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Phumelela Bans Sporting Post From TABs

SA's leading racing publication ousted from TAB outlets

Sporting Post’s distribution company Racing Distribution has been advised by Phumelela that its publications will no longer be sold in TAB outlets.

The ban affects Sporting Post, as well as the Soccer Betting News newspaper and Winning Form.

The reason given is that it is a conflict of interest for TAB to have publications on site which promote Hollywoodbets.

Sporting Post apologizes to affected readers and advertisers for this unfortunate decision.

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36 comments on “Phumelela Bans Sporting Post From TABs

  1. Michael Jacobs says:

    How petty is this?! This is diabolical! The more information, publicity and coverage the sport gets, the better for horseracing! In my opinion Sporting Post is the foremost racing publication in SA with the best breeding and pedigree information one can get! This is a small-minded decision!

  2. Don says:

    🙁 just when racing needs all the help it can get… 🙁

  3. zimracing says:

    Small minded indeed.

    1. leonie says:

      Disgrace who is at the helm of this company they should be forcibly removed before a another disaster happens

  4. mario says:

    lol and when you inside the tab building then on the tv tellytrack promos of bet with intetbet etc comes on. Now isn’t that also conflict of interest.

    1. George Croucher says:

      Phum have a major share in Interbet Mario

  5. RS315 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous, they just keep on enforcing the ideology which make the rest of the racing community in SA that the sport is run by a bunch of morons…..

  6. Leon smuts says:

    Why inconvenience customers that are in all probability placing a tote bet when buying from their local? That includes me as a loyal tote supporter with a preference for the SP.

    Would love to have a chat to those making this type of decision as it is highly detrimental to the cause and not in the interest of promoting the sport.

    We should be promoting racing at all levels to grow the cake which are not done by hanging on to scraps.

    Their own and racing’s cause would be best served by expanding the game through easy access and greater visibility.

    A very poor decision in my estimate although I do understand the underlying sentiment.

  7. Barry Irwin says:

    Trump-like in its infantilism and fairness. Since when is competition bad?

    1. ERIC RED says:

      Sporting Post is the BEST horse racing publication in SA,I have bought it weekly since inception,even the old mid-week edtions I used to buy,this is a tragic loss to our industry,no mistakes like Computaform,I feel for Molly who uses it daily,absolutely un-called for,wake up all the authorities that decided on this descion,I also feel sorry for Winning Form who also produce a brilliant publication,,,there is more behind this that meets the eye???

  8. Jay says:


  9. ERIC RED says:

    The BEST horse racing publication,including Winning Form,NO MISAKES LIKE COMPUTAFORM DO,this is absolutley a tragic loss to the industry,imagine how Molly is jumping up and down,.??sad

  10. pieta says:

    I have not been in a tote or taken a bet on the tote for many years now…….
    Do they still have the “free tab sheet”?
    The one that does not even publish the horses MR even when 90% SA races are handicaps…..LOL …..they make me laugh….clowns these guys!!

  11. bob kistnasamy says:

    I really do not understand this. Should they be looking at creatively introducing new bet types to grow the business or removing a publication that is beneficial to it’s clients and improving business volumes.
    Perhaps the betting fraternity should rally and make some noise so that there is a review of a poor decision.

  12. Paulo says:

    So we don’t give out media awards because the media isn’t independent, and the we take the independent media (whats left of it) and ban it.

    Mind boggling.

  13. John says:

    Sounds like an April Fools joke!
    Autocratic rulers! Are our ‘Mugabe’ racing rulers now trying to tell punters which publications to use… what’s next? Ban punters from using Sporting Post at the Tab. Is someone really trying their utmost to torpedo our racing industry which is already struggling as it is. As a small owner and punter I’m so close to calling it quits. Absolute horse Sh*t!

  14. hilton witz says:

    Is this only a phumelela decision or is gold circle also going to adapt this pathetic policy?

    1. karel says:

      Hollywood sponsors races with Gold Circle.

    2. James George says:

      If Phumelela says ‘TAB outlets’ then it includes outlets controlled by Gold Circle.


  15. Brian says:

    I have a very strong feeling their actions are unlawful

  16. C W C says:

    Some nouns below which spell out Phumelela “totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, tyranny, monocracy, autarchy; dystopia” it’s a horror show right now.

  17. Ian Jayes says:

    There is a certain mentality that cannot tolerate full access to information, free speech, free choice and tolerance of what they do not control. Since the corporatisation of horseracing this has become very evident. I can’t help saying I told you so.

