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Equus winners – you be the judge

Vote on who you think the winners should be

The 2016/17 racing season has ended, and the annual Equus awards are around the corner.

Here’s your chance to vote on who YOU think the winners should be.

Below you can view categories, candidates, view their black type form – and to cast your vote.

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Black type record of candidates

Barrack Street 2c Dynasty – Laptop Lady (Al Mufti)
Klawervlei Stud / SG Tarry
WON Gr3 Protea S. 1100m (01/04/2017)
WON (L) Storm Bird S. 1000m (11/03/2017)
Dutch Philip 2c What A Winter – Upity Ann (Dominion Royale)
Rex Stud / C Bass-Robinson
WON Gr3 Cape Nursery 1200m (27/05/2017)
WON (L) Somerset 1200 1200m (06/05/2017)
3rd (L) Summer Juv. S. 1000m (28/01/2017)
Eyes Wide Open 2c Dynasty – Live Your Dreams (Jallad)
Highlands / GS Kotzen
WON Gr1 Premier Champion S. 1600m (30/07/2017)
Mustaaqeem 2c Redoute’s Choice – National Colour (National Assembly)
bred in Australia / MF de Kock
WON Gr1 SA Nursery 1160m (06/05/2017)
Purple Diamond 2c Var – Jalberry (Jallad)
AC Peter / SG Tarry
WON Gr2 Golden Horseshoe 1400m (01/07/2017)
Sand And Sea 2c Twice Over – Sea Point (Spectrum)
Drakenstein Stud / DR Drier
WON Gr1 Gold Medallion 1200m (27/05/2017)
Brave Mary 2f Brave Tin Soldier – Mary Lou (Rich Man’s Gold)
R Plersch / PF Matchett
WON Gr1 Allan Robertson Fillies 1200m (27/05/2017)
Desert Rhythm 2f Mambo In Seattle – Al Zahra (Al Mufti)
Nutfield Stud /
WON Gr2 Golden Slipper 1400m (01/07/2017)
Green Plains 2f Gimmethegreenlight – Savannah Leigh (Jet Master)
Gary Player Stud / SG Tarry
WON Gr2 SA Fillies Nursery 1160m (06/05/2017)
WON Gr3 Pretty Polly S. 1100m (01/04/2017)
2nd Gr1 Allan Robertson Fillies 1200m (27/05/2017)
Lady In Black 2f Dynasty – Mystery Dame (Jet Master)
WJ Engelbrecht Jnr / DR Drier
WON Gr1 Thekwini S. 1600m (30/07/2017)
African Night Sky 3c Dynasty – Starzene (Cozzene)
Highlands / J Snaith
WON Gr3 Winter Guineas 1600m (29/04/2017)
WON Gr3 Winter Classic 1800m (21/05/2017)
WON Gr3 Winter Derby 2400m (24/06/2017)
Al Sahem 3c Silvano – Alderry (Al Mufti)
Al Adiyaat /
WON Gr1 SA Derby 2450m (06/05/2017)
2nd Gr1 SA Classic 1800m (01/04/2017)
2nd Gr1 Daily News 2000 2000m (03/06/2017)
2nd Gr1 July 2200m (01/07/2017)
2nd Gr2 Gauteng Guineas 1600m (04/03/2017)
Edict Of Nantes 3c Count Dubois – Pagan Dance (Jet Master)
Klawervlei Stud / BJ Crawford
WON Gr1 Cape Derby 2000m (28/01/2017)
WON Gr1 Daily News 2000 2000m (03/06/2017)
2nd Gr2 Selangor Cup 1600m (19/11/2016)
3rd Gr1 July 2200m (01/07/2017)
3rd Gr3 Cape Classic 1400m (29/10/2016)
Heavenly Blue 3c Snitzel – Simply Carina (El Prado)
bred in Australia / MF de Kock
