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Woolavington – Stipes Stick To Guns

At no stage during argument was the use of the crop raised in evidence

Piere Strydom wins on Lady Of The House

The objection lodged by jockey Anthony Delpech, rider of second placed Gimme Six, against the winner Lady Of The House in the Gr1 Woolavington 2000 run at Greyville on 3 June 2017 has given rise to some debate.

The Sporting Post raised the concerns of poster Hylton who posted on an editorial ‘Jockeys Know’.

An excerpt from Hylton’s post:

Can anyone out there tell us what the interference and intimidation was about?

Was Gimme Six intimidated by Lady Of The House, or Was Gimme Six intimidated by Pierre Strydom striking his whip in front of Gimme Six face?

Intimidation does not require contact.

If someone attempts to strike you in face while you are accelerating, your natural instinct would be to decellerate.

Horses have a brain and they react instinctively.

Piere Strydom – top class ride

In any event Strydom was not riding within the rules – his horse was hanging to the inside, but instead of showing his mount the whip to straighten his mount, he carries on striking his mount’s backside at least 5 or 6 times in the last 100m.’

I’m pretty sure this can be termed whip abuse as well. I think the limit is 3 strikes, if I’m not mistaken.

Furthermore his round arm action seemed unnatural whip use. From the head-on view one can clearly see the whip go across Gimme Six.

I don’t think Delpech is a sore loser.

We need some more details from the stewards.

Can the editor find out for the public about the elaboration on intimidation?

These vague 1 line remarks is not what the public expects from the governing body of horseracing and it does not help those who lost their money.

We took the matter up with NHA Racing Control Manager Arnold Hyde.

National Horseracing AuthorityShaun Parker, the Chief Stipendiary Steward (KZN) provided confirmation of the Board’s interpretation of the incident. He replied as follows:

With regards the Objection in the abovementioned race, the Objection Board stands by its report documented in the Stipendiary Stewards Report :-

GIMME SIX (A Delpech) shifted out approaching the 100 metre mark. Thereafter this filly was corrected and shifted in away from the crop. GIMME SIX (A Delpech) and LADY OF THE HOUSE (P Strydom) then both shifted in independently over the final 50 metres.

Anthony DelpechAnthony Delpech – felt he was an unlucky loser

I can attest to,  having been present during the Objection arguments, that no mention was made by the connections of GIMME SIX regarding Jockey Strydom’s use of the crop.

In fact at no stage during argument was the use of the crop raised in evidence. Having viewed the patrol videos of this incident, there is no clear evidence that there is any contact made with GIMME SIX from LADY OF THE HOUSE or by Jockey Strydom’s crop.

One cannot see any visible reaction from GIMME SIX at any stage.

One only has to look at Jockey Strydom’s ride when winning the Lonsdale Stirrup Cup (Race 6) on the same day to see his crop use in the concluding stages was very similar to his riding during the Woolavington 2000, when used on both occasions only in the backhand.

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4 comments on “Woolavington – Stipes Stick To Guns”

  1. please Hylton striker is thee best rider in sa and he barely does use the whip unlike other jocks they started cracking their whips as soon as they tour for home,and when he does use his whip then u call it abuse?u wrong mate he does not give a full blow Tom the horse and further more his saddle slipped,

  2. When Andrew Fortune got his 10 day holiday it was stated in part that “he misused his crop by deliberately using it towards and in close proximity to FLIPFLASH,”
    Fortune did later hit Flipflash on the head. There was no visible reaction from Flipflash
    Shaun Parker has not explained what they consider to be intimidation… .

  3. Thanks to the Editor for trying to get some transparency from the National Horseracing Authority of South Africa.
    Unfortunately, for us they don’t explain what was asked of them, which was to explain what constitutes interference and intimidation.
    If they are the ‘Authority”, why exactly can’t they make a judgement based on reviewing the the race footage, surely they have the proper technology to analyse frame by frame and can zoom a close up of what they need to see. Why should it be the parties that lodged the objection raise their arguments?
    They have just now, set a precedence that a jockey can allow his mount to shift 6 horsewidths across the track and across the paths of other horses in the finish, even without correcting his mount and if they do not make contact with another horse they cannot be penalised for this, as they found nothing wrong when Strydom did this.
    They, unfortunately, make matters worse for themselves when they mention the ride in the 6th race.
    Surely the powers that be are expected to know the difference between a forehand whip strike and a backhand whip strike. I reviewed both the videos from side on and head on and zoomed in and it is clearly visible that Strydom is striking the whip in a forehand strike.Further if a jockey holds the crop in a forehand grip and with arm being about 1 meter(that of average person) and the crop length of 70cm, the jockey should be able reach 1.6 meters from his shoulder, which means even if it not clearly visible from the footage, it is most likely that Strydoms whip went across the face of Gimme Six and that is logic.
    If in a handicap like the July where horses are handicapped to finish alongside each other, if as they say that Strydoms round arm use of the whip, going horizontally away from his body, is acceptable, then how many horses would be able to race alongside each other comfortably, including space to use the whip without making contact with another horse, seeing that Greyville is only 16 metrs wide.
    I have attached 2 video links below that explains forehand and backhand whip use, watch and judge for yourself:

    The National Horseracing Authority Has a Major vision plan for where they like to be in 2020, posted on their website, but if they can’t get the basics right at this moment their vision is a farce- Transparency – Yeah right…………….

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