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Anthony Delpech – frustrating day for the log leader

Jockey Anthony Delpech was adamant that runner-up Gimme Six would have beaten Lady Of The House were it not for intimidation in the final stages of the Woolavington 2000 on Saturday.

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”It’s difficult for the guys in the boardroom – especially when there’s no contact. But us jockeys know…,” said Delpech.

The Stipes reported:

GIMME SIX (A Delpech) shifted out approaching the 100 metre mark. Thereafter this filly was corrected and shifted in away from the crop. GIMME SIX (A Delpech) and LADY OF THE HOUSE (P Strydom) then both shifted in independently over the final 50 metres.

A race review was called by a Stipendiary Steward regarding this incident which was followed by an Objection lodged by Jockey A Delpech, rider of the second placed horse GIMME SIX against the winner, LADY OF THE HOUSE (P Strydom) on the grounds of interference and intimidation in the latter stages. The Board after reviewing the patrol videos and hearing all the evidence over-ruled the Objection, refunded the deposit and allowed the Judge’s Result to stand. 

Jockey P Strydom the rider of LADY OF THE HOUSE reported that his saddle slipped back in running.

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13 comments on “Jockeys Know”

    1. We looked at that a few times in head on – difficult to see – was close enough – but didnt seem to have made contact with crop – decision may have gone against him if he had?

      1. You know that when an objection is there is very little information given at the time. Teletrack presenters reserve their opinion even after watching the replays. It is almost as if the stewards have something to hide.
        Can anyone out there tell us what the interference and intimidation was about? Was Gimme Six intimidated by Lady of the House, or Was Gimme Six intimidated by Pierre Strydom striking his whip in front of Gimme Six face?
        Intimidation does not require contact.
        If someone attempts to strike you in face while you are accellerating you natural instinct would be to decellerate.
        Horses have a brain and they react instinctively.
        In any event Strydom was not riding within the rules, his horse was hanging to the inside, but instead of showing his mount the whip to straighten his mount, he carries on striking his mounts backside at least 5 or 6 times in the last 100m.’
        I’m pretty sure this can be termed whip abuse as well. I think the limit is 3 strikes, if I’m not mistaken.
        Furthermore his round arm action seemed unnatural whip use.
        from the head on view one can clearly see the whip go across Gimme Six.
        I don’t think Depech is a sore loser.
        We need some more details from the stwards.
        Can the editor find out for the public about the elaboration on intimidation?
        These vague 1 line remarks is not what the public expects from the governing body of horse racing and it does not help those who lost their money.

        1. Intimidation?
          Remember when the great Jeff Lloyd seemed to always take his mount over to race closely with a horse that was challenging him or he was challenging,especially if an apprentice was riding the other horse
          Well the Stipes at that time did not think horses just liked racing together.
          The Stipes called him up and warned him that if he carried on doing that they would take it as intimidation and he would pay the price..

          1. Thanks great, its good to see that they are committed to upholding their constitution objectives “to promote and maintain honourable practice and to eliminate malpractice” by engaging in this matter.