WON Gr1 SA Classic 1800m (01/04/2017)
2nd Gr2 Dingaans 1600m (26/11/2016)
2nd Gr3 Graham Beck S. 1400m (05/11/2016)
3rd Gr1 SA Derby 2450m (06/05/2017)
3rd Gr2 Gauteng Guineas 1600m (04/03/2017)
Gold Standard 3c Trippi – Olympic Dam (Model Man)
CF & Mrs de Vos / GS Kotzen
WON Gr2 Selangor Cup 1600m (19/11/2016)
WON (L) Racing Association Stakes 1600m (28/10/2016)
2nd Gr1 Cape Guineas 1600m (17/12/2016)
Janoobi 3c Silvano – Shasta Daisy (Rakeen)
Maine Chance / MF de Kock
WON Gr2 Gauteng Guineas 1600m (04/03/2017)
WON Gr2 SA Guineas 1600m (07/05/2017)
William Longsword 3c Captain Al – Pagan Princess (Fort Wood)
Klawervlei Stud / VH Marshall
WON Gr1 Cape Guineas 1600m (17/12/2016)
Just Sensual 3f Dynasty – Consensual (Camden Park)
Klawervlei Stud / J Ramsden
WON Gr1 Cape Fillies Guineas 1600m (03/12/2016)
WON Gr2 Tibouchina S. 1400m (10/06/2017)
WON Gr3 Prix Du Cap 1400m (25/02/2017)
2nd Gr1 SA Fillies Sprint 1200m (27/05/2017)
Lady Of the House 3f Dynasty – Overarching (Arch)
Highlands /
WON Gr1 Woolavington 2000 2000m (03/06/2017)
Orchid Island 3f Silvano – Ilha Grande (Tiger Ridge)
Wilgerbosdrift & Mau / MF de Kock
WON Gr1 SA Fillies Classic 1800m (01/04/2017)
WON (L) Sea Cottage S. 1800m (14/01/2017)
3rd Gr2 Gauteng Fillies Guineas 1600m (04/03/2017)
Bull Valley 4c Toreador – Star Of Liberty (Saumarez)
Ambiance Stud / D Zaki
WON Gr1 Golden Horse Sprint 1200m (27/05/2017)
WON Gr1 Mercury Sprint 1200m (15/07/2017)
WON (L) Golden Loom Hcp 1000m (05/11/2016)
2nd Gr2 Merchants Hcp 1160m (26/11/2016)
Hermoso Mundo 4c Ideal World – Escoleta Fitz (Fitzcarraldo)
Mauritzfontein Stud / AG Laird
WON Gr3 Gold Bowl 3200m (06/05/2017)
WON Gr3 Gold Vase 3000m (01/07/2017)
WON Gr3 Gold Cup 3200m (30/07/2017)
Marinaresco 4c Silvano – Gay Fortuna (Fort Wood)
Mauritzfontein Stud / MW Bass
WON Gr1 July 2200m (01/07/2017)
WON Gr2 Drill Hall S. 1400m (07/05/2017)
2nd Gr2 Green Point S. 1600m (03/12/2016)
Rafeef 4c Redoute’s Choice – National Colour (National Assembly)
bred in Australia / MF de Kock
WON Gr1 Computaform Sprint 1000m (06/05/2017)
WON Gr2 Hawaii S. 1400m (04/03/2017)
2nd (L) Wolf Power 1600 1600m (11/02/2017)
Whisky Baron 4c Manhattan Rain – Tazkara (Sinndar)
bred in Australia / J Ramsden
WON Gr1 Met 2000m (28/01/2017)
WON Gr2 Peninsula Hcp 1800m (07/01/2017)
Bela-Bela 4f Dynasty – Mystic Spring (Royal Academy)
Cheveley Stud / J Snaith
WON Gr1 Paddock S. 1800m (07/01/2017)
WON Gr1 Garden Province S. 1600m (01/07/2017)
3rd Gr1 Gold Challenge 1600m (10/06/2017)
Nightingale 4f Silvano – Quickwood (Fort Wood)
Wilgerbosdrift / MW Bass
WON Gr1 Majorca S. 1600m (28/01/2017)
2nd Gr2 Tibouchina S. 1400m (10/06/2017)
2nd Gr2 Gold Bracelet 2000m (29/07/2017)
2nd Gr3 Victress S. 1800m (17/12/2016)
