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Knysna Disaster Relief

New Turf Carriers Join Rescue Efforts

New Turf CarriersNew Turf Carriers fleet

They say knights come in shining armour, but occasionally that armour is painted red.

The racing community is used to pulling together in times of crisis and with the devastation that has been caused by the Knysna fires over the past weekend, the family has simply been extended.

The New Turf Carriers team has taken action and decided to aid the rescue efforts by dedicating three trucks to help transport supplies to the stricken town of Knysna.

New Turf’s Matthew Sham confirmed that there will be trucks leaving from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town respectively.

“The Joburg truck will be leaving from our depot in Joburg South on either Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on how long it takes to load. Anyone from Johannesburg or environs who would like to send supplies, please contact Matthew Sham on 072 687 7814.”

“The Durban truck will leave on Saturday night. The depot for any donations for the Durban truck is Summerveld and anyone wanting to contribute can contact Philip Fourie on 083 466 1298.”

“Lastly, there will be a truck from Cape Town leaving on Saturday or Sunday. Eric Sands has kindly offered to act as our depot and anyone wanting to make donations can contact Matthew Sham on 072 687 7814.”

“Let’s fill these trucks up !”

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