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A Jockey’s Guide To Survival

10 Ideas For Jockeys On The Verge

normal_snail_jockeyThe last couple weeks I’ve heard privately from numerous riders about how frustrated they are trying to deal with the everyday struggles built in to the horse racing environment that have steadily been getting worse, writes former jockey and trainer, Clint Goodrich, on his blog.

I don’t have to tell any of you, horse racing is a tough game. But it’s never been tougher than it is today.

This game and that of being a jockey, in what euphemistically used to be known as the “Sport of Kings” has changed so much in the last few years it’s almost unrecognizable to those of us with a past association.

Frustration and burnout is more rampant and amplified than ever before in the history of the sport. The arena is shrinking, rapidly. Opportunities are thinning out everyday. So what can you do?

There are no absolute answers, but I have a few thoughts or possible ideas that could help restore your enthusiasm and might boost your business. They helped me when I was riding and impressed me when I saw these traits in a rider when I was training.

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