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Greyville Groom Inquiry Outcome

Paul Gadsby Reports

Following the incident of a groom appearing to kick a horse in the stomach in the wash down area at Greyville racecourse on Friday, 13 January 2017, the groom, who is in the employ of KZN trainer Paul Gadsby, attended an inquiry into the incident on Tuesday, 31 January 2017.

Paul Gadsby (photo: Gold Circle)

Paul Gadsby (photo: Gold Circle)

The inquiry, conducted by SEESA, and which ran for over an hour, resulted in the groom in question (whose name we have been asked to keep private) being found guilty and issued with a final written warning, which will remain active until 31 January 2018.

Speaking to the Sporting Post, Paul Gadsby confirmed that it had been a long and thorough enquiry.  “I do think he understood the gravity of the matter and he has apologised a number of times – both directly to me before the inquiry – as well as during the inquiry itself.  I do feel he is genuinely remorseful and I feel that the outcome was fair, under the circumstances.”

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17 comments on “Greyville Groom Inquiry Outcome

  1. Chris Swart says:

    Strange the name is private but an assistant trainer on an alleged assault charge is dragged through every press release around.

  2. Tebele says:

    At least…someone didn’t loose his Job

  3. Lorraine de Klerk says:

    An unfortunate incident but I have to say handled promptly and thoroughly. Well done for keeping everyone informed. Paul your initial comments I thought were extremely professional. I agree with you a fair outcome under the circumstances.

  4. Steff Leopard says:

    Fair to the horse?

  5. Never fair to the horses. That’s why I’m glad the “Man Above” gave them the gift to kick your head off, as a self defensive mechanism.


    1. Warrenl says:

      Well Said William . Pity the horse was gasping for air, otherwise he just might have .

      I think this must be taken up with the SPCA or the http://www.coastalhorsecareunit.org.za/ – they are always looking for donations and part of their Mission Statement says Quote ” Mission Statement:

      To protect horses from abuse and alleviate their suffering by rehabilitating, campaigning and educating.

      Leave hearing and rubbish , why not take it up in Durban and then let them Criminally charge the man – for animal abuse .

      Its clear and for all to see. Any judge would throw the book at him.

      1. Warrenl says:

        SPCA ? –

            Cnr Inanda Rd/Willowfield Cres, Springfield Park
            [email protected]
            +27 0 31 579 6500

        The SPCA is the only animal welfare organisation in South Africa regulated by an Act of Parliament (SPCA Act of 1993). This, together with various animal-related laws means that our inspectors are certified to a high standard and hold specific powers under South African law to act on behalf of an abused animal.

        SPCA Inspectors are empowered to enforce the Animals Protection Act of 1962, the Performing Animals Protection Act of 1935, and all other legislation related to the keeping, transporting, selling and use of animals.

        The Inspectorate is the law enforcement unit of the SPCA and our highly trained Inspectors have the legal power to confiscate animals, and to bring criminal charges against offenders.

        1. Extravagantlyhorseracing says:

          Warrenl, would you agree that the SPCA investigation needs to include in its scope the reasons why the stipes allowed this horse to participate in its race after the “abuse” was uncovered.

          I cannot find anything in the stipes report but we have determined
          That the event occurred prior to the horse running.

      2. Extravagantlyhorseracing says:

        Gasping for air, are you certain of that Warren?

        1. Warrenl says:

          Extravagantlyhorseracing when you get punched or kicked Unexpectedly in that area , you will have the air knock out.

          My point is that on all the evidence shown in the clip , it is all plain and simple . Weather it was a groom a trainer who ever it does not matter. It was wrong and this was once again swept under the carpet . Which is just not good enough.

          I plead to all the readers who have a real heart to write to [email protected] and http://www.coastalhorsecareunit.org.za/ for a request to at least open an investigation on the event . Then the horse has a chance and let the SPCA do its job.

          It is the SPCA’s responsibility to deal with situations like this by Law . Why were they never included. You know why we want to hide this once again because it is not good to Horse Racing . Rubbish .

          If that was one of my horses that groom as sorry as- he is would never touch another horse of mine because he would not be able to that’s for sure. Shame poor little people .

  6. gavin says:

    What a load of rubbish just say sorry-poor horse suffers again.

  7. Theo Kriel says:

    What a joke! A groom can harm the horse and cause injury that will influence the horse for the rest of it’s running career (maybe only a R1000 or maybe a few Rm horse). He gets a final warning (obviously had a few warnings before that because it was a final warning). The owner will still have to pay thousands every month for his/her horse (horse will never be the same again – scared of people). I have a few horses and if it ever happens to one of my horses I will take them away as fast as possible if the groom is still there.NOT ACCEPTABLE. We trust people with our horses. The only message that I get from this is that somebody can kick/harm my horses and the worst that can happen is that he can get a final warning!! The owner of the kicked horse must now be satisfied with the promise that the groom won’t do it again to his/her horse. Maybe he will try another horse.Why do they keep the groom’s name private? If a trainer or owner does something wrong it is all over the NHRA site.The horses cannot speak for themselves.

    1. Extravagantlyhorseracing says:

      Mr Kriel what is worse that kick or being shocked by a cattle prodder. Based on your trainer decisions circa 2009 I must accept that kicking is worse as horses will move if contrite grooms are not dismissed, yet you were happy to enter a yard where prodder was used on numerous horses.

      Your statements regarding that the horse will never be the same again – scared of people needs to be backed up by fact.

      Its quite alarming that people in this business really want to have a go at the little people, they are not allowed to make a mistake and must be dismissed yet trainers and jockeys guilty of the same offences, must be allowed to continue after their contriteness.

      1. Theo Kriel says:

        Need to correct you on a few comments.I was an owner since 2006 at the yard (prodder). The trainer did get suspended for 6 months (lost all his clients and goodwill). He did not get a warning or final warning. He got suspended. Still had his commitments regarding his stables which he had to cover himself. He paid for his mistake (no warning).

        Cannot say if a cattle prodder or a kicking groom is worse. Both are not acceptable. They have to carry the penalty of what they’ve done. My previous owner did pay and sacrifice for what he did. Groom got final warning (suppose he had at least 2 previous warnings – according to law).

        I’m also a little person regarding horse racing. You can check it as I am not scared to use my own name for comments.

        1. James George says:

          Owners of racehorses often mistake their love of money and glory for a love of the horses (PETA)*with a few changes,

          1. Warrenl says:

            J G – I disagree – Not sure what you know about owning and caring for a horse . These types of things happen on a daily basis to our horses however our trainers only have 2 eyes. That clip went viral in about ten minutes because someone just happened to see at the top of the screen the incident and filmed it off their TV . Otherwise that would have never been known .

            Go find out what a Metal Curry Comb is used for . These are supposed to be used to clean the soft body brush, – they use them straight on the body.

            Its not about the love of money , We buy horses to build relationships and love watching them running down a track giving everything to try win. It is certainly not about the money with stakes in this country.

        2. Extravagantlyhorseracing says:

          Mr Kriel am I to believe you are still an owner in the yard?

          So you say a six month suspension is fine for the 19,29,299 or was it 20 thousand times it was used.

          Some might say jail time and a permanent warning off is warranted for a deliberate use of a prodder. The calculated cruelty of thinking of its use, purchasing it and then actually putting it to use deserves more than a six month ban I’m my opinion and probably in statute.

          In context I think the final written warning could be harsh in comparison as there was no premeditation and a wrong reaction to being stood on by the animal.

          And the effects could not be so bad if the stipes and the vets considered it fit to run.

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