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Former Trainer Employed By Tellytrack

Appointment comes as a surprise


Former leading trainer Dominic Zaki (47), has joined the team at Tellytrack in the capacity of Editorial Director.

Zaki’s role at the station will be the day-to-day product, he has been charged with ensuring that the right information is flighted at the right times, including betting scrolls, tote pools and carryover figures, cutbacks from one racing centre to another and so on.

Zaki, a Top 10 Trainer in South Africa four times in the last decade, handed in his licence late last year, mainly due to the spiralling costs of keeping a big yard operational.  He’s been looking to stay involved in the sport ever since.

“I’ve been asking around, trying to get into racing in a different role and was fortunate to get offered a position at Tellytrack,” Zaki said on Monday. “I’ve been working in the racing industry since my early teens and I have the knowledge and experience to make a difference.

“My specific duty is to ensure that correct and pertinent information is scheduled and flighted to benefit punters, owners and trainers and I am committed to making a positive contribution. Our aim is to increase betting turnover at all times, to display the kind of information that encourages viewers to bet and makes the experience enjoyable. Timing is important.”

Zaki said he’s enjoyed support from the Tellytrack staff. “Everyone’s been very helpful.  This is a different ball game altogether, I’ve seen how things work behind the scenes.  It’s a different perspective to what I was used to in training, but I am enjoying it.”


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31 comments on “Former Trainer Employed By Tellytrack

  1. MGram says:

    Jobs for pals still going strong. Mr. Ed perhaps you get get a comment from the Jockey Club regarding the default situation? From what I am reading on African Betting Clan there could be problems for Zaki.

    1. Editor says:

      McGram, we were informed by Tellytrack that the publishing of the default arose after Mr Zaki’s engagement.

      We have been informed that a press release would be issued upon completion of Mr Zaki’s ‘training’.

      We were told that the position was advertised.

      We cannot dispute that questions must arise – the defaults arose from industry debts and it places serious question marks on the due diligence applied in the employment process.

      It is difficult without all the facts

  2. Warren Grobler says:

    Sounds like the ‘advertisement’ was merely a formality being fulfilled for an already filled position.

  3. Freeracer says:

    Why should a Jockey Club default prevent an individual from seeking employment, even in the same industry?

    1. Editor says:

      Rule appears to except it?

      72.1.20 allow anybody who is warned off or is a DEFAULTER to be present at or on his property,
      whether owned or leased, save where such presence occurs in the course of a
      PERSON’S or individual’s trade or profession or due to family relationships unconnected
      with horse racing. Where a penalty or a suspension imposed on any PERSON so
      provides, the provisions of this RULE shall apply for the period specified;
      72.1.21 have any dealings, directly or indirectly, with anybody who is warned off, except in the
      course of his trade or profession or due to family relationships unconnected with horse

  4. Steve Reid says:

    Here’s the problem – in particular and would mean he would not be permitted on either Turffontein or Tellytrack studios

    97.5.1 A RACING OPERATOR whose name is on the DEFAULTERS’ LIST shall not hold any
    97.5.2 A PERSON whose name is entered on the DEFAULTERS’ LIST or a like list maintained
    by any SPECIFIED RACING AUTHORITY shall not:- be present at any RACE MEETING; be present at any racing or training stable, training track or RACE COURSE where
    HORSES are trained for a RACE; enter any HORSE for any RACE whether acting as an agent or otherwise; own or part own or have any interest, directly or indirectly, in any HORSE which is
    entered for or runs in any RACE except that if he is the lessor of a HORSE, the lease
    shall not be cancelled; have, directly or indirectly, under his care, training, management or supervision, any
    HORSE used for the purpose of racing; be granted any PRIVILEGE or REGISTRATION under the RULES; be present in any premises used for betting purposes by any licensed bookmaker or
    Totalisator Operator ;

  5. Jimmy says:

    This is another good story to tell.

    Firstly I would like to congratulate Dom Zaki on his new appointment , I don’t want to blame the player but I would rather blame the game. So I write this Without Prejudice”

    I just can not believe that these posts for these positions are not pubicly advertised and if you are not in the circle you will never be , however good your CV is.
    The system is sick .

    I heard a rumour the other day- Whether true or not the story does make sense. – Is that the reason the NHA are taking their time about the Larry Debacle is that they are playing for time.

    The “Enquiry ” is set for June / July – a little R20k fine is going to be issued and a slap on the wrist. Larry is going to appeal this bringing the final outcome closer to December .

    Why December , well that’s when Larry is going tom step down as CEO at the AGM and His Son Mark who is already being groomed is going to apply for the position. The board are then going to accept.

    Makes sense as someone that has to control all of Larry’s internal Business’s eg the family members that run the catering at Fairview called three fat fish or something .

    So bad news for everyone that has inspirations of improving your life and would like to apply for the position of CEO of the RA for the benefit of Racing ,

    Sorry you are wasting your time and you had better look else where.

