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New season MR’s – who’s the best?

Rabada wins in Turffontein on 2015-03-28

Rabada, winner of the Gr1 Premier’s Champion Stakes is the highest rated of the new crop of 3yo’s

August is the month, when the official handicapper for the first time publishes ratings for the new crop of 3yo’s.

It’s great food for thought and discussion, and interesting to see where the 2015 Equus nominees fit in.

For comparison, shown below are the MR’s for the older generations as well, split by sex, with their sires, dams, and broodmare sires.

Have fun!


MR horse sire dam damsire
111  Rabada  Brave Tin Soldier  Jordie  Fard
110  Arabian Beat  Black Minnaloushe  Arabian Design  Al Mufti
110  Seventh Plain  Seventh Rock  Amber Plain  National Emblem
109  Abashiri  Go Deputy  Donya  Elliodor
109  Brazuca  Teofilo  Base Paradise  Choisir
109  Prospect Strike  Toreador  Prospect Fever  Mr Prospector
106  Mogok Master  Mogok  Bennie Andthe Jets  Jet Master
105  Nephrite  Right Approach  Emerald Beauty  Equalize
101  Beat The Retreat  Argonaut  Spring Lilac  Joshua Dancer
101  Lineker  Star Witness  Battle Maiden  Goldkeeper
101  Redcarpet Captain  Captain Al  Divine  Kabool
101  Star Chestnut  Horse Chestnut  Gaily Goes West  Western Winter
100  Captain Chaos  Captain Al  Cheyenne  Rambo Dancer
100  Muwaary  O’Reilly  Silently  Anabaa
98  Isca  Var  Jolie Bele  Impression
98  Tar Heel  Var  Egyptian Reign  Kabool
98  Western Storm  Var  Happy Hostess  Western Winter
97  Cutting Edge  A P Answer  Glitterstone  Secret Prospector
97  Kingoftheworld  Var  Julia’s World  Sportsworld
97  Mystical Twilight  Great Britain  Fading Light  Bel Byou
96  Chosen Dash  Muhtafal  Carlas Wisdom  Jallad
96  Natal  Argonaut  Hope Jo’Anna  Chimes Band
95  Prince Of Thieves  Rebel King  Sylvan Forest  Silver Charm


MR horse sire dam damsire
107  Entisaar  More Than Ready  Purrpurrlena  Catbird
105  Princess Royal  Captain Al  Platinum Princess  Rakeen
103  Shaama  Redoute’s Choice  Absolut Glam  Snowland
102  Madame Dubois  Count Dubois  Miss Jet Set  Jet Master
101  Lauderdale  Elusive Fort  Tropicool  Western Winter
101  Persian Rug  Ideal World  Queen Of Persia  Fort Wood
100  Chestnuts N Pearls  Horse Chestnut  Pearl Hostess  Elliodor
100  Melliflora  Querari  Malata Beach  Count Dubois
99  Flying Ice  Go Deputy  Strawberry Ice  Western Winter
96  Almashooqa  Bernardini  Joy Of Flight  Rambo Dancer
95  Royal Pleasure  Visionaire  Royal Purse  King Of Kings
95  Sapsan  Lateral  ShinKanZen  Cordoba
95  She’s A Dragon  Jay Peg  Cherry Flower  Goldkeeper
95  Speedy Suzy  Trippi  Kelly’s Olympics  Kingmambo
93  Petala  Captain Al  Nepeta  Mysterious Hal
92  Captain’s Song  Captain Al  Super Singer  AP Indy
92  Fort Ember  Elusive Fort  Glowing Ember  Kahal
92  Mella Maria  Star Witness  Sayahailmary  Keep The Faith
92  Miracle Rising  Judpot  Spanish Vixen  Al Mufti
92  Silver Mountain  Silvano  Our Table Mountain  Fusaichi Pegasus
92  Sublime Lady  Captain Al  Sublimity  Fort Wood
92  Varumba  Var  Muamba  Pure Prize
91  Anglet  Biarritz  Fenella  Kitalpha
91  Frosted Honey  Western Winter  Honeytrap  Primo Dominie
91  Leila’s Charger  Charge Forward  Lilanda  Grand Lodge
91  Rebel To The Fore  Rebel King  Joy To The Fore  Pole Position


