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Revised NHA Fees Published

Effective immediately

New NHA fees and charges for the period commencing 1 August 2017 have been published on their website.

Click here for the full schedule

The fees are effective immediately. Most of the fees which relate to Stud Book have been restricted to a 4.5% increase on the fees of the previous year.

Note that a penalty related registration fee applies to horses which are only registered at this time, but which were born during 2015 or earlier years.

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5 comments on “Revised NHA Fees Published”

  1. I renewed my colours in April – it was R1370 – any-one knows the justification for excessive increases?

    Now R 3850.00 wow that is some increase

  2. If the R3850 is for a new application, the NHRA is doing its part to keep new owners away from ownership!!!

    It is interesting that the revised fees are unilaterally imposed on everyone without any consultation and without providing reasons and justification for the amounts.

    If the NHRA truly wants to keep people out and make horse racing an elitist sport, it should cut the charges for applications, renewals nominations and acceptances and just charge every owner R500 for each race that their horse runs in. The rich will end up paying the most but they will not mind as they are rich. The NHRA will no longer have financial constraints.

  3. Have you noticed that the NHA list of fees and charges is comprehensive? Have you noticed that it does not deal with fees and charges for nominations and acceptances of horses? To me, this is confirmation that the NHA is not independent and is allowing the operators to make and change operating rules at their whim. I remain waiting for the NHA to explain how it has allowed Phumelela (if it has) to charge nomination and acceptance fees and to have these fees paid to the RA. Neither the NHA nor horse racing benefits from these charges.It is time for the NHA to stop Phumelela from charging these nomination and acceptance fees.

  4. Yes , thats right.
    Chase more people out the game.
    How many of these NHA law ,rule and price setters actually own horses , or partake in any of the activities for which these fees need to be paid?

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