    We think the ANC and the Gupta’s are corrupt , and have State Capture

    – Well I do not think you have met Phumelela , The Racing Association , the NHRA , Gold Circle or Western Cape Racing .

    You have not seen anything yet. This is the Capture of the Betting Rand .

  6. Brett Maselle says:

    Considering the rules set out above, I see nothing preventing Mr Zaki being employed by Tellytrack as an Editorial Director. In a way, he is lucky that the rule is over a decade old and does not cater for his current employment situation.

    Being placed on the defaulters list is a serious issue. It implies that the individual involved has failed to pay certain horseracing related debts.There is an upside for whomever was out of pocket and caused Mr Zaki to be placed on the defaulters list:Tellytrack has employed him. He is earning money. Hopefully his financial position grows from strength to strength and he becomes able to pay his creditor/s.

    1. Seafarer says:

      Ok Brett your opinion is respected –

      However what about the poor guy who has four children to feed and can not find employment – When did he get the opportunity to apply for the position .?

      These positions always seem to be filled and which includes the post of the controversial appointment of Robb Scott .

      We all know that how can Rob be in charge of Telly Track and still be on the RA Board – That’s a conflict of interest – Sweep under the carpet

      This is Jobs for Pals and that it – We Have many internal platforms , publications that these available positions could be advertised.

      I like Dom but I also like the unemployed rather of four that never got the opportunity.

      How can we ever build trust and grow the sport with all these unfair propsals.

      I suppose we have to wait for Karma to come sort it out again one day again.

    2. Buddy's Boy says:

      Brett I think your advice is from the heart and we accept the fact. I am just wondering as an example that if you as an advocate represented a person of whom at the time you took the case was in a good financial position. You do your prep work and to you it is a slam dunk and you have nothing to worry about.

      Suddenly before you sits a Judge that does not like your attitude and make a descision against you and your client. Your client is so depressed he goes to the casino that night and empties his bank account.

      Tomorrow he can not settle and you can not pay your creditors and or rent.

      Would you have the same attitude when he comes and says don’t worry Brett I will pay you over ten years I got a job as a waiter.

      “He is earning money. Hopefully his financial position grows from strength to strength and he becomes able to pay his creditor/s.”

      I don’t think so

  7. Preston says:

    I do not have an issue with Dom been employed under the Phumelela Umbrella. What I do have a issue with is the compensation that comes with the “Director Title”.It is is the shareholders that will have to foot that cost and I am so glad that I sold my PHM shares.

  8. Louis Goosen says:

    I look forward to Dom’s input. He has all of the credentials. Well done to Rob Scott for head hunting him.
    It’s refreshing that we are getting experienced people at Tellytrack who know Racing inside out.

    I don’t care about the ” jobs for pals ” sentiments. Nor do I care for a sympathetic approach to some guy on the street who has kids to feed etc.

    Dom breathes and lives Horse racing and has massive experience. That all that counts, for me.

    1. Seafarer says:


      So you do not care much for fair competition.

      I am not saying that Dom does not have the correct credentials – Which is actually questionable under law to be Director of a Public Company- Luckily TellyTrack is not listed for him –

      He would never be considered a Director of a Real Public Company – Once again Corporate Governance is out the windows .

      Maybe you got far to much fresh air at the Klawervlei Farm sale that you can make statements like you don’t care about the unemployed and hunger of children . Was the food and hospitality that good at the farm.

      I just pray for you that one day we do not see “The Great Louis G, ” in the UIF line , Yet again maybe Dom will give his Pal – Louis G. a Job.
      – Karma is a Bitch be careful.

      There are many owners that read these posts and your attitude will not help you at the next sale, when you are looking for new owners .

      Or maybe you can Ask Rob Scott who has just spent over a Million Rand at the CTS Emperors Palace sale recently ,and as a director Dom can by you a horse or two.

      Oh I also forgot your nose is so far up the Klawervlei Boys , I am I sure they will through you a bone if you ask Derek nicely.

      For what counts for me is that I hope the Unemployed father of four never buys a race horse or even thinks about it and rather gets a fantastic job, the correct way via his credentials and because he deserved it .

      1. Editor says:

        One believes they are talking Director in the sense of a movie Director as opposed to a company Director, Seafarer

        1. Preston says:

          Editor,can we get more clarity on the word “Director”?

          1. Editor says:

            Director / Floor Manager in a TV studio sense is self explanatory?

          2. Preston says:

            Editor, Appreciate the input. The word “Director” is being associated with the definition of Director as per Company Act. To Dom, well done and enjoy your new role.

        2. Seafarer says:

          Sorry if I did not read it correctly – I dont seem to be the only one as Preston also read it as that- I do not have an issue with Dom been employed under the Phumelela Umbrella. What I do have a issue with is the compensation that comes with the “Director Title”.It is is the shareholders that will have to foot that cost and I am so glad that I sold my PHM shares.