MR horse sire dam damsire
120  Legal Eagle  Greys Inn  Young Sensation  National Emblem
117  Act Of War  Dynasty  Si Senorita  Cordoba
113  French Navy  Count Dubois  Redoubtable  Elliodor
113  Harry’s Son  Haradasun  Dash On Ruby  Anabaa
110  Ertijaal  Hard Spun  Alharir  Jeune
109  Trip To Heaven  Trippi  Helleborus Blue  Cee’s Tizzy
108  The Conglomerate  Lonhro  Republic Lass  Canny Lad
107  Generalissimo  Var  Counterpoise  Counter Action
106  Afrikaburn  Trippi  Aquatint  Peintre Celebre
106  Rampant Ice  Go Deputy  Strawberry Ice  Western Winter
105  Belong To Me  Antonius Pius  Along The Nile  Belong To Me
104  Amsterdam  Windrush  Kindly Kat  Machiavellian
104  Asstar  Ashaawes  Stunning Star  Northern Guest
104  Brutal Force  Western Winter  Nacarat  Pas De Quoi
104  Mac De Lago  Encosta de Lago  Macavelli Miss  Vettori
104  Unparalleled  Lateral  Sublime Surge  Elliodor
103  Balance Sheet  Silvano  Vita-Louise  Al Mufti
103  Deputy Jud  Judpot  Star Deputy  Deputy Governor
102  Isphan  Tiger Ridge  Queen Of Persia  Fort Wood
102  Kingvoldt  Western Winter  Red Parade  Parade Leader
102  Ultimate Dollar  Jet Master  Mkushi Gold  Western Winter
101  Anjaal  Lonhro  Miss Portofino  Flying Spur
101  Doing It For Dan  Windrush  Wrapped In Clover  Mt Livermore
101  Forest Fox  Dupont  Forest Vixen  Fort Wood
100  Easy Lover  Right Approach  Miss Gold Digger  Rich Man’s Gold
100  Light The Lights  Western Winter  First Arrival  Northern Guest
100  Varbration  Var  Murmuration  Miswaki


MR horse sire dam damsire
116  Alboran Sea  Rock of Gibraltar  Lady’s Light  Toolighttoquit
115  Carry On Alice  Captain Al  Carry On Katie  Western Winter
114  Majmu  Redoute’s Choice  Spontaneous  Volcanic
113  Same Jurisdiction  Mambo In Seattle  Diana De Carlo  Captain Al
111  Smart Call  Ideal World  Good Judgement  Horse Chestnut
109  Lazer Star  Toreador  Empress Of Ozz  Sri Pekan
109  Pine Princess  Captain Al  Scent Of Pine  Badger Land
109  Siren’s Call  Elusive Fort  Siren’s Cove  West Man
108  Bichette  Western Winter  Bardot  Badger Land
108  Inara  Trippi  Mountains Of Mist  Shirley Heights
106  Alexis  Dynasty  Rydethecreek  Parade Leader
105  Tamaanee  Teofilo  Cangino  Perugino
103  Sarve  Sarge  First Wave  Waldoboro
103  Trophy Wife  Tiger Ridge  My Squeeza  Goldmark
102  Ataab  Flying Spur  Azwa  Muhtafal
101  Flame Cat  Tale of the Cat  Frontier  Match Winner
101  Zante  Ideal World  Temperate Lady  Western Winter
100  One Fine Day  Trippi  Peace Bell  Kingmambo
100  Real Princess  Trippi  Pagan Princess  Fort Wood
100  Rich Girl  Rock of Gibraltar  Miss Moguls  Giant’s Causeway
99  Banbury  Horse Chestnut  Lady Helen  Stage Colony
99  Patchit Up Baby  Ideal World  Qui Liz  Benny The Dip
98  Come Fly With Me  Jet Master  Fly The Wind  Model Man
98  Cuvee Brut  Count Dubois  Lemonzest  Aristis
98  Olma  Dynasty  Theas Dance  Danzig
97  Ahlaam  Asiatic Boy  Sabha  Elusive Quality
97  Bilateral  Lateral  Buccellati  Secret Prospector
97  Cat And The Moon  Black Minnaloushe  Earn A Moon  Indigo Magic
97  Ha Lucy  Trippi  Bold Ellinore  Kahal
96  Night Of Stars  Captain Al  Evening Attire  Kahal
96  Rosier  Kildonan  Malmaison  French Deputy
96  Sensible Lover  Good Journey  Almah  Alycidon
96  Silver Class  Silvano  Aylesbury  Rakeen


