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Jockey Sponsorships – Authorities Tighten Up

Deadline reached

The National Horseracing Authority and the racing operators have tightened up on jockeys compliance with the wearing and display of sponsor branding.

A leading jockey told the Sporting Post that ‘nothing had changed’ but he added that certain riders had apparently failed to comply with NHA rules 19.8 and 21.6.

In a general notice to riders published by the NHA on 23 March, all jockeys and apprentices were instructed to furnish the Stipes with written approval from the racing operators stating that they were permitted to carry advertising material on their clothing or equipment during racemeetings.

The directive gave 13 April 2017 as a deadline for compliance.

The Racing Operator conditions relevant to this aspect are carried under Rule 18 – Copyright and Intellectual Property.

NHA Racing Control Executive Arnold Hyde confirmed that the exercise had been a ‘getting the house in order’ process.

“The issue tends to come to the fore on the big racedays and the rules are very clear. Most of the jockeys have complied with the request to regularise the matter,” said Hyde.