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Equus…Showbiz And Stars

Bull Valley unlucky in Champion Sprinter category

Awards evenings are a playground of hard – luck stories. That’s just the way it is. While panels get most things right most days, and champions engrave their own names on the silverware, any discipline acknowledging achievement is a potential sitting duck for the marginal calls – the ones they might have gotten wrong.

Champion Legal Eagle – popular choice as Horse Of The Year

The marketing buffs – we have a few, believe it or not – label our national awards ‘horseracing’s Oscars’.

By its very nature, Equus is a glitzy glamourous gathering of the stars – and a sometimes self -indulgent occasion where the power players tend to dominate through sheer numbers. But where we can’t deny, the top horses do generally come out tops!

Somewhere over the rainbow, horseracing’s hardly alone for getting some of the decisions not always entirely right.

It even happens in showbiz! The Wizard of Oz was a groundbreaking fantasy musical that got blown away in the Oscars Best Picture category way back in 1939.

Read about our ‘Oz’ moment of Equus 2017 in the latest SP Digest

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