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Ngong Racecaller Woes

Punters deserve better

Racecalling is undoubtedly an art and a skill and many of us may want to reconsider our unfair slinging off of some of our local guys after listening to the Ngong racecaller on Sunday. We actually found ourselves wondering whether the ambulance driver and regular race-caller hadn’t swapped roles for the meeting.


It is so easy to sit in the grandstand and criticise a jockey’s ride or a commentator’s emotions or judgement, while talking from the pocket or some imagined moral highground.

The bottom line is that most of us, despite our passion and imagined encyclopedic knowledge of this game, have possibly mimicked the motions and the voice in the privacy of the shower – but have never actually sat on a horse or behind a live microphone.

But when it came to the unnamed Ngong racecaller on Sunday, we really have to say – no more, thanks.

His commentaries were punctuated by ridiculous passages of silence and stuttering – he didn’t know the horses’ names and one horse became three others during the running.

What makes it worse is the Ngong camera angles and never-ending technical issues from Kenya.

It’s not good enough – its is not up to standard – not even close.

Somebody needs to tell them.



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9 comments on “Ngong Racecaller Woes

  1. pieta says:

    They wont listen….use the mute button I’m afraid.

    1. Doug says:


    2. pieta says:

      Not sure what the problem is…..I dont think we have ever had a positive response from this venue……why mix with this lot?…..It sounds like me commentating on the ants running around my pool…….

  2. rsfaux says:

    The effort of this commentator was just another example of the comedy of Ngong.
    I confess,however, that the article concerned me, more from the point of view, that Sporting Post has always been fiercely independent,and a protector of standards,so to see it fall into a common industry trait,is disappointing!
    Poor and unprofessional commentaries,from one or two local commentators,don’t become acceptable just because there is somebody out there,that is worse!!……………..and the suggestion that,unless someone is competent at something themselves,they are not entitled to an opinion?……..surely you don’t need to be a chef to know whether food tastes good or not!
    Just saying…………….

    1. Editor says:

      Tongue in cheek Rob – this Ngong caller made everybody look like a candidate for Trevor Denman’s vacated job..almost! 🙂

    2. Doug says:

      What i cannot understand is why Phumelela/Tellytrack show the crap racing in Kenya, not to mention the Cart racing and Trot races. There was an incident on the weekend when they showed a split screen of Chelmsford and French cart racing and when the Chelmsford race got into the final furlong they switched to the cart race final stages. Tellytrack needs to wake up!

      1. Three Cheers Doug! I agree wholeheartedly! Tellytrack needs to discover “less is more”

  3. It’s really a tragedy some of us are struggling to get Kenyan Racing back on its feet and then this happens. We would love advice and help to improve this situation! If you want to contact the OBTS with any positive help or advice we would love to hear from you!

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Monique

      One would think that Phumelela are providing the assistance and critical feedback?

      We did reply to the inquiry yesterday from John Mutua at the Jockey Club.
      Technical problems with the broadcast and camera angles are ongoing. And that commentator on Sunday was simply not up to scratch. Learning the colours as a start in such small fields should not be difficult – but that is a very specialised job function in any racing jurisdiction.

      Best of luck

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