222.95The Stone Thrower162.0J Bekker30-1
Kenilworth Wed 28 Jun 5:05

Race 8 Maiden Plate 1200m Win time: 74s

10Strategic Power1557.0M Byleveld32-10
23.00Off Broadway160.0B Fayd'Herbe2-1
34.25Mister Colin960.0B May66-1
45.75Harvey Spector260.0C Orffer7-1
55.95Norse God660.0C Bantam100-1
69.20Manhattan Ice360.0G Cheyne12-1
710.95Silver De Lange1160.0G van Niekerk9-2
811.45Merger860.0L Africa25-1
911.65Sir Cliff1457.0A Domeyer14-1
1013.15Rattleseattle1060.0O Noach100-1
1113.20Top Gere1260.0P Botha100-1
1213.60On Winter's Traces460.0G Behr100-1
1316.10Strawberry Aubrey560.0A Andrews50-1
1424.85Magical Mambo760.0H v'd Hoven100-1
1528.35Mamba Alley1357.0S Cele100-1