            It would be interesting to hear their explanation, relative to the “Running Rules” as constituted by the the NHA(Which Is noted below from their website),because the obvious is that they called for a race review and race footage was reviewed during the objection as well viewing head on views, slow motion etc.
            What I find interesting in the stipes report for this race, is there mention of Gimme Six shifting out, yes, correct she did shift slightly before the 100m mark, maybe about a horse width or so and was corrected, before moving into the path of another horse, but Lady Of The House shifted at least 6 horse widths in the final 150m, crossing the path of 2 other horses and yet there is no mention of this in their stipes report or consideration in the objection. This shifting was also mentioned by the race commentator.
            Also there is no note that Strydom that did not attempt to correct his mount when it was shifting. Surely this a breach of the running rules 62.2.4 and 62.2.7, which means that he breached the riding rules to gain an unfair advantage, while Delpech rode within the rules, corrected his mount, losing momentum in the process and then driving his mount to gain momentum.
            The rules are in place so that those who breach it don’t gain an unfair advantage.
            Also that should have been mentioned is the unnecessary use of the whip or crop, as in rule 58.10.2, this should have been picked up in race footage review.
            One other concern with the NHA stipes reporting is that it is in word format and not in Protected Data Format. If they are being externally audited them this should have come up as a finding as official reports being sent out should be published in Protected Data Format. Hopefully their lab reports are in Protected Data Format or they can lose their accreditation, that’s if their Lab is accredited.
            I have attached a link a very good Youtube video that scientifically assess the use of the crop in horse racing and how jockeys are able to manipulate its use, to use it as a whip and has opinions of jockeys, trainers, doctors and the Australian Horseracing Authority. Note the comment from the Austrailian Horseracing Authority on why a horse shifts(towards the end of video)
            “58.10.2 No RIDER shall misuse a crop or use a crop in an unnecessary or excessive manner or use a crop on any part of a HORSE’S head
            62. RUNNING
            62.1 Every HORSE shall be run and shall be allowed to run to the best of its ability and on its merits.
            62.2 The RIDER of a HORSE shall:-
            62.2.1 The RIDER of a HORSE shall take all reasonable and permissible measures throughout a RACE to ensure that his HORSE is given a full opportunity to win or to obtain the best possible placing;
            62.2.2 The RIDER of a HORSE shall ride his HORSE in a competent and professional manner;
            62.2.3 The RIDER of a HORSE shall ride his HORSE out to the end of a RACE to the satisfaction of the STIPENDIARY STEWARDS; [Amended 24.10.2016]
            62.2.4 The RIDER of a HORSE shall not ride a HORSE in a RACE in a careless, negligent or reckless manner;
            62.2.5 The RIDER of a HORSE shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent his HORSE from crossing another HORSE in any part of a RACE, thereby interfering with that or any other HORSE;
            62.2.6 The RIDER of a HORSE shall ensure that his HORSE does not interfere with or jostle another HORSE or RIDER;
            62.2.7 The RIDER of a HORSE shall ensure that he does not cause interference, bunching, intimidation and/or constitute a source of interference or danger;
            62.2.8 The RIDER of a HORSE shall ensure that, when riding in a RACE over a straight course, he keeps to a straight course parallel to the running rail and relative to the drawn position for his HORSE until a point not less than 200 metres from the start, as indicated by a marker or, if possible, by markers on both sides of the race course, save that it shall not be an offence if the RIDER crosses behind the field and in doing so does not cause interference;
            62.2.9 The RIDER of a HORSE shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that he rides to the instructions given to him by the PERSON authorised to give such instructions;
            62.2.10 The RIDER of a HORSE shall not make any celebratory gesture before his HORSE has crossed the finish line.”

  1. Irrespective of the merits of this particular race, the issue always squarely rests with the presiding stewards. Worldwide it is the same. the culture is always dictating by the strictness and correctness of the stewards. If they do their job, there is less chance of intimidation taking place. Writing personally, I find the misuse of the whip by riders who use it as a weapon of intimidation to be one of the absolutely most egregious acts perpetrated by riders. I concur with Hylton’s comments as being well done. Look, these guys are two of the best riders in the world, they are thorough professionals and they each have the ability to control their emotions. Trying to figure out the truth from speaking with riders after a race is a thankless and fruitless task, because each rider worth his salt has developed his or her own style of convincing stewards that their actions were above board. I would hate to have to earn my living trying to figure out whether any jockey is giving an accurate portrayal of the events as they took place. Good luck to the stewards! Tough, tough job.

  2. I would really like the editor to show top jockeys like lester the footage and hear his comments, he would laugh at the frivolous objection
    Delpech even objected against the going at Clairwood once, he rode a pathetic race and should have timed his run better, sore looser

    1. Hi Rian
      Bit harsh – Delpech really never came across as a sore loser – and his opinion has been verified by another top jockey who was not involved, as a matter of interest.
      Clairwood once…?

      1. Are you able to name the other top jockey, anyway i wanted a top English jockey to comment and maybe if Delpech was riding the same race in England if he would have dared object !!!!!
        After the first race at Clairwood he said the going was dangerous and didnt want meeting to continue , no rain

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