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Those Were The Days

For the love of the game

I find myself thinking of the game I fell in love with 25 years ago, writes SP reader Noel Nel.

I ask myself what was the attraction to this Sport of Kings. It was clearly the sight of adrenalin pumping thoroughbreds, trained by seasonal professionals and then being ridden to the best of their ability, by talented and inspiring jockeys.

What horseracing management fails to realize, is that without owners, there will be no need to have breeders. Without owners, there will be no need to have Trainers. Without owners, there will be no need to have jockeys and without owners, there is no need for Management.

Read Noel Nel’s personal thoughts about the ‘decline’ of the game

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8 comments on “Those Were The Days”

  1. Its about time, that someone came out and said it like it is. Good for you. We need more of this to try and fix our beloved sport.

  2. Well said! I really hope people think about the points that you have raised. I hope that racing can get that spark back that made it feel special.

  3. I am Glad that someone has taken the time to point out the problems we are facing currently in Racing. Why is it that no one else seems to see these problems, or do they see the problems, but don’t have the inclination to say anything about it

  4. A well written and to the point letter which the whole racing fraternity needs to take note of……the likes of sports betting and casino’s and now I see Betting World are showing dog racing at their outlets will eventually led the industry we love to bleed a slow death.

    1. Thank You Andre. It is fantastic to see that I am not alone out there and that there are many, who are not afraid to speak up, while management are sitting back and allowing the sport we love, to be destroyed. They are oblivious to the problems that our beloved sport is faced with, and will only leave behind complete turmoil. It is time for a serious clean up in racing!

  5. Yes Noel, you have written a superb resume’
    The biggest problem is no one who is” registered” is prepared or allowed to speak their mind. Reprisals are huge.

  6. Thank you for replying Sandra. I must totally agree with you. However, don’t you think its time that those who are registered, stop worrying about reprisals, and do what’s right for the industry. We form association after association to represent registrars, with very little success I may add, but are unwilling to stand up and be counted as individuals. When will we all, actually take a stand and do what’s right for our beloved industry.

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