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NHA: Khumalo Suspended

Jockey Khumalo has the right of appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that an inquiry was held in the Stipendiary Stewards’ Boardroom at the Vaal Racecourse on Tuesday 12 April 2016, into Jockey S Khumalo’s riding of DRAGOON in the concluding stages of Race 6 at the Vaal Racecourse on 29 March 2016.

National Horseracing AuthorityJockey Khumalo was charged with a contravention of Rule 62.2.3 in that he failed to ride the horse DRAGOON out to the end of the race, thereby prejudicing his chances of obtaining an outright third position.  (DRAGOONfinished dead-heated for third position).

Jockey Khumalo pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was found guilty of the charge.

The Board after viewing the patrol films of the race and considering Jockey Khumalo’s clean record of contravening this Rule and all other factors presented in mitigation, ruled that Jockey Khumalo be suspended from riding in races for a period of fourteen (14) days, of which seven (7) days are wholly suspended for a period of twelve months, on condition that Jockey Khumalo is not found guilty of a contravention of this Rule during that period.

Jockey Khumalo has the right of appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed.

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14 comments on “NHA: Khumalo Suspended

  1. Wayne Jooste says:

    Not the first time he has done it. If I was the owner of the horse I would demand the 3rd place stake money from the jockey. It’s also unfair to the punters when the horse misses the placings! Maybe if the authorities dish out a proper punishment it would

  2. Wayne Jooste says:

    *make the jockey’s think twice about putting there hands down before the line…

  3. AB de Villiers says:

    2weeks against strydoms 3months?

    1. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

      I think the difference will be the end result, i.e. Strydom was in a winning position…but your point is valid. I am awaiting the outcome of BFH on Dynamic….

    2. Speedyvar says:

      Strydom got 25 days for losing on a ‘winner’.

  4. Tshungu says:

    Is S’manga became a more careless jockey or authorities pay more focussed attention to him than they do with other jockeys ? With all fairness most jockeys turns to withdraw their efforts when striving for minor positions and very few get to account for this unless the horse is deprived the 1st position. NHA rulings will always be suspicious due to the inconsistent application of these rules.

    I would argue that S’manga is now a victim of this body now that he is again challenging the championship, yet someone else could also debate that S’manga is subject to the rules irregardless of his position on the log which would be a fair argument.

    The bottom line is that rules that a comprised cannot be binding to any one but the set presidente should apply to all else make a public announcement of these inconsistencies and start from scratch. The likes of Marcus, Delpetch, Benard, Andrew Fortune, strydom etc do these things even worse things that cost the public a fortune and reason their actions around these rules, then get away with it.

    NHA officials must be independent professionals not horse owners and trainers !!

  5. Hylton Perumal says:

    I have not seen the the replay of this race but I follow horseracing and Smanga is about the most honest jockey around. He is charged for not receiving outright third. He achieved third place.

    For sure jockeys need to ride their horses out to line, but if Khumalo is being charged for this them all other jockeys need to be charged for contravening this rule, when they also contravene this rule as well, especially if they do not achieve the highest position in a race or they fail to achieve a place position.

    Other jockeys commit more serious offences in regards to race riding that evens borders on race rigging, but the authorities turn a blind eye to certain jockeys, especially those that have a strong backing behind them.

    I will list 2 incidences that warrant investigation into race rigging where the NHA did not take action:

    !. Turfontein Race 8 – 18.01.2014 _- A race won by Mr. Cricket(M. Mienie). Pierre Strydom was riding Soleil Royal, market Rival to the favourite Mr. Cricket. Mr Cricket was “the business” of the day backed from 4/1 to 12/10. Strydom was 2 lengths behind the leader turning into the straight, with Mr Cricket a couple of lengths behind him. Upon entering the straight Strydom turns around shouts something to the jockey of Mr Cricket( maybe to make his move) waits for Mr Cricket to go past him and still does not ride out his mount and he did not even achieve a place.

    2. Fairview Race 8 – 08/04/2016 – R. Danielson was riding a 6/1 Temple Rock and C Thabana was on stable companion The Stones33/1, both travelling together 6 lengths off the pace. Temple Rock was travelling so well that he that he left his stable companion behind. But instead of riding his mount Danielson was more interested in his stable companion turned around urged him to start his run, failing to concerntrate on his mount allowing horses in front of him to skip away. The Stones eventually gathered his stride and absolutely flew in the finish just failing to win the race. Raymond eventually started to ride his mount but only after his stable companion got a move on. It is obvious that the plan was for the Stones to try to win the race and for Temple Rock not to beat the Stones.

    The problem with these two rides is that there is absolutely no reason for a jockey to turn around and communicate with rival jockeys whom they are trying to beat, communicate with them, wait for to pass them and only then decide what to do with their mount. The obvious is that these races are planned with the jockeys.

    I watch horse racing from around the globe and have never seen anything like this happen overseas.

    I would like the Sporting Post to Get the NHA to review the video video footage of these two races to see if it warrants any investigation. They always tell us that horse racing in South Africa is straight.

    They should also compare Khumalo”s ride to these two rides and see how all severely all these rides contravenes the laws/rules of race riding, give the public a comment.

    It is common knowledge that jockeys are capable of communicating during a race. Punters should also have a look at this on tellytracks website under past race plays

  6. Love 2 punt says:

    Race rigging in port elizabeth is no secret. Yet the authorities do nothing…turn a blind eye to certain trainers…some jocks get away with murder and the way they manipulate and even take out horses in races in that centre with no suspensions or it even on the stipe report is just silly and brinks on corruption.this was definately not kumalo’s first affence. And again who pays…the punter and the owner.but who rides the fancy cars i wonder?

    1. Veer says:

      I have been to to scottsville race track for the past two meetings. I am disturbed abt the quality of the track the that the medics and the vet have to park at a distance from the starting pen for the long racers, ond on the straight the track ends at arond the 200m mark. This hampers the response time to a seriously injured jockey. The second thing that i cant understand is how does gold circle and tab gold allow sponsors such as hollywood bets, track and ball etc to sponsor jockeys and trainers cuz these companies have the most to gain and can influence the results of a race. Lastly Delpech is a very good rider but failed on riding tanjiro, diamond king and many other horses even though thaey wete the fastest horse in that race, and having an inner pole on the starting pen. Jus food for thawt.

  7. Blue Peter says:

    If race rigging is no secret how come i do not know about it. Maybe my head is burried in the sand.Come on guys. It is a horse race. I may not know racing but certainly understand it. Greatest sport on the planet.

    1. Veer says:

      Blue Peter, with due respect, smanga was suspended for 25 days for ridding a winning horse n loosing. Yet i hear or read nothing abt other top jockeys riding winners n placing 4th, or is it beeing swept under the carpet. Horse racing is the only sport that i knw where book makers are allowed to sponsor the trainer or the participant.

  8. Selvin says:

    This is match fixing ..Cut and Dry..like in cricket and other betting sports..
    This puts me off from betting on racing..The biggest crooks are the jockeys
    then the trainers ..Bookies can easily buy the jockey off to pull the horse..
    All bookmakers need is just 2 hot favourites to lose ..Even the WSB betting on the screen is so suspect..What happened to the old bookies site.?

    1. Hylton Perumal says:

      Don’t forget the racing operator’s Phumelela and Gold Circle are also the bookies.They do fixed odds betting and aquire(purchase) already established bookmakers and web betting sites. Makes you wonder why they don’t promote tote betting. Remember the jockeys work for the racing operator

  9. Mahendra says:

    Apart from Khumalo does anyone know when Jockey Pierre Strydom is due back from injury?

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