    2. Preston says:

      If I remember clearly ,you also do not care on vaccinating your horses as well as do not care on “accurate” documentation of those vaccines . Let get the little things right,before we can tackle global hunger and peace.

  9. MGram says:

    Louis Goosen the man who changes his stance more than the wind changes direction “doesn’t care”. Louis let me ask you this, if a defaulting owner who left your yard owning you thousands was appointed to that position would you then care? The reason that this industry has gone backwards since the days of your father is precisely because people like you dont care when you should. It is disgraceful that a defaulter that owes hundreds of thousands to suppliers in the industry is afforded a senior position at Phumelela. You know what I am talking about you are based at the Vaal.

  10. Buddy's Boy says:


    I could not agree with you more – Louis G. Changes more than a Chameleon on LSD

    – This is how patriotic he is as a South African and Cares about our country and The future of Horse Racing in this Country .
    Quote / Posting by Louis G. after the Emperors Palace CTS Sales on ABC Website – Cape Sales on 15 Apr 2016 22:04 #611675

    “Becoming very difficult to buy one of the top horses at Cape Sales…..
    Anyway, Qantas have nice comfy flights. …..” – Very Nice Comment , you could not wait 10 days for the National Sales .

    Don’t forget that although he thinks he is a Top Trainer, “in his dreams” and is trying to be the next great “Buddy Maroun” – his icon , we should not take him seriously .

    Louis Goosen seems to forget that he was once a Used Car Salesman . Enough Said.

    When we start taking advice from a Used car Salesman on Horse Racing or the history of it – then we that will be the end.

    1. Extravagantlyhorseracing says:

      Rule 1 in the advocates rule book…… Always take a deposit via the instructing attorneys trust account…… Now if the attorney ups and steals the cash, then it’s another problem altogether

      1. Buddy's Boy says:

        I think the Advocate gets the point , maybe using him was abad example.

  11. Marcel smith says:

    Anything controversial goes by unnoticed ,in society when you are at the front of racing you need to have a clean CV .Hope Mr Zaki enjoys his new job .As for Mr Goosen if Mr Zaki had taken you to the cleaners in an unscrupulous manner I am sure you would just move on and forgive the man ,you know what I am talking about Dom and Louis .Could sporting post kindly republish the reason Mr Zaki left racing ,that was not true at all ,no fault of the publication as that is probably what you were told and Mr Zaki in tears after his last winner ,knowing full well why he had to leave the game .Honestly would have been the best for all concerned ,a few colleagues of mine have been taken virtually out of business .

    1. Editor says:

      Confusing Marcel!

      1. Buddy's Boy says:

        Ed Why are you confused? – It is self explanatory –

        Marcel is asking for honesty not what you have been told to publish . Request – “Could sporting post kindly republish the reason Mr Zaki left racing ,that was not true at all ,no fault of the publication as that is probably what you were told.

        Marcel knowing full well why he ( Dom ) – had to leave the game .

        Honestly would have been the best for all concerned ,a few colleagues of mine have been taken virtually out of business . – Marcel is just asking for transparency and investigative journalism . Not just a one sided story. Lives were ruined here. Free Press and honest reporting is what we need. Or is that just not good for the game. We do not need hand clapping from people like Louis Goosen and Rob Scott .

        1. Editor says:

          Buddy’s Boy, nobody ‘told us’ what to publish. At the time we did contact the family for a comment and recall that they requested some privacy.
          We respected that and carried David Thiselton’s piece off Gold Circle.

          As you know, people get burnt – businesses fold every day – Dominic wasn’t the first – he won’t be the last.

          At no time did we have any reason to pursue any line other than allowing the man to move on with dignity.

          Let’s focus on finding a July winner rather!

          1. Buddy's Boy says:

            Ed I It was the confused part that got to me. Lets leave it at that. If you find the July winner let us know . I think this is a sore point and should rather be left alone . I see our Mate LG hasn’t responded , so either we touched a nerve or keep our opinions to ourselves . Sad state of affairs in a Democratic Country.

            Marcel Head Up .

          2. Editor says:

            Ditto Buddy

        2. Marcel smith says:

          Buddy boy ,you understood what I was getting at ,I thank you for that ,but for the editor to say I was confusing just amused me ,they know exactly what I meant ,as for the July Mr Editor the race looks as if it has its own problems Viz scratchings ,betting ,and the engagement of world class jockey then a refusal from Dougie!!!! But it is all so controversial and if the sporting post falls out of favour with the SA horseracing bosses ,no more newspaper it is a shame .Freedom of Speech is no longer tolerated .No desrespect for your publication ,you do a very good job considering your hands are tied at times .

  12. Les Harris says:

    Dom’s knowledge of racing and the industry is second to none in my opinion.

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