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French Jockey For Met Day

Trainers called upon to support visiting jockey

French jockey Stephane Pasquier will ride at four race meetings in South Africa late this month, including the Sun Met meeting at Kenilworth on 28 January.

Pasquier will arrive in the country on Monday 23 January and will be riding at the Turffontein night meeting on Tuesday, the Vaal on Thursday, Fairview on Friday and Kenilworth on Saturday.

“The Sun Met meeting is very popular in France and having a French jockey riding in the meeting will help us promote the raceday,” explained Dudley Kotzen International Sales Manager for Phumelela.

“We have previously brought out Maxime Guyon, also from France, and Italian Umberto Rispoli who rides regularly in France, as well as a couple of younger French riders. This year we decided to bring a more experienced jockey. Stephane has ridden in Europe and the USA and was very keen to come to South Africa.

“In the past trainers have always supported the visiting jockeys and we’re calling on them to do the same on this occasion,” said Kotzen.

Tellytrack presenter Julie Alexander will be arranging rides for Pasquier in South Africa and any trainer interested in using this talented French jockey should e-mail her at [email protected] – his riding weight is 55kg.

Pasquier, who turns 39 on 17 January, began as an apprentice for trainer Robert Collet, and rode in his first race on 6 December 1994, on Raspoutine at Saint-Cloud.

His first victory was in his second race, riding Floris at Amiens on 9 September 1995



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    26.1 No PERSON or individual shall arrange rides or other benefits for a JOCKEY in respect of that JOCKEY’S racing activities, and no JOCKEY shall permit a PERSON or individual so to act, unless:
    26.1.1 the PERSON or individual is REGISTERED as an agent by the LICENSING BOARD; and
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    26.2 The following shall not be REGISTERED as JOCKEY’S agents by the LICENSING BOARD:
    26.2.1 anybody under 18 years of age;
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    26.2.6 a farrier or his SPOUSE;
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    26.2.8 anybody or the SPOUSE of anybody in the employ of a TRAINER save that an employee of a TRAINER may, with the TRAINER’S approval, act as an agent for a JOCKEY who is contracted to that TRAINER.
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    26.5.3 the acceptance and/or REGISTRATION of an agreement shall not absolve the JOCKEY from personal responsibility for any contravention of the RULES by the agent and no delegation of any powers or authorities under the agreement shall be made.

  2. The marketing people must actually start working a full calender year to advertise race meetings.Jockey from france to help promote😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Which owner and which trainer has done a deal with Phumelela to get Pasquir to ride their horse in the Met? Phumelela is calling the shots. I wait with baited breath to see the owner // trainer
    sell outs or the phumelela//trainer// owner conspiracy.

    Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the rich man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man’s world
    All the things I could do
    If I had a little money
    It’s a rich man’s world.

    It looks like Phumelela is paying Pasquir to ride in the Met to increase French turnover on the big day. Why can’t our jocks get paid as much as the Frenchman? Please please do not believe that Pasquir is coming to our shores for the love of the game.

    1. So if Frankie Dettoi comes to ride Bela-Bela in the Met, will you be squealing as well?
      What on earth is wrong with highclass foreign jockeys coming to ride here? Even if he’s invited to boost turnover?
      It’s a business, not a a musical.

  4. No one in their right mind would find it wrong with a top class foreign jock coming to South Africa to ride.

    Read my contribution properly. Your condescending words and below the belt attack is out of line.You have obscured my message with your rodomontade.

    Phumelela is an operator. It does not own any of the horses in the Met. It is the monopoly which is operating horse racing in Cape Town and should not be involving itself in issues which should only be dealt with by trainers and owners.

    Typically, when a jock rides for an owner, the jock is paid the usual riding fee and earns a percentage of the stakes won. If an owner wants an overseas jock, the owner and not the operator instructs the jock.

    The operator should remain far removed from bringing out the jock from overseas and paying for or contributing towards his costs and expenses.

    Which owner//trainer combo has done a deal with Phumelela? If Phumelela can pay for or use its resources for the owner or trainer, every other jock and owner should be treated the same way.

    1. The jockey is riding at four meetings, and interested parties can engage the jockey at those meetings.
      So owners and trainers can use a top foreign jockey without the expense of paying for his travels.
      In turn, the presence of the jockey promotes the business of the operator, whose pools commingle with those in France.
      To my mind this all makes good business sense.
      Win-Win my friend Rob would call it.

  5. We need more overseas jockeys to come and ride in S Africa during the summer months. The need to provide better quality stock to enable these riders to show us how its done. Well done.

  6. I have been reading the Sporting Post for years. To my mind, this weekly paper and daily online magazine has been and continues to be the only independent media in horse racing. Kudos to you.

    I tested the waters when I provided my views. I was truly upset by being berated by Karel who is the owner of Sporting Post.

    I profoundly hope that the Editor does not lose control of the Sporting Post as Karel has shown by his win//win attitude that many are able to close their eyes to the rules and the song and dance of some as long as it supports them or their mindset.

  7. The NHA have advised that Miss Alexander is not registered as a Jockeys Agent and that the National Racing Bureau have dealt directly with the trainers that have engaged Mr Pasquier to ride in any races

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