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3yo Carries 59Kgs In Historic July

How can anybody be angry?

VDJ New Stake_520

The scratching of star galloper Legal Eagle by SA champion trainer Sean Tarry a day after publication of the Vodacom Durban July weights is bound to elicit plenty of public debate and arguments for and against – from the head, the heart and maybe even the pocket.

French Navy wins SA Classic

French Navy looks nicely in

The withdrawal – they are not obliged to furnish reasons – at 08h50 today of the horse allotted topweight of 60kgs for Africa’s greatest horseracing event can hardly be classed as a surprise.

Derek Brugman

Derek Brugman – representing the Joostes

The bottom line is that Tarry and his connections exercised their rights within the parameters of the published conditions of the race, and have effectively placed Legal Eagle’s smart stablemate French Navy in a considerably stronger position.

The two horses race from the same stable, for different owners.

The race conditions state that notwithstanding the caps on the weights to be carried by the 3 and 4yo’s, if the topweight is less than 60kgs, the handicapper will raise all weights proportionately to 60kgs.

So with Legal Eagle’s flight, French Navy will be raised 5lbs from his current 57,5 kgs to a new topweight of 60kgs.

Triple Crown

Triple Crown winner Abashiri

If his rating of 117 (a nett 113) is to be believed, SA Triple Crown winner Abashiri is the only 3yo not under sufferance.

But that is a debate for another day!

Sean Tarry - pleased with his two

Sean Tarry – trainer in the middle

The racing operator may want to consider the small print of the July conditions  – like the timing of the age category caps, which could possibly rather be implemented at time of final field declaration maybe?

The whole idea of the caps on the 3yo’s is surely intended to make it attractive for the smarter ones to compete and not be played out of the game, before it begins.

Was it not Mike de Kock who got them thinking on these lines when deciding to sidestep Africa’s greatest horseracing event with that magnificent champion 3yo, Horse Chestnut?

For ante-post betting players, the rules of the game (set by Bookmakers, not the Legal Eagle connections or the racing operator)  are clear and those that took a bite of the tasty apple offered on Legal Eagle, will be sitting with worthless tickets.

But that is in the nature of the risk of taking a gamble.

Here is our adjusted July weight picture:

LEGAL EAGLE (4G) 60 120 Sean Tarry ADJ KGS
FRENCH NAVY (4G) 57,5 115 Sean Tarry 60
MAC DE LAGO (4G) 57 114 Weiho Marwing 59,5
ABASHIRI (3G) 56,5 117 Mike Azzie 59
MASTER SABINA (6G) 54 108 Geoff Woodruff 56,5
NEW PREDATOR (3C) 53 107 Johan Janse van Vuuren 55,5
BLACK ARTHUR (3C) 53 106 Justin Snaith 55,5
DEO JUVENTE (4G) 53 106 Geoff Woodruff 55,5
OLMA (4F) 53 106 Frank Robinson 55,5
RABADA (3C) 53 106 Mike Azzie 55,5
SAMURAI BLADE (3C) 53 106 Sean Tarry 55,5
SOLID SPEED (5G) 53 106 B Dean Kannemeyer 55,5
IT’S MY TURN (3G) 53 105 Justin Snaith 55,5
*JUDICIAL (5G) 53 105 Tyrone Zackey 55,5
PUNTA ARENAS (7G) 53 105 C Dennis Drier 55,5
ROCKETBALL (3G) 53 105 Gavin van Zyl 55,5
GOLD ONYX (8G) 53 103 Sean Tarry 55,5
MAMBO MIME (3C) 53 103 Dean Kannemeyer 55,5
ROMANY PRINCE (3G) 53 102 Ormond Ferraris 55,5
TEN GUN SALUTE (3C) 53 102 Duncan Howells 55,5
BALANCE SHEET (4G) 53 101 B Dean Kannemeyer 55,5
BANKABLE TEDDY (3C) 53 101 B Brian Wiid 55,5
DISCO AL (6G) 53 101 Joey Ramsden 55,5
MARINARESCO (3G) 53 101 B Mike Bass 55,5
PROSPECT STRIKE (3G) 53 101 Sean Tarry 55,5
THE CONGLOMERATE (4G) 53 101 Joey Ramsden 55,5
DYNAMIC (6G) 53 100 Justin Snaith 55,5
MASTER’S EYE (4G) 53 100 Justin Snaith 55,5
ST TROPEZ (4G) 53 99 Joey Ramsden 55,5
MASTER SWITCH (4G) 53 98 Geoff Woodruff 55,5
DEPUTY JUD (4G) 53 97 Mike Azzie 55,5
DIESEL JET (4C) 53 96 Erico Verdonese 55,5
SARATOGA DANCER (4G) 53 95 Duncan Howells 55,5
RAINY DAY BLUES (4G) 53 92 Joe Soma 55,5
JUBILEE LINE (3G) 53 90 Mike de Kock 55,5
BELA-BELA (3F) 52 107 Justin Snaith 54,5
NEGROAMARO (3F) 52 102 Johan Janse van Vuuren 54,5
TROPHY WIFE (4F) 52 101 Sean Tarry 54,5
THE CENTENAR (4F) 52 98 Mike de Kock 54,5

On the flipside of the coin, the French Navy backers will be amongst those smiling.

