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Recent Results Summary

Race Meetings
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 12:25

Race 1 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1000m Win time: 57s

10Tiger Star760.0L Hewitson7-2
23.25Klawerkate858.0C Murray3-1
34.00Burning Mist958.0A Domeyer9-2
44.50Kirinia160.0D Bogaleboile25-1
56.00Strawberry Girl260.0L Mxothwa20-1
69.25Mrs Robinson660.0X Ndlovu10-1
79.50Benedetta1258.0N Patel44-1
810.75Untamed Spirit1858.0M Thackeray20-1
910.80Silver Goblet1658.0J P v'd Merwe8-1
1013.80Silken Summer460.0J Mphanya16-1
1115.55Mackerel Sky1158.0L Tarentaal100-1
1217.80Yourmyworld360.0W Agrella36-1
1318.30Pepper Dust1058.0M V'Rensburg14-1
1431.55Miss Evolution560.0C Zackey30-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 1:00

Race 2 Maiden Plate (Polytrack) 2200m Win time: 138s

10The Colour Purple755.0L Mxothwa61-10
20.75Chappaquiddick555.0M V'Rensburg19-10
32.00Magic Maker260.0R Munger30-1
42.10Mamba Mania356.5A Domeyer22-10
522.85Ice Maiden456.5L Tarentaal36-1
630.10Irish Brave655.0J P v'd Merwe61-10
736.35Warren Place160.0X Ndlovu7-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 1:35

Race 3 Maiden Plate (3yo's)(Polytrack) 1300m Win time: 77s

10Golden Shamrock760.0J P v'd Merwe12-1
20.05Admiral's Sword260.0K Zechner4-1
30.10Run For Your Life160.0C Zackey26-10
42.35Highland Captain560.0L Hewitson61-10
52.40Romano660.0R Danielson12-1
63.15Cadillac Jack960.0L Mxothwa30-1
73.65Arctic Rush1357.0M V'Rensburg66-1
83.75All In Ali860.0C Murray10-1
96.50Swashbuckler360.0A Domeyer61-10
106.55Count Beau Gar1160.0J Mphanya100-1
117.05Return To Sender1257.0M Thackeray36-1
1210.30Tombodi460.0R Munger16-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 2:10

Race 4 Graduation Plate (Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 70s

10Seattle Flame258.0A Domeyer19-10
21.25Battle Creek655.0M V'Rensburg10-1
31.35Omega Onslaught160.0C Zackey5-1
41.60Maverick Girl356.5K Zechner7-1
51.70Fort Winter754.5L Hewitson26-10
62.20Gizmo555.0R Danielson14-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 2:45

Race 5 MR 66 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 70s

10Leia Organa1056.0C Zackey5-2
20.75Bombshell Girl558.0J Mphanya25-1
32.75Southern Sunset260.0C Murray61-10
43.25Corker1156.0L Mxothwa7-1
54.00Helen's Bay1453.0X Ndlovu12-1
64.05Winter Breeze1652.0R Munger25-1
75.05Imagine Dragons359.0A Domeyer4-1
85.15Seventh Circle160.5W Agrella14-1
95.65Await The Day756.5J Penny44-1
106.90Galadriel1552.0L Tarentaal25-1
117.65Pina856.5N Patel16-1
1211.90In Tandem458.5T Juglall30-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 3:25

Race 6 MR 72 Handicap (Polytrack) 1000m Win time: 57s

10Flight Captain360.5K Zechner9-2
20.10Trap Lord755.5M V'Rensburg17-2
32.10Dickensian161.0J P v'd Merwe5-2
42.85Across The Lake656.0M Thackeray16-1
53.60Kingston Warren1253.0L Hewitson17-2
63.85Amadeus Rocks1054.0J Penny36-1
75.10Kiftsgate556.5A Domeyer3-1
86.35Breathless Bertie855.5R Munger16-1
97.35Verlaine1352.0T Juglall25-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 4:00

Race 7 Pinnacle Stakes (Polytrack) 1800m Win time: 108s

10True Master162.0L Mxothwa12-1
20.50Gimme The Stars558.0L Hewitson7-1
31.00Road To Indy459.5R Munger16-1
41.25Story Of My Life856.5L Tarentaal8-1
53.25Stormy Eclipse361.0C Murray61-10
63.75It Is Written261.0C Zackey3-1
73.80Dynastic Power658.0A Domeyer10-1
85.05En Gee Oh955.0J P v'd Merwe8-1
95.55Notting Hill756.5R Danielson61-10
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 4:35

Race 8 MR 84 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1300m Win time: 75s

10Firstimesacharm1052.5L Mxothwa10-1
21.00Valediction457.5C Zackey10-1
32.50Trini's Colateral260.5J P v'd Merwe41-10
42.55Petty Officer359.0L Hewitson5-1
52.65La Rebel854.0K Zechner10-1
62.70The Wild Mistress1452.0M Thackeray10-1
74.95Kanara162.0A Domeyer72-10
85.45Peonie Rock755.0L Tarentaal37-10
96.95Villanelle1152.0J Penny16-1
Fairview Fri 18 Aug 5:10

Race 9 MR 67 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1300m Win time: 76s

10Midtown Manhattan260.0L Hewitson5-2
20.05Lady Away559.5A Domeyer37-10
30.80Minds Eye659.5C Murray12-1
41.80Queen Justine759.0L Mxothwa7-1
53.05Juds Express1652.0T Juglall20-1
63.55Dance In The Woods360.0W Agrella10-1
73.65Peach Valley1353.0L Tarentaal12-1
83.90Me Myself And I1256.0N Patel20-1
94.00Kashmira1552.0J P v'd Merwe25-1
104.50Seattle Solace1057.0X Ndlovu10-1
115.75Beautiful Flautist1752.0reserve 144-1