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Newsflash: Legal Eagle Out Of July

Tarry makes his move

VDJ New Stake_520

Trainer Sean Tarry has scratched Legal Eagle and Prospect Strike from the Gr1 Vodacom Durban July.

The listing is as follows:

Legal Eagle  (Reason: Nil given  Time: 08:50  Date:15 June 2016)

Prospect Strike  (Reason: Nil given Time: 08:50 Date:15 June 2016)

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16 comments on “Newsflash: Legal Eagle Out Of July

  1. Sean says:

    How can people say this is the best race in the country. When the best and highest rated horse is scratched because of the weight then there is something severely wrong with the race in itself. People want to see champions and that draws the crowds! It’s like saying to Mayweather… you are the best so you can only box with one hand, the other must be tied behind your back. What nonsense!! You even have trainers missing grade 1’s to run in the July!!! Need I say more!! Best race in the country, what a joke!!!!

    1. waynefouche says:

      Hi Sean just a small (personal) correction – Mayweather is most cerrtainly not the best. He only fights pushovers and has beens. He will go to beat Marciano’s record by fighting an unknown or someone with one foot in the grave.

      1. jc lee ching says:

        You must get your boxing form from SPud

    2. jc lee ching says:

      Why is the weight a problem? off his merit rating Legal Eagle is VERY WELL TREATED by the handicapper. Mr Beatle says bring back the “REAL” July. Is he referring to the July where in 1956 Spey Bridge carried 58kg and runner up Labby carried 45kg (13kg) or to 1966 Java Head 57,5 runner up Ajax 50kg (7,5kg) or 1967 Sea Cottage 57,5 Dead heat Jollify 50kg(7,5kg) or 1978 Politician 57kg Beau Art 51kg (6kg), the list goes on and on. The “REAL” July was a handicap where owners and trainers were not afraid to to run their champions carrying top weight and giving lumps of weight to lesser horses WIN OR LOSE!!!

  2. beatle says:

    So sad the see that the JULY does not feature the top horses in the country anymore , the way things are going it will end up a 3 year old race at level weights and i tend to agree with Sean that the JULY is now becoming a joke
    So this year will consist again of a very average line up – nothing for the racing public to get excited about , that is if you know your racing of course
    The only people who can get excited about this years JULY are those non racing people who are sitting in the tents making a noise

    Bring back the REAL JULY again please

  3. pmb says:

    Agree. Wouldn’t be surprised if more of our Group races lose status over the next few years, if our best horses are not bothering to compete in them.

    The July of course will still be a “success” because its the race where the infrequently interested public will have a flutter, and the revenue will be ok. whoo-hoo!

  4. beatle says:

    Mr Editor ,
    I posted a comment under this article but i see you have not posted it – were my comments offence in anyway ??? if so please let me know

  5. beatle says:

    ok – i see comment posted – thank you

  6. Shane says:

    The fact that the JULY is a handicap race suggests that many trainers with highly rated horses will look to bypass the race, I agree that it could possibly become a 3yr old race in the future because of this. On the other hand it’ll never lose it’s prestige regardless of which horses run…. The draw card this year is Abishiri (best 3yr old in the country) but because he’s under sufferance against the other 3yr olds it may prove to be difficult to give weight away and win. MARINARESCO!!

  7. BEATLE says:

    I think you have missed my point completely JC Lee Ching but thanks for that information on past Julys

  8. Edweena says:

    Why kill a horse under heavy weight rather save him for another race

    1. jc lee ching says:

      60 kg a HEAVY WEIGHT ? REALLY ? He would give French Navy ONLY 2,5 kg and Abashirri, a mere three year old ONLY 3,5 kg. Heavy weight my eye. Sea Cottage carried 61 kg in the Cutty Sark Stakes and gave Magic Mirror ( a top class 4 year old sprinter miler ) THIRTEEN KILOS and a FIVE LENGTH beating. Legal Eagle carried 60 kg in the Premiers and gave 3 yo Brazuca 5,5 kg, in the MET he carried 59,5 kg so why is 60 kg suddenly a HEAVY WEIGHT?????

      1. Steve Reid says:

        JC 60kg is the maximum weight permitted in the race so it is a heavyweight. Focus son

  9. Sean says:

    I was looking at a few stats JC and it is interesting to note that since the July was changed to 2200m in 1970, very few horses carrying more than 55kg have actually one this event (never mind 60kg). You do from time to time have exceptions, it could be a freak of a horse but then again it could be as a result of a mediocre field. So, Mr Tarry the shrewd horseman that he is, obviously has factored this in. Three year olds have done extremely well but I have a sneaky feeling that some of the trainers have worked out that well placed 4 year olds come into the race weighted to win. Just watch out for for the likes of Mr Kannemeyer and Weichong taking the ride on French Navy. My personal opinion, it seems vey open but as we all know horses make fools of us all the time!!

    1. jc lee ching says:

      I agree Sean, the older horses must have big chances, Mr Kannemeyer in particular. but a horse like French Navy is very well treated by the weights, 60kg or not. Most certainly focussed.

  10. Andy says:

    J&B as it were know Legal Eagle will b on show the best race ever always and even to win, better prestige, Abashiri like previous Triple Crown winner ran only in JHB and their best, the best horses are from the Cape to test who is the best race horses on July Day or Met Day. They must b really good if to win against Cape Town best

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