The conditions of the race may certainly warrant another look – given the situation arising.

But before anybody goes pointing fingers, put yourself in the shoes of the men who made the tactical decisions.

Most of us would probably have done the same.

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16 comments on “3yo Carries 59Kgs In Historic July

  1. Preston says:

    Very strategic Mr Tarry. My R2 will now be on French Navy

  2. Sammy says:

    Unless I’ve misinterpreted something, the conditions of the race state that the maximum a 3-year-old colt or gelding may carry is 57kg.

    1. karel says:

      Sammy, the conditions as published are below – see point 5.

      1. The weights to be carried shall not exceed 60kg and shall not be less than 52kg.
      2. Minimum weight for 4-year-olds and older: Colts and Geldings 53kg Fillies and Mares 52kg
      Maximum weight for 4-year and older at publication of weights: Colts and Geldings 60kg Fillies and Mares 59kg
      3. Minimum weight for 3-year-olds: Colts and Geldings 53kg Fillies 52kg
      Maximum weight for 3-year-olds at publica tion of weights: Colts and Geldings 57kg Fillies and Mares 56kg
      4. No penalties shall be in curred after the publica tion of weights.
      5. Not withstanding 2 and 3 above, the Handicapper will raise all weights proportionately to 60kg should the topweight originally allotted be less than 60kg at final declaration.

      1. Sammy says:

        Makes sense now. Thank you.

  3. hilton witz says:

    maybe a bit off the above topic but anyone out there think the july should become a weight for age race and therefore doing away with all the going ons and also will make sure the features run before have all the best horses running for example black arthur contesting the daily news or is it best left alone?for betting turnover it would loose its gloss

    1. Conan McLynn says:

      I agree. The only allowance for weight should be age and sex. make all the top races weight for age and that weeds out wheat from the chaff. I have always said this about the Melbourne Cup too! In England there are no Group race Handicaps all Group Races are Conditions races, Weight for age or Single Age races!

  4. andrew harrison says:

    Every time officials try to place restrictions in order to close loopholes it comes back to bite. Horse Chestnut a case in point and currently Legal Eagle. You cannot legislate for every scenario when you fiddle with the conditions of the race unless it’s down to basics because there will always be a year when there is an anomaly to stuff all good intentions. This year a case in point. WFA, long handicap or, as was the case for many years when the race was run under Durban Turf Club rules, a competent handicapper framing the weights as he saw fit regardless of merit ratings.
    Colin Buckham was, and is not everyone’s cup of tea and he was not always right but he was a proper handicapper. Get him off the golf course!

  5. William Milkovitch says:

    As former British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan said, ” We’ve never had it so good !”

    I think it’s blooming marvelous, now all we have to predict is how slow they (jockeys) are going to go. Adagietto, snails pace or a yawn ?

    I figure the slower the better for Bela Bela.

    At whorp speed, I fancy It’s My Turn or St.Tropez


    A traffic cop stops Mr. Rajesh Moodley, while speeding in a horse carrier on his way to Greyville.

    The impatient driver explains to the traffic cop that he has to get the horses to Greyville 40 minutes before the start of Race1 and then follows to apologize.

    The cop is not having it & asks him to open up the back of the truck to validate his story.

    Rajesh opens up and there’s not a single horse or mule to be seen.

    The cops retorts ” What’s going on here, Mister !?”

    “Oh Golly Goodness me” says Rajesh, “They gave me the scratching’s again !”

    Happy racing

    William Milkovitch

  6. Tk says:

    In any other sport other than horse racing this would be called Match Fixing

  7. William Milkovitch says:

    I hadn’t thought of that comparison TK. Tom Brady in the Deflategate saga springs to mind.

    I’m comfortable with this exit strategy though as I admire thorough race planning.

  8. james mccully says:

    if you don’t like it ,don’t have a bet simple

  9. RSFaux says:

    I think to blame Tarry is disingenuous.I think it is safe to assume that Jooste’s racing manager made the final decision and in the best interests of Jooste racing,and not to benefit French Navy.
    I will now await Marcus’s choice of ride with great interest,as I personally thought Legal Eagle would win at the weights!

  10. jc lee ching says:

    The July became South Africa’s top race because it was a pure HANDICAP race, there are enough conditions and WFA races around, go back to the format that made the July the JULY!!! If a horse is good enough he will carry top weight and still win.

  11. Ronny N says:

    Hind sight being a perfect science – the thing about the July is, it ends a majority of horses careers. Legal Eagle is gelded and has many more Grade 1’s in the tank – why risk it! Who predicted Power King at this stage last year? I believed a smart colt will always beat a smart filly – then came Smart Call? The hype has a alot to do with “july fever” enjoy and good luck!

  12. Jiggsy says:

    Marcus should ride St Tropez. If the gallops a good one he will win on St Tropez

  13. Racing Al says:

    I am delighted to have been part of the July when Colorado King, Sea Cottage and the likes were around. Those in South Africa today, who were not part of it can never appreciate the atmosphere then.
    What’s happened since explains a lot

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