Nother Russia 4f Tiger Ridge – Mother Russia (Windrush)
Wilgerbosdrift / MF de Kock
WON Gr3 Acacia Hcp 1600m (04/03/2017)
WON (L) Empress Club S. 1600m (22/04/2017)
3rd Gr1 Champions Challenge 2000m (06/05/2017)
Deo Juvente 5c Trippi – Circle Of Life (Complete Warrior)
Northfields Stud / GV Woodruff
WON Gr1 Champions Challenge 2000m (06/05/2017)
2nd Gr2 Colorado King S. 2000m (25/03/2017)
2nd Gr3 London News S. 1800m (14/01/2017)
3rd Gr2 November Hcp 1600m (05/11/2016)
Krambambuli 5c Black Minnaloushe – Sailing To Rio (Woodman)
La Plaisance Stud / Y Govender
WON Gr2 Summer Stayers Hcp 2800m (28/01/2017)
2nd Gr2 Premier Trophy 1800m (17/12/2016)
Legal Eagle 5c Greys Inn – Young Sensation (National Emblem)
Avontuur Farm / SG Tarry
WON Gr1 Queen’s Plate 1600m (07/01/2017)
WON Gr1 Horse Chestnut S. 1600m (01/04/2017)
WON Gr2 Green Point S. 1600m (03/12/2016)
2nd Gr1 Met 2000m (28/01/2017)
2nd Gr1 Champions Challenge 2000m (06/05/2017)
Trip To Heaven 5c Trippi – Helleborus Blue (Cee’s Tizzy)
Highlands / SG Tarry
WON Gr2 Merchants Hcp 1160m (26/11/2016)
WON Gr2 Diadem S. 1200m (14/01/2017)
2nd Gr1 Cape Flying Championship 1000m (28/01/2017)
2nd Gr1 Gold Challenge 1600m (10/06/2017)
Carry On Alice 5f Captain Al – Carry On Katie (Western Winter)
Klawervlei Stud / SG Tarry
WON Gr1 Cape Flying Championship 1000m (28/01/2017)
WON Gr1 SA Fillies Sprint 1200m (27/05/2017)
2nd Gr2 Southern Cross S. 1000m (10/12/2016)
2nd Gr2 Sceptre S. 1200m (06/01/2017)
3rd Gr1 Computaform Sprint 1000m (06/05/2017)
Captain America 6c Captain Al – Requista (Fort Wood)
Varsfontein Stud / BJ Crawford
WON Gr1 Gold Challenge 1600m (10/06/2017)
WON Gr3 Matchem S. 1400m (09/10/2016)
2nd Gr1 Queen’s Plate 1600m (07/01/2017)
2nd Gr1 Champions Cup 1800m (29/07/2017)
3rd Gr1 Met 2000m (28/01/2017)
3rd Gr2 Green Point S. 1600m (03/12/2016)
Ilitshe 6c Fastnet Rock – Reem Albaraari (Sadler’s Wells)
bred in Australia / MF de Kock
WON Gr3 Caradoc Gold Cup 2850m (01/04/2017)
3rd (L) Aquanaut Hcp 2450m (04/03/2017)
Sail South 6c Sail From Seattle – Southern Pride (Northfields)
GN & Mrs Pott / SH Page
WON Gr1 Champions Cup 1800m (29/07/2017)
3rd Gr1 Queen’s Plate 1600m (07/01/2017)
Master Sabina 7c Jet Master – Sabina Park (Sportsworld)
M De Broglio / GV Woodruff
WON Gr1 Summer Cup 2000m (26/11/2016)

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2 comments on “Equus winners – you be the judge

  1. Paulo says:

    As one votes on this poll, one can help noticing that people in general have short term memories. Recent events seem to take preference over achievements of “a while back”. I suppose it is what it is.

  2. Loraine Karam says:

    Paulo what is your point ? Recent events can you elaborate?

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