MR horse sire dam damsire
126  Captain Of All  Captain Al  Serious Side  Fard
119  Futura  Dynasty  Scribblin’ The Cat  Badger’s Drift
117  Captain America  Captain Al  Requista  Fort Wood
117  Legislate  Dynasty  Champers  Restructure
114  Louis The King  Black Minnaloushe  Pamushana  Rich Man’s Gold
114  Trip Tease  Trippi  Girlish  Complete Warrior
110  Gulf Storm  Sail From Seattle  Royal Drummer  Kilconnel
109  Power King  Silvano  Northern Gale  Northern Guest
108  Bouclette Top  Giant’s Causeway  Bouclette Glory  Honour And Glory
108  Chekilli  Greys Inn  Philippa Johnson  Joshua Dancer
107  Bezanova  Bezrin  Ananova  London News
107  Helderberg Blue  Jet Master  Our Table Mountain  Fusaichi Pegasus
107  Sir Duke  Trippi  Jenna  Captain Al
106  Willow Magic  Dubawi  La Willow  Tierce
105  Gogetthesheriff  Go Deputy  Trojan Belle  Centenary
105  Judicial  Miesque’s Approval  Lady Advocate  Dolpour
105  Reim  Ashaawes  Place Morny  Doneraile Court
103  Dollar Dazzler  Var  Isla Bonita  Joshua Dancer
103  Moofeed  Duke Of Marmalade  Dizzy de Lago  Encosta de Lago
103  Sheik’s Brashee  The Sheik  Sleek Braashee  Braashee
101  Arion  Silvano  Alstroemaria  Northern Guest
101  Dynastic Power  Dynasty  Crimson Lily  Royal Prerogative
101  Kingston Mines  Archipenko  Alexandrine  Nashwan
101  Shadow Ofhis Smile  Western Winter  Shadow Dancing  Fort Wood
101  Tiger Territory  Trippi  Fragrant Filly  Model Man
100  Greasepaint  Kahal  Lady Red  Russian Revival
100  Mister Matchett  Badger’s Drift  Shake Baby Shake  Comic Blush
100  Normanz  Var  la Normandie  American Chance
100  One Man’s Dream  Greys Inn  Ember Dream  Flaming Rock


MR horse sire dam damsire
107  African Dream  Mogok  Rhumba In Space  Spaceship
107  Maybe Yes  Tiger Ridge  Fair Enough  Model Man
105  Ash Cloud  Black Minnaloushe  Star Of Arcole  Foveros
104  Arcetri Pink  Rock Of Gibraltar  Arcetri  Galileo
104  Lanner Falcon  Trippi  Hosta  French Deputy
104  Red Flame  Jet Master  Forty Fires  Western Winter
103  Athina  Fort Wood  The Heiress  Rich Man’s Gold
102  Gallica Rose  Silvano  Al Jestic  Al Mufti
102  Vino Veritas  Silvano  Valdovino  Al Mufti
101  Virgo’s Babe  Malhub  Linzertorte  Special Preview
101  Whatalady  Jet Master  Vogue  Model Man
100  Garibondy  Var  Moneycantbuymelove  Jallad
100  Yoshie  Antonius Pius  Blushing Fairy  Jallad
99  Admiral’s Eye  Admire Main  Surfers Eye  Elliodor
99  Touch The Sky  Jet Master  Mystic Spring  Royal Academy
97  Pej  Kahal  Miss Crystal  Model Man
96  Acrostar  Danehill Dancer  Nova Star  Iglesia
96  Goldie Coast  Choisir  Drama Of Life  Royal Academy
96  Petty Officer  Royal Air Force  Petria  Fort Wood
96  Supercede  Stronghold  Sweet Sequel  Casey Tibbs
96  Winter Star  Solskjaer  Winter Dimension  Exclusive Patriot


