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NHA Rules Through Consultation

Consultative approach reinforced

The National Horseracing Authority has announced the members of its newly constituted Rules Committee.

The composition of this Committee reflects the NHA’s vision to include as many of its role players in its regulatory decisions and is in line with its consultative approach before enforcing any changes that might have an impact on the Industry.

Mr Cecil Beyleveld (Chairman)

Mr Lyndon Barends (NHA Chief Executive Officer)

Mr Arnold Hyde (NHA Racing Control Executive)

Mr Andrew O’ Connor

Advocate Panayiotis Stais SC

Mr Rodney Trotter

Mr Robert Bloomberg (Owners’ representative)

Mr Larry Wainstein (Owners’ Representative)

Mr Piere Strydom (Riders’ representative)

Mr Greg Cheyne (Riders’ representative – alternate)

Mr Mike de Kock (Trainers’ representative)

Mr Tony Rivalland (Trainers’ representative – alternate)


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18 comments on “NHA Rules Through Consultation”

  1. Robert Bloomberg is a director of Kenilworth Racing (Pty) Ltd. He is an attorney that represents jockeys and trainers. Now he represents owners on the rules committee at the NHRA. What a joke!! I hope Robert will not represent anyone against the NHRA again. If he doez there must be a conflict.Larry Wainstein represents RA members. He does not represent owners. Where is the representative for Gold Circle owners. Where is the representative for owners who are not RA members. Larry Wainstein assaulted a person on the racecourse and was found guilty of this by the NHRA. The joke is that he breaks rules and now gets appointed to make rules. Ha Ha.There are to many people on the rules committee. The old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth. On my count and taking into account that Robert Bloomberg knows where his bread is buttered, trainers and jockeys will be soon making and vetoing rules. It would be nice if the NHRA would tell us how it came to chose these people to be part of the rules committee. Nothing has really changed since the NHRA became more BEE compliant. The back has become the front or is it vice versa. Punters have every right to be represented. I am just surprised that the NHRA did not say that Larry and Robert were also punter representatives. As said earlier, the rules committee should have been a lot smaller. It needs at least 3 people who punt and understand racing and do not own horses that are practising lawyers to be on the committee. That way the rules can be objectively looked at. For every step horse racing makes forward it takes ten steps backwards. I was told that the NHRA gor rid of the operators because it wanted independence. Now it is doing exactly the opposite when it achieved independence from the operators.

    1. agreed. i wanted to comment yesterday, but i dont think i was as polite as you, on exactly the same issue as to how does bloomberg represent me when i never ever voted him in?

    2. Mr Bloomberg has indicated that he was appointed by the RA Board to represent owners – he wasn’t appointed by NHA – nor does he represent them

  2. I would love to know how the individuals on this committee were chosen and who made the choice in this regard.

    Speaking as an Owner that is not affiliated to Gold Circle, Phumelela, Kenilworth Racing and the Racing Association, I am baffled by the NHA appointing Larry Wainstein and Robert Bloomberg as Owners’ representatives.

    To me, they do not represent Owners and will never be representatives of Owners’ throughout the Southern Hemisphere. I have no difficulty with the NHA calling them representatives of their organisations as opposed to Owners’ representatives. Let us not con ourselves.

  3. Robert Bloomberg has forgotten more about racing than most of these people who are knocking him will ever know, an excellent choice.

  4. Whoah we have a problem here. What is Robert Bloomberg doing on the NHRA rules committee if he does not represent the NHRA. It is not a RA committee. The NHRA needs to get rid of him quickly as he is conflicted and will be singing from the rafters at inquiries that he was part of the rules committee and knows better and more than the inquiry board. What a joke this has all become!!

  5. Ed,

    If Mr Bloomberg was appointed by the RA Board to represent owners and he wasn’t appointed by NHA nor does he represent them, then please could someone explain why he sitting on the NHA rules committee. This entire episode is as bizarre as Alice in Wonderland.

    1. Hi Brett ..a statement will be published in a few hours to clariify the background and explain how the various interest groups lobbied the NHA for a voice on the rules committee.

      1. Hi Editor, herein lies the problem. Lobbying does not necessarily mean consultation. There are a few valid points here that show that the NHA have not “consulted”. There are many groups that remain without representation. The KZN owners, and those in Phumelela country who are not RA members. As an interested observer, there is very little evidence to support the independence of the NHA, they appear captured by a group who all have Steinhoff ties. From Barends to Wainstein to Bloomberg, there are links. Barry Irwin is correct in his scathing comments about self-serving interests amongst those charged to run this industry.

      2. Lets say the RA requested RB to sit on the committee , lets all remember that the racing association does not represent all owners , maybe only a third of the owners in the country at that. What about the Gold Circle owners ? where is their representation to the same rules to be implemented in the future. .

        Sounds like we are being steamed rolled again by Mr Wainstein and his new allies.

  6. Is there any Board,Trust Association,Committee that controls South African horse racing that Larry Wainstein not sit on?
    Gold Circle?—-Controls.

    1. Larry Wainstein sits on every single committee you can think of. Controls horse racing in all areas except Gold Circle territory. Even rules the western cape the Directors of WP racing have to ask his permission to go to the Bathroom.

  7. Hi Ed,

    From your comment it is clear that the NHA was lobbied by various interest groups regarding the rules. It will be nice to know exactly when, how and which groups lobbied the NHA and who did so on their behalf.

    I have been lobbying the NHA for years regarding its rules. That does not mean that I should be a part of the rules committee. I am the view that it makes no difference whether specific groups lobbied the NHA about its rules. Every interested person and organisation should have a say in the matter. It should not be limited to specific groups

    According to Mr Barends of the NHA we are all family in the horse racing community. The NHA through Mr Barends has stated the following “We recognise that we are part of a passionate, loyal and committed horseracing fraternity. In all our efforts we will endeavour to enlarge this family to include those who have never been exposed to the pleasures of the sport. Our family includes the thoroughbreds, the breeders, the owners, the trainers, the grooms, the operators, the public and punters, government and the staff. Our people are our most prized assets. We will develop and train our people for service excellence. Thoroughbred racing accountability and transparency starts with NHA and its staff. As well as focusing on the NHA’s regulation, governance, accountability, transparency and efficiency, we will also strive to increase efficiency and effectiveness in equine welfare, the stud book, registrations and licensing, information services, racing control, laboratory services, government relations, training and development, marketing, communications, human resources and finances.”

    As a matter of interest, I met with Mr Barends some time ago regarding the NHA rules and other issues. I suggested to Mr Barends that the entire horseracing community should be involved in the rules being reconsidered and changed. I told him that the rules committee was out of touch. I advised that that the NHA should be more transparent and hold an open enquiry regarding its rules presided over by an independent Senior Counsel who would hear punters, grooms, owners, farriers, breeders, etc and after the enquiry make recommendations to the NHA on the rules. Mr Barends informed me that he would take it to his Board. Obviously, my suggestion was given short shrift by the Board of the NHA.

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