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Methocarbamol – Trainers Cautioned

Consult a veterinarian with regards to suitable withdrawal periods

National Horseracing AuthorityThe National Horseracing Authority have issued a notice to trainers in respect of  Methocarbamol, a muscle relaxant used to treat skeletal muscle spasms, with some effect on the central nervous system.

The notice says that one of its actions is to block nerve impulses (such as pain sensations) to the brain. Methocarbamol is locally available as a human tablet preparation of commercial name “Robaxin”.

It has therapeutic application in the horse and is used for the treatment of acute inflammatory and traumatic conditions of the skeletal muscle to reduce muscle spasm and effect muscle relaxation. Within the NHA Classification it is “Class 4 – substances which have a generally accepted veterinary (therapeutic) use in the racehorse but which have the potential to affect performance.”

Methocarbamol is a substance with an Asian Racing Federation screening limit and as member of this federation, the NHA has adopted this limit.

The NHA suggests that trainers consult a veterinarian with regards to suitable withdrawal periods.

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