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Frankie Misses Bus In End

This international team lacks real star appeal

Frankie Dettori – missing

Frankie Dettori is just one of a few notable absentees from the International team to take on South Africa in the Air Mauritius International Jockeys’ Challenge which is being held at Turffontein on Sunday 19 November.

It was reported in August this year that when the legendary Dettori  had learnt that RA CEO Larry Wainstein was contacting potential team members he rang the Racing Association boss and asked: “Is there a seat left on the bus?”

Read ‘When Frankie Phoned Larry’

Dettori also took part in last year’s competition and rode a double at Turffontein.

Karis Teetan – also a no show

In the report carried on the Gold Circle website it was said that the other internationals to have accepted were Hong Kong-based Mauritian Karis Teetan, Brazilian Silvestre de Sousa, British-based Italian Andrea Atzeni and Australian Hugh Bowman.

Together with Dettori, none of these gentlemen are listed in the final team and there has been no explanation tendered by the organisers for their absence.

South Africa will be captained by reigning champion Anthony Delpech and they must be favourites to lift the trophy as the International team, which differs markedly from the pre-publicity frankly (no pun intended!), lacks star appeal.

South African

Anthony Delpech (Capt)

Greg Cheyne

Gavin Lerena

Anton Marcus

S’manga Khumalo

Craig Zackey


Pat Smullen (Capt)

Seamie Heffernan

Corey Brown

Martin Dwyer

Thierry Thulliez

PJ McDonald

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14 comments on “Frankie Misses Bus In End

  1. KAMA A B says:

    So unprofessional..Once again a Joke for S.A.Racing….No Strydom no Frankie….ahahahah….Clowns…

  2. Albert X says:

    I stay away from these “fixed” international races. The trainers are not able to choose the jockey they want on the horse. The jockeys in the event are not drawn randomly out of lots for each race. The organisers implement their own handicapping system and chose the jockey for each horse. The organisers know in advance which jockeys and horses are rated to win and in which order they are rated to be placed.We are never told of the organisers ratings.
    Not for me. Thank you.

  3. @Chippy7 says:

    Poor article

    The only unknown is PJ McDonald.
    The rest are vastly experienced and class that let their riding do the talking.
    I reckon one of the strongest teams to make the trip so far.
    Interesting contest ahead.
    Good luck and well done to all concerned

    Smullen- 9 times Irish Champion taking over from Michael Kinane

    Heffernan- 2nd jockey to Moore at Ballydoyle for many years

    Brown- Melbourne Cup winner, on the roster for Godolphin AUS with Schofield, McKevoy and Bowman. Returned to Aus after a few years in Singapore when Pat Shaw left

    Dwyer- 2nd jockey to Sheik Hamdan behind Richard Hills before a false suspension in India put his career on hold. Winner of English Derby, Dubai Sheema Classic and Hong Kong Vase

    Thulliez- Multiple G1 winner in France and Breeders Cup Mile. Stylish

    1. Editor says:

      Entitled to your opinion @Chippy7

      We didn’t call them unknown, we suggested they lacked real star appeal as a group

      When you get told Dettori, De Souza and our ‘own’ Karis Teetan, then these guys as a group dont ignite excitement

      1. @Chippy7 says:

        They may not be Showmen but are definitely Stars of International Racing.

    2. James George says:

      “Heffernan- 2nd jockey to Moore at Ballydoyle for many years”
      And lest we forget -2nd jockey to Jamie Spencer,Micheal Kinane,Kieren Fallon,Johnny Murtagh at Ballydoyle for many years.
      Actually.Second jockey at Ballydoyle for the last 20 years.Great
      Martin Dwyer not taking over from Hills when he retired in 2012,, like Hills took over from Carson when he retired,had nix to do with the India incident which happened a year later.
      By the time the India incident occurred Paul Hanagan had taken over as 1st jockey from Hills .

      1. @Chippy7 says:

        If I remember, Heffernan is also quite heavy.
        But if he were to be compared to any of our horses, he would probably be the Pablo Zeta of his time…

        Dwyer could never have take over from Hills since O’Shea replaced him before Hills retired.

  4. Albert X says:

    My guess is that this will be the last we see of the main sponsor.
    The organisers most probably needed big names to entice the sponsors.
    Ask any of the names promised who are not part of the event whether they had ever confirmed their participation. If the organisers promise us such big names, they would have already secured them in written contracts.
    Poor poor show for the biggest mouth in horse racing.

  5. David Gregory says:

    Terrible write up and very disrespectful to the jockeys.
    Pat Smullen is recognised as one of the best in the world. Seamie Heffernan is also world class with top job to the biggest training centre in the world.
    You guys should be more positive about your great industry not knocking it.

    1. Editor says:

      Not comparable to the likes of Frankie and there is a major difference for Joe Public to watch the instantly recognisable stars as opposed to top-class riders. Our own world -class rider is missing from the line-up too

      1. David Gregory says:

        Of course they are comparable to Frankie.
        Just because they don’t do flying dismount.
        Do your homework.
        You should be privileged to have such class arriving on your shores

  6. James Darmody says:

    When sponsors and the public receive a press release on how great LW and the RA are in getting top jockeys from around the world to come ride in South Africa such as Frankie – Silvestre – and our own international Karis – they “start licking their lips” and applauding Larry for making the arrangements and He struts around like a peacock .

    We then get news that all of these Jockeys are not coming – It then becomes an insult to all .

    I don’t think there is any disrespect to the other Jockeys coming and we appreciate it , however we have a right to be upset and view our opinions.

    Once again the operators have disappointed us , why not make an announcement when the final arrangements have been made. No once again Larry must show us how important he is as Frankie Phoned Him . Just totally unprofessional and shows total disorganization once again.

    I suppose it all fits in with the Racing Its a Rush theme – You never know whats going to happen or what to expect .

  7. Kay says:

    P. Strydom not in line-up is unbelievable. Is this a result of selection by the panel or by choice from the champion jock. The international team is a good group in general but not seen as stars such as Dettori, Moore, etc who are draw cards and make punters talk.

  8. Pops says:

    Lyle Hewitson to replace Anton Marcus in Air Mauritius International Jockeys’ Challenge.Do not comment on this unless you put up your money(That is what Mr Larry Wainstein advised when Strydom did not make the team)

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