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Gadsby Fine – Trainers To Engage With NHA

Rivalland says constructive dialogue is the key

Tony Rivalland – to enter into discussions with NHA

The National Trainers Association will be engaging with the National Horseracing Authority following the fining of a KZN trainer after a Groom in his employ kicked a horse at Greyville during a night racemeeting.

Association Spokesman Tony Rivalland said that the body was ‘flabbergasted’ by the charge and penalty meted out to trainer Paul Gadsby and that they would be meeting with the National Horseracing Authority to discuss the implications of trainers’ ‘vicarious liability’, amongst other issues.

Rivalland said that he believed the matter could be resolved through constructive dialogue.

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Paul Gadsby (photo: Gold Circle)Paul Gadsby

Rivalland’s statement followed the National Horseracing Authority’s confirmation that at an Inquiry held in Durban on 18 April 2017, Trainer P M Gadsby was charged with a contravention of National Horseracing Authority Rule 10.5.1.

This arose in that as the trainer responsible for the horse Patroclus when it was scheduled to run on 13 January 2017 at Greyville Racecourse, whilst standing in the wash bay area, it was allegedly kicked in the belly area by the groom, Mr Aviwe Makosana, in the employ of Mr Gadsby.

Mr Gadsby pleaded not guilty to the charge but was found guilty of the charge.

After taking into consideration the mitigating factors raised by Mr Gadsby as well as the fact that images of the incident in question were published in the public domain, Mr Gadsby was fined the sum of R40 000, R20 000 of which is suspended for a period of 12 months provided that Mr Gadsby is not found guilty of Rule 10.5.1 or a similar offence involving the abuse and/or ill-treatment of any horse, during that period.

Mr Gadsby has the right of appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed.