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NHA Gets New CEO

Board thanks Colin Hall

The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of seasoned businessman and philanthropist, Mr Lyndon Barends, as its new Chief Executive, effective 15 March 2016.

Lyndon Barends

Lyndon Barends

Lyndon is an inspirational leader and change agent with a wealth of experience gained in various operational strategic positions held in various industries.

His extensive network was garnered during his stints in the Standard Bank Public Affairs and Transformation Departments, the National Olympic Committee of South Africa (now SASCOC), and during his time spent as an entrepreneur within the IT and Sports Marketing arenas.

He served as the CEO of the Primedia Sport Group of Companies where he was very instrumental in the execution of a number of World Cup 2010 projects.

He has a strong passion and involvement in the public and education sector.  He believes in strong leadership backed by teamwork – “Teamwork makes the dream work”, he says.  He has been the recipient of a number of awards for his work in the community, particularly in the education and public health sectors.

Andrew O’Connor, Chairman of the NHA, commented that:

“We are very happy to have a person of Lyndon’s calibre join our team, in particular to assist the NHA Board in its continued quest for excellence and to lead the industry with pride and honour”.

Lyndon has a BA in Psychology and Sociology, BA (Hons) in Social Development, Diploma in Personnel Management and an MBA (International General Management) from Richmond Business School in London.

The NHA Board takes this opportunity to record its thanks to Colin Hall for his willingness to have stepped in as Chief Executive, over the extended period during which the recruitment process for the appointment of the new Chief Executive, continued.  Colin’s loyalty and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Press Release issued by National Horseracing Authority of South Africa.

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5 comments on “NHA Gets New CEO

  1. MGram says:

    Isn’t it fantastic to see the inclusion of fresh Jooste meat into another segment of racing. The relationship between Markus and Megapro George is very co-incidental in this whole appointment I am sure. So let’s see – we have du Plessis at Phumelela, Larry at the RA and now some change agent nobody in racing has heard of before. Very very nice Peter! This is an absolute farce.

  2. Ian Jayes says:

    It’s all academic. The NHA needs to be a statutory body. Things may then change.

  3. Steve Reid says:

    I wonder if he knows the difference between a trifecta and a quartet? Great appointment, now the NHA can tick the “anders-kleuriges” box like they did with Pillay. The independence and integrity of the NHA is dead.

  4. Brett Maselle says:

    After Denzil Pillay suddenly left the NHA – with a handsome payout and without full reasons being given to the members of the NHA – Mr Colin Hall was appointed Chief Executive (“CE”) of the NHA.

    I asked the NHA whether the appointment of Mr Hall was interim. I asked this because the NHA rules do not cater for an interim or temporary CE only a permanent one. If Mr Hall was to be an interim CE and he was going to make decisions as CE, iI felt that his decisions could be set aside.

    Despite this. I was informed by ther NHA in no uncertain terms that Mr Hall was a permanent CE. On this information, I accepted that Mr Hall was employed on a full time basis as CE and that he would hold his position until retirement age -something suimilar to the ex NHA CE Rob De Kock.

    Then came the lame attempt of the NHA Board to change the Constitution of the NHA. With the changes, the NHA Board wanted a Mananging Director (“MD”) to be appointed who would replace to the Chief Executive. It showed me that the position of Colin Hall may not be permanant despite what I had been told. On enquiry with the NHA I was informed that the position of Mr Hall would be that of CE until a MD was appointed.

    The Special General Meeting was held in January 2016 and thanks, in the main, to breeders, the change to the Constitution was blocked. After the SGM I immediately went to Mr Hall and to Mr O’Connor. I directesd my question to Mr O’Connor and asked whether the position of Mr Hall would remain as CE since the constitution had not been amended. I was told by Mr O’Connor that Mr Hall would remain as CE and that there would be no changes to his position.

    This appointment of Mr Barends – who I do not know – indicates to me that despite what I was told, Mr Hall was only acting in temporary capacity. The likelihood is that Mr Hall stepped into the breach left by Mr Pillay for the Board to find someone else. If I am correct in this regard, then any decisions of Mr Hall as CE are subject to scrutiny and may be set aside.

    It is a pity that the NHA Board did not make public its intentions to find a Chief Executive. The whole process leaves much to be desired.

    I sincerely hope that Mr Barends will resign everyone of his appointments as it appears he is a man who is involved in many businesses. The position of the CE requires Mr Barends to spend his full time and attention to the business of the NHA. He should not hold any other occupation.

  5. Simoto says:

    Hi gentleman’s

    Question 1, This new CEO it’s a foreigner or South African?

    Question 2, This position was advertised for everybody in South Africa?

    Question 3, How this advertisement published?

    The reason I asking these Questions,we believe this Industry needs people who know it and this time around we don’t want someone it’s going to remote by certain individuals.

    We believe that in this case all the Stake Holders of the Industry should submitted their concerns before this appointment published,because as far as our understanding the NHA it’s regulator for everybody in the Industry.

    So we believe that there is no one have right to take granted for other people.


    Mr Simoto

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