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Bling’s Blunder – Hollywood To Rescue

SA's top bookmaker steps in


S’manga Khumalo – what was he thinking?

Former SA champion jockey S’manga Khumalo set himself up for a likely three month suspension when, in an apparent moment of distraction – or madness – he failed to ride his mount out in the third race at Fairview on Friday.

Despite passing the favourite Seattle Light in the final stages, Khumalo failed to make any effort to push his mount to the line and Seattle Light came right back to nail him on the post.

But there is good news for frustrated backers of Captain Courteous.

In the spirit of “fair play” to their  loyal customers, HOLLYWOODBETS has decided to pay out ALL straight win bets on CAPTAIN COURTEOUS – number 10 in Fairview race 3.

Hollywoodbets is in the process of manually paying out these bets for account holders.

Please speak to your local branch manager if you have a cash ticket.

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31 comments on “Bling’s Blunder – Hollywood To Rescue

  1. ch imtiaz ahmad says:

    the said rider has made this blunder intentionally because he has passed the favorite comfortably ,,,,,,the three months suspension is not enough for this idiot… ..

    1. Editor says:

      Three months was just a suggestion – let’s not resort to names calling

    2. FRANK says:


  2. Edweena says:

    Being better stop blundering

  3. gavin says:

    Heh is a disgrace..idiot is being kind to him… what about all the punters he screwd over… they are few words that I would like to call him

    1. Editor says:

      Was it not a touch ‘blatant’ to suggest it was done with malice of forethought, Gavin? Just opening the debate a little

      1. RUBEN says:


  4. Speedyvar says:

    A blunder is a stupid or careless mistake according to the dictionary.

    If Khumalo was fighting for the R250 000 that goes with the Jockey’s championship he would never have rode a race like that.
    But now that the R250 000 for the 2015/2016 championship has already been paid to the Mercedes dealer for the new model he does not care a damn.
    Three months?Lets suggest eighteen months because it just sounds better

  5. Sean says:

    What about the ride on supertube, if my memory is correct. Do these jocks ever learn? This behaviour brings the game into disrepute. Whether it costs a punter a win, treble, pick six etc. – the punishment must be harsh so that he or she will make sure they ride horses to the line. Too many times I have seen jockeys stop riding to the line and nothing happens. Let’s see the punishment handed out. Larry can sentence him with a right hook and thereafter be contrite and we the punter can go back to loosing money on poor rides!

  6. Poor sportsmanship. Jockey has lost many punter friends. A real shame!!!!!

    1. gillian says:

      even punters sometimes we suppos to boycot south african races.

  7. AB de Villiers says:

    Just wondering, if it wasn’t the favourite, would the reaction be same?

  8. Brian says:

    I did not watch the race but this guy does, as my mate Jack would say, “have a rush of blood to the head”, quire often.

  9. Ian Jayes says:

    Blunder is a very nice way of putting it. What about the connections and how much they may have stood to win? What about the punters that backed the horse. What is happening to our racing? Fighting at the parade ring, stopping horses from winning. Years ago they would have been warned-off no matter who they were and who their connections were.

  10. Wayne says:

    Can someone please video so that I can make up my mind about this race

  11. Ronny says:

    Honestly I backed the horse R1400/200. when khumalo cruised past the favourite I was stop screaming and started celebrating. But I was not prepared for blunder that Khumalo made. I’m still angry up till now. I was shocked when Khumalo did not get a ride in the July but now I’m glad he does not have 1. Khumalo should be suspended right away and watch on the sideline as Delpech wins the Championship from him

  12. jp abdol says:

    He should get at least 3 years suspension if not warned off
    This is serious stuff especially as he’s done this a few times before

  13. Jan says:

    Said long ago that we the punters are screwed daily and something need to be done.

  14. peter says:

    Khumalo should be suspended for 1 year and be fined R150 000

    1. waynefouche says:

      The news from one or two punters at the course is that Khumalo was calling out “.come on Louis” as he kept looking left. This has not been corroborated
      and may have been said to add to the spice?

      1. Enforcer says:

        Hahahaha…………………… having worked in the gambling industry for the 20th year punters still never cease to amaze me.

  15. leonie says:

    blings an beginner when you think of how many j Lloyd failed to ride out

  16. Gaff says:

    Punters should boycott racing for a month. Will be more money in the pocket.

    1. Craig says:

      We should please contact me so we can move forward.Punters are making the trainers , owners and every one in the know rich.

  17. Jiggsy says:

    Caught the pick 6 of R216 824 for 1%, which meant a R2 168.24 payout for me, but imagine what it would of paid if Khumalo beat the favourite R800 000+, which meant a R6 000 loss for me. Idiot is an understatement

  18. Cedric Carls says:

    Leave Smanga alone you perfect punters! I am a punter and yes he was wrong, and I lost my money. When striker lost the same way you accepted that he said he never saw the other horse. We all make mistakes and so do the perfect Snaith professional stable that we have done our money on many times. You’ll have no right to call him a idiot, get off your fat backsides and go and ride your own dam winners!

  19. Jiggsy says:

    He probably will win the July with Trophy Wife now that Rabada

  20. Mike says:

    Mistakes are common honestly I don’t think he did it on purpose let’s hear his side of the story well lad let’s not be that livid

  21. Max Rajah says:

    I am a small time punter.But I am sure that this kind of thing happens once to often .So the racing authoritys should give stiffer fines and if the jockey does the same thing again ban him .There are poor punters out there who being robbed, this is robbery .Let there be justice for all.As the punters lost let the culprits lose . even their jobs Just my opinion. ?………Max

    1. Craig says:

      Get out while you can

  22. Juggie says:

    A bad mistake ….. let’s leave it there. There’s no need for the nastiness. Rumour has it the Smanga has lost his humility. … this is an opportunity for him to reflect and focus on his falability. Let him use this as a life’s lesson …. after nobody’s perfect but we learn everyday

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