  18. Dan says:

    Phumelea sucks

  19. James George says:

    What would happen if a horse trained by Duncan Howell and ridden by Muzi Yeni wins the 2017 Summer Cup?
    Duncan Howell’s post race interview on Tellytrack—–“and I would like to thank my sponsors Winning–NO NO CUT,CUT
    “Tellytrack apologies for break in transmission and will not be able to bring you the interview with the winning jockey,but we will be back with the winning owners”

  20. Blue Peter says:

    Who tipped Bull Valley to win both Grade 1 Sprints? SP. Besides betting what a magic read.

    1. Editor says:

      Nicely said Blue Peter
      Thank you

  21. Ralph Fell. says:

    Moodley and his cronies should get their house in order. 1. The majority of tote outlets are derelict and would not pass a health and safety muster. 2. Encourage their tote staff, who are surly and unhelpful, because their hours have been cut and they earn virtually minimum wage. 3. Instruct Tellytrack presenters not to suggest 3K to 10K Pick6 perms. What happened to responsible betting? 4. Introduce innovative bets besides Time Bomb, which is a damp squib. 5. A member of Betting World hierarchy told me that the most fun he has with his clothes on is when he peruses the vast profits made from numbers (I.e. lotto) betting. Phumelela’s commitment to the racing fraternity is marginal, and put more bluntly, ‘they’ don’t give a toss. Furthermore they do not lead by example as Messrs. Moodley and Wainstein are punters but woe betide any staff member having a measly R10 punt. Bah, humbug.

  22. Tony Mincione says:

    What a pity these morons can’t see that 100 different publications would be a win, but still they gun for the opposite. What is it they think happens when someone buys a Sporting Post or Winning Form? It explains such a lot, doesn’t it?

  23. pieta says:

    I believe Rob Scott was interviewed last night…..
    The question should have been asked if he visits totes to see for himself?
    If the answer is yes…..then is it ALL or just a comfortable selected few……?
    After all they fall under his watch……

  24. Gavs says:

    I do not mean to spoil the party but I believe there is too much indignation from horse racing and too little action from these same people. We need doers and not complainers. Is it not time to call for a no confidence vote against the trustees of the Racing Trust and the RA directors? We need to show them and Phumelela that we will no longer tolerate horse racing’s capture Phumelela and its cronies. We need a change of the people who represent horse racing.

  25. pieta says:

    Also he mentions that his tote punters can go and buy SP at CNA……why does he not remove his product Computaform from CNA?..Can CNA not be in opposition?..what is the difference?

    Sad lot this…..

    1. James George says:

      Who won the Tellyrack battle.Hollywoodbets or Phumelela?And could this be round two?

  26. Steve says:

    This is anti-competitive. Time for the Competition Commission to investigate this monopoly that seems to have absolute control of so many aspects of horse racing in SA. The average punter gets the middle finger from Phumelela.

  27. pieta says:

    I hear a new “presenter” on TT for the last couple of weeks now (when the mute is not on)…..he is faceless, never intro-ed properly and nobody can tell me his surname?…..goes by the name of Shane I think…..
    Seeing that we have Scotts attention he could maybe comment on that?

  28. Bruce says:

    This is all about the greed and jealousy brought about by a bunch of 3rd Reich rulers of the Phumelela group who want it all to themselves and their over paid associates run by the likes of VM,JS,RS & LW etc
    This war between these companies has been raging for years and I am not surprised that finally Phumelela have pulled the plug because they cannot handle competition and are running scared.
    What a Gutless bunch of MORONS – Bow your heads in shame Phumelela you are a Disgrace and an Insult to the racing industry.
    Your cowardly actions will not hurt your opposition – it will only make them come out stronger !!

  29. Jess K says:

    It is quite obvious why this decision was made. The Sportingpost has had the audacity to allow debate and exposures about the horse racing hierarchy. God forbid, even the audacity of that Louw woman, who is probably South Africa’s only investigative horse racing journalist, who dared put horse before the cart, questioning or exposing the wrongs of this listed company and its lackeys. Hell, even our esteemed RA boss publicly stated that people like that should be booted out of racing (not good for the game and all that).
    Sportingpost, you were warned, yet you continued to try be informative and allow open debate, and now as many before you who dared, you are being whipped into acquiescence. What to do, what to do ?

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