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Molly – Second Knee Appeal

Second knee replacement looms for media icon

Dave Mollett - second knee replacement

Dave Mollett – second knee replacement

It has been close on a year since the South African horseracing industry rallied in support of award winning media man Dave Mollett’s knee replacement surgery and the word is out that Molly goes in for his right knee on Monday 2 February.

In December 2014, a prognosis from his orthopaedic surgeon that he could be wheelchair-bound in under five years, forced the Tellytrack legend to make a potentially lifechanging decision to undergo knee replacement surgery.

The operation was an unqualified success.

“I was so heartened by the support I received – mainly from leading owners – 12 months ago. It showed that – while racing is often viewed as a jealous and back-biting sport – when he chips are down there are many who will rally to a cause.”


Avid Sporting Post reader Dave Mollett finding a Met winner

“The perfect example is Paul Lafferty with the amount raised for his appeal – for an illness much more serious – showing what great affection so many people have for the popular trainer/presenter.”

“Happily, Laff appears on the road to recovery which is great news for not only his close friends and family, but also for the sport of racing.”

Molly had a meeting with his surgeon a fortnight ago and what he told the old man ‘was quite alarming’.

“I have done 300-plus knee ops – including many Springboks – but yours was the biggest worry due to the poor state of the knee due to football injuries when you were young. I’m just hoping the next op goes as well,” said the top surgeon.

Molly will be at the Met on Saturday, no doubt in that J&B Dreamcoat Blazer!

The contact person for the fund is Linda and her e-mail is: [email protected]

The e-mail for anyone wishing to pledge money is: [email protected]

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4 comments on “Molly – Second Knee Appeal

  1. it really looks like racing has become a game for the rich and then the bums. this is disgusting that these guys ask for money for medical conditions. it all started with nico, then molly then laff and now molly again. all of these guys fly all over the world. laff goes to australia two maybe three times a year and of course to dubai and england. molly to the melborne cup or to royal ascot and does he not have a bar in thailand??. they have no shame to go on a public forum to beg. they all get paid decent salaries and i am sure that all of them can afford medical aid. all of them punt so thay must have money. joe public makes a plan and if not goes to a public hospital. why cant these premadonnas do the same.

  2. steven says:

    Totally agree its about time that this desperate begging stops. I think we need grooms to go on television asking for donations for their illness, they do look after the million rand horses, surely these ” generous folks our there who gave unselfishly to Nico, laff, and molly will do the same.

  3. Richard says:

    Molly clearly isn’t ‘filling his wally’. Maybe the ‘media icon’ should consider using his punting money to fund a medical aid.

  4. gavin says:

    these presenters are very quick to ask for money.. its a joke

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