MR horse sire dam damsire
116  Wylie Hall  Redoute’s Choice  Beauty Belle  Ideal Planet
112  Tellina  Silvano  Tachina  Spectrum
111  Barbosa  Captain Al  Fine Feather  Best By Test
109  Night Trip  Trippi  Pleine Nuit  Machiavellian
109  Tevez  Caesour  Minelli  Elliodor
108  One Cool Dude  Strike Smartly  Misty River  Western Winter
108  Paterfamilias  Trippi  La Patoneur  Badger Land
107  No Worries  Kahal  Coastal Waltz  Rambo Dancer
106  Ashton Park  Battersea Park  Hunters Prayer  Jet Master
106  King Of Pain  Greys Inn  Viva La Belle  Defensive Play
104  Hot Ticket  Silvano  Hot Number  Sportsworld
104  Insearchofthesun  Whitechapel  Holy Smoke  Kilconnel
104  Killua Castle  Churchill Downs  Prayers’n’promises  Encosta de Lago
104  Valberg  Var  Frosty  Western Winter
104  Wild One  Mogok  Endangered Species  Sapieha
103  Readytogorightnow  More Than Ready  Storm Fronts  Hurricane Sky
103  Sabadell  Var  Girl From Grenada  Badger Land
102  Cagiva  Silvano  Blue Paradise  Jallad
101  Coltrane  Giant’s Causeway  Nuance  Rainbow Quest
101  Disco Al  Captain Al  Studio Fifty Four  Badger Land
101  Dynamic  Dynasty  Lanquid Lady  Theatrical
101  Francois Bernardus  Goldkeeper  Pine Forest  Fort Wood
101  Kingston Boy  Mogok  Star Of Calypso  National Assembly
100  Candy Moon  Lundy’s Liability  Cosmic Galaxy  Silvano
100  The Hangman  Jallad  Helleborus Blue  Cee’s Tizzy
100  The West Is Wide  Western Winter  Poppy  Fard


MR horse sire dam damsire
112  Hammie’s Hooker  Trippi  Gem Queen  Damascus Gate
111  Fly By Night  Jet Master  Fly The Wind  Model Man
109  Jet Belle  Jet Master  Bella Bianca  Ahmad
103  Jet Aglow  Jet Master  Lighthouse Girl  Argosy
102  Priceless Jewel  Ashaawes  So Royal  Kahir Almaydan
101  Tzigane  Doowaley  Tough Wood  Complete Warrior
99  Genuine Leather  Kabool  Rocky Rituals  Rocky Marriage
98  Jet Supreme  Jet Master  Solea  Zabeel
97  Varikate  Var  Katies Star  Modern Day
96  Choir Maiden  Choisir  Prolong  Gold Brose
96  Euphoria  Kahal  Larny Lady  Northern Guest


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4 comments on “New season MR’s – who’s the best?

  1. can someone please explain how captain of all gets a higher mr than futura, legislate. and then of course how does captain america go higher than legislate. is it because captain of all is owned by certain owners and gone to stud. something stinks.

    1. karel says:

      Barnes you are clueless – and your statements about ‘certain owners’ are so far off the mark they are almost funny. Why not learn how merit rating works?

  2. Dave says:

    The first and foremost thing that must be said is that both Kimberly and Fairview have traditiontally been the trading ground for the horses that could not make it in the more competitive centres.
    This said, then the MR 100 handicap in these centres, cannot be equivalent to the MR 100 handicap in the more competitive centres.
    So, please explain how Insearchofthesun can be rated @104, just as good as Hot Ticket and Wild One, both group 1 winners.
    In the last run of Insearchofthesun, he was beaten 10 lengths by a MR 86 horse.
    Insearchofthesun raided the more competitive centres on 6 occasions, and the best was placing once, clearly indicating different class.
    I am in no way having a dig at this horse, but this is more an injustice to the horse than any thing else.
    In the same light, Gogetthesheriff is rated higher or the same as:
    Dynastic Power – GR2 winner and placed , GR3 placed
    Balance sheet – GR1 placed
    Judicial – GR2 winner and placed, GR1 placed, GR3 placed.

    INSANE, thats all I can say.

    1. Rod Mattheyse says:

      The Drag/Drift for the weaker centres gets adjusted annually, maybe it should be revisited more frequently.

      Hot Ticket may have competed in Gr1’s but he has not got that sash yet

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