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Snaith Trumped by NHA

Is this the proverbial storm in a tea cup?

We reported on 5 March that a horse by the name of President Trump, who had been giving one-time SA champion trainer Justin Snaith a hard time, had been gelded.

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President Trump is now fake news according to South African racing’s ruling body, reports www.racingpost.com.

Justin Snaith – bit of fun turned into a lot of news and administration

Three days after the Racing Post website carried the story that the equine President Trump had been gelded the National Horseracing Authority decided it should act and demand the name be changed –by which time the news, together with trainer Justin Snaith’s “vocal, extremely stubborn, unmanageable and arrogant” comments, had gone viral on social media and been taken up by newspapers all over the world.

The NHA’s foal registration expert Samantha Dames emailed Snaith Racing to say: “Unfortunately, with Donald Trump being president, the opinion of the NHA is that the name has now become problematic.”

Seemingly there had been no such concerns when the NHA originally registered the name and nor when the passport was issued.

“Maybe they had a complaint from the White House,” said Snaith’s brother Jonathan.

He heads the stable’s administration and he then requested that the name be changed to Potus.

By this time, though, Dames’s mind was tuned into the Snaith wavelength and she quickly spotted what they were up to. “We unfortunately cannot allow Potus as management feels that name is too controversial,” she emailed. As she pointed out, Potus is an acronym for President of the United States.

Snaith then applied for the name Fake News for the horse who has had more publicity than almost any other unraced two-year-old – and apparently this name is going to be approved.

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8 comments on “Snaith Trumped by NHA

  1. Barry Irwin says:

    Absolutely hysterical from an American’s point of view…

  2. James George says:

    Did the NHA do its homework?
    If Donald Trump was willing to buy a racehorse under the condition that its name was changed from Alibi to DJ Trump why could the NHA not allow a horse to be named Presidenr Trump or Potus? .

  3. Ronny says:

    When we had a horse called Obama Way, no hysteria was made the NHA… Where’s the consistency!

  4. Malcolm Draper says:

    Small world the horse world. Obama Way was a little 2007 Way West colt from a National Emblem mare I tried to bid on at Mooi River many years ago for our Zulu polo star Sbu Duma. He has ermine marks on one forefoot like an nguni bull. A friend was an owner. Doug Campbell his trainer outbid me and raced him. He nearly won a maiden and was beaten by a nose which go Doug the R10k back he had to pay. Thereafter he failed to place. He is now in Tommy Crowe’s polo string and playing high goal polo and is a highly thought of pony. Doug, Tommy and myself were looking at him and talking about him at Karkloof last year. Justin Snaith was there playing with us and joined in the horse talk.

  5. Malcolm Draper says:

    Sadly Sbu was murdered before going to Britain to be a pro. His little daughter Maningi (means a lot) comes to stay with us and ride.

  6. Peter de Beyer says:

    I wonder if “President Chump” would be approved?

  7. James George says:

    A horse named Trump just won the eighth and last race at Happy Valley Hong Kong today
    And why did the NHA allow a horse to be named Norgay? .

  8. Etienne BRAUN says:

    This seems like FAKE NEWS now….

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