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In response to William Milkovitch: The lack of sensible tactics

In response to William MilkovitchThe lack of sensible tactics

I feel it would be remiss of me not to reply to your comments re: Potala Palace’s tactics for the Dingaans.

Back home and in all preparations for the Dingaans, Potala Palace was settled in as this is the way in which I wanted him to be ridden.

Gavin Lerena was on board on every occasion when he was settled behind and taught to run at his companion.

On Dingaans day all I asked Gavin was: Have you worked your game plan out, his reply was a swift yes.

So Mr William Milkovitch as much as it was a mystery to you why Potala Palace led the field it was an even bigger shock to me.

In Gavin’s defence we all make mistakes and are only human after all. He loves Potala Palace as if he were his own child. I have all the faith that Gavin will put it all right in the near future.


Michael Azzie

PS: My assessment of the Apache’s run was that from that draw he would have no other option but to be handy and I am pretty sure he will be back to redeem himself.

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5 comments on “In response to William Milkovitch: The lack of sensible tactics

  1. John Abel Chetty says:

    Don’t be disappointed Mr Azzie, it is not the end of the world. Only you know how good a horse you have. Sometimes a plan works out and sometimes it does not.

    I am sure that Potala Palace will make his presence felt and live up to his reputation.

  2. chris novello says:

    What would have been the comments if he won ?
    Easy when you are not the one in the hot seat, i prefer to let the Jockeys do the calculation and trainers advise, that way it is easy to assess the horses ability. Only then can the true potential of the horse be put forward, its called a learning curve.

  3. mr fxit says:

    Mr Azzie u r very honest trainer and imo good for the game.u know u hv a champ and its a pity ur champ got such a shocking ride.im sure he will redeem himself in future and prove how good he really is.on the day all fancied horses failed,i think 2 favs won, so it was a bookies dream day.

  4. Beach Boy says:

    Superb comment by the trainer:
    (i) he does not lie to ‘cover’ his jockey and admits he was susprised; and
    (ii) he however acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes and continues to believe in his jocke, thus not forgetting or being ungrateful for the success in the past with the horse.
    Keep it up Mr. Azzie!


    Firstly, thanks for your response Mr Azzie.

    To the other members who have commented, please remember to distinguish between unfair criticism and healthy debate.

    I have, still have and will always have high regard for Mr Azzie racing savvy and tactical awareness.

    Mr Azzie has anwsered my question unequivocally and like a proper gentleman. I am relieved to hear that those weren’t his predetermined tactics for Potala’s quest in the Dingaans.

    I wish Mr Gavin Lerena and Mr A a smooth trip for P Palace in The Derby.

    Happy days


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