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Mike Bass – Taken Ill

Cape Champion In Hospital

Mike Bass with Pocket Power

Mike Bass with Pocket Power

The racing community has been in collective shock at the news that one of our longest standing and popular training personalities, Mike Bass has taken ill.

While it is understandably a very difficult time for all involved, due to the overwhelming support and concern from across the country, the family has furnished the following news.

Mike started feeling unwell during the Cape Awards on Friday, 7 August.  Feeling progressively worse during the course of the weekend, he sought medical advice on Monday and was diagnosed with flu.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, he had deteriorated sufficiently for an ambulance to be called and he was rushed to hospital.  An examination revealed that he had developed severe pneumonia and he was admitted to intensive care.

During the course of Wednesday, Mike’s condition worsened and he went into septic shock. He has been placed in an induced coma and the medical team are doing everything they can.  At this stage, the prognosis remains serious and the family and medical team are taking things hour by hour.

The family have asked to express their thanks for the care and concern they have received.  Mark Bass said “We are in such awe and overwhelmed by the support from friends, family and the entire racing industry, who have really come together in trying to keep  us so positive through this difficult time. He is so loved.  We would just like to thank everyone for their amazing support.”

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17 comments on “Mike Bass – Taken Ill

  1. Barry Irwin says:

    Mike is a great guy. He can pull through this.

  2. MOON says:

    Hopr you recover soon. God Bless

  3. Fred blomkamp says:

    Come on Mike we are praying for you and all of us who know you and love you.

  4. Linda Roberts says:

    Thinking of you and praying for Mike’s strong recovery – He is a legend and will pull through ♡

  5. kassie says:

    My recovery be coming soon, all my thoughts and prayers are for you and your family.

  6. Sue Botha says:

    I am praying for your Pops Candice and Mark. He is a well-loved man.

  7. sharon says:

    Wishing him and the family well! In our thoughts more than you know or think!

  8. Preston says:

    Prayers are with you Mike.

  9. Trevor says:

    Wishing Mike a speedy recovery – Reg Knight & family

  10. Gavin Lerena says:

    Wishing Mr Bass a speedy and complete recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. The Lerena Family

  11. Brian Onkruid says:

    Hi Mike. You & your family are in my prayers. You are a legend. God Bless. Brian Onkruid (Punter)

  12. Hamesh says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr Bass. To the Family hang in there i am sure all will be well. Keep the faith you are in our thoughts and Prayers. God Bless.

  13. Editor says:

    Message from Candice Robinson on Monday morning:

    Good morning everyone
    We have some good news to report about Mikes health, he had a good night last night and we have just spoken to Dr Tanya Kotze who has told us that he is much better today. His vitals are returning to a near normal level. And he has come off the adrenalin completely now, his lungs and blood levels have also seen significant improvement. There are still large concerns about sub traumatic infections but overall we are all delighted with this news. They are going to start reducing his sedation levels now very slowly and by Wednesday they say he may be able to open his eyes???. We can’t begin to tell you the relief we are all feeling. On behalf of the entire family we would like to thank you for the overwhelming love and support we have received for Mike during this trying time, let’s just hope it continues. xxx

    1. Preston says:

      Thank you for the update. Please keep us posted with further updates.

      1. Editor says:

        Thanks Preston- will be posted as and when they are received

  14. Anne & Charles, Durban says:

    Mike is in our thoughts & prayers and being positive about his recovery to good health

  15. Maureen says:

    My family who have recently become part of the horse racing fraternity wish you all the very best on your road to recovery.

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