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Gallop In The Sky A Stride Closer

Ambitious £10 million project

Newmarket Gallop openings (photo: Wikimedia)Newmarket Gallop openings (photo: Wikimedia)

Newmarket’s ‘gallop in the sky’ has moved a step closer after planning permission was granted on Wednesday for the ambitious £10 million project.

Plans were revealed last summer for a new gallop on Racecourse Side in Newmarket that would be similar to Warren Hill and, therefore, help increase the number of trainers setting up away from the more popular Bury Road.

The new Hill Gallop will start below ground level and rise up 30m on to an elevated bridge before finishing on a man-made mound. Warren Hill, where up to 2,000 horses train each day, has a 40m incline. Inspiration for the project came after officials visited Japan to view similar gallops.

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