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Jockey Lauds Stipes

Important that racing's policemen take the initiative

Muzi Yeni – accolade for Stipes

Top Winning Form-sponsored jockey Muzi Yeni has paid a compliment to the Stipendiary Stewards on duty at the Vaal on Tuesday, suggesting that there is so much negativity in the game that the media needed to be alerted to incidents where racing gets the small things right.

Yeni spoke to the Sporting Post following the Vaal meeting that saw him gain a boardroom victory in the third race after his mount had suffered interference.

“It’s not about being chuffed that I got the upper-hand in an objection. Nobody wants to see race results decided in the Stipes boardroom. But it was just so great to feel that the Stipes were on top of things and taking the lead. I got back to the jockey room and had already decided I needed to object. But the Stipes told me that they had things under control. That gives a jockey a lot of confidence and no matter the end decision, it would be nice to see the onus not always placed on the jockey or the winning connections.”

He added that he believed that public confidence hinged on the way that they perceived that the game was being policed and proactivity by the Stipes was heartening.

The Sporting Post recently clarified with the National Horseracing Authority that it ‘didn’t matter’ who laid the objection. This may well be legally accurate and of no impact on the end result, but surely, as the observing authority of every race with the benefit of instant replays, the Stipes should be the instigators of the majority of objections?

From the official Stipes Report:

The Stipes reported that In the concluding stages, VACQUERO (M Yeni), became unbalanced when bumped out on a number of occasions by ELEVATED (C Murray), which was hanging out. 

A race review was called into this incident by a member of the Stipendiary Board, this was followed by him lodging an Objection on behalf of the 2nd placed horse VACQUERO (M Yeni) against the first placed horse ELEVATED (C Murray) on the grounds of interference in the concluding stages. 

The Objection Board, after giving regard to the evidence put forward by the respective parties and viewing the patrol films of the race, was of the opinion that the result had been affected by this incident and that VANQUERO would have finished ahead of ELEVATED had this incident not occurred and therefore upheld the objection and amended the Judges result.

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18 comments on “Jockey Lauds Stipes

  1. hilton witz says:

    Maybe the head stipe in the central provinces can explain to me why as per the stipes report for flamingo park the 9th of october the total number of stipes on duty were 3 namely d rahilly ,r hutchinson and mr l maharaj..If one of them was to lodge an objection and clearly the stipe lodging the objection cannot vote on the outcome of it, please explain to me how only 2 can decide the outcome of the objection surely you need 3 to vote so its either 3 0 or 2 1..there have been several instances of only 3 stipes being in attendance at racemeetings countrywide so if its a 0ne vote each stalemate what happens or do you have to nudge the trainer or jockey to lodge the objection?what am i missing here..

    1. Editor says:

      Will source a response Hilton

    2. Editor says:

      Arnold Hyde, Racing Control Exercutive of the NHA responds to Hilton Witz’ question:

      “If there are less than three Stipendiary Stewards available to consider an objection, a licenced person may be co-opted to the Objection Board”

      Kind regards,

      1. James George says:

        According to the Rules, a Race Course Manager ,a Veterinary Surgeon,a Specimen Collector and a Horse Identifier besides others are Licensed Officials
        So next time you waiting on an objection just hope that it is not the Specimen Collector who is co-opted to the Objection Board
        .SPECIMEN COLLECTOR – any PERSON who is licensed by the NATIONAL

  2. Qflo says:

    Muzi was on his bicycle with the momentum he was passing Callen like cyclone Yen Yen so in all fairness. Thanks to the Stipes for giving the right decision to the winning team.

  3. hilton witz says:

    Mr Hyde thanks for your response but with due respect there is absolutely no reason why there shoudnt be four QUALIFIED STIPES at any racemeeting in south africa at any given time ..You cannot have just any licensed official to be asked to make such an important decision which financially affects owners trainers jockeys and punters ..This is a multi million rand industry not some r fun race day where anything goes …

    1. Editor says:

      Just to add that Mr Hyde confirmed that it has been the practice for quite a few years now in Kimberley

  4. hilton witz says:

    It has been practice several times before at every racecourse and the reason i picked this up was because on the 19th of april 2017 there was an objection at scottsville where because there were only 3 stipes on duty anton marcus the jockey aboard valcar had to lodge the objection against the winner flamboyant ..The stipes report for this meeting has now disappeared from the nhra website ..Another example where only 3 stipes are present is on the 21st april greyville poly whereby only mr parker mr jeewenlal and mr anderson are present ..There are several more examples countrywide

  5. Brian says:

    Credit where its due. Important points have been raised. I would still love to know how the stripes determine a lazy ride or even if they do. Again Ed I refer to the earlier race Ma armour

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Brian

      According to our vastly experienced handicapper who watched the Vaal 4th race again, the ratings said Ma Amour couldn’t win and he feels it ran accordingly – some 10 lengths back. It was outpaced when the race began in earnest.

      The Stipes had no report.


    2. Brian says:

      Thanks once again Ed. He sure was outpaced. But, the jockey didn’t try. He just sat as the field came past him. If it was my horse he would never ride for me again

      1. Editor says:

        Keep the horse in the notebook over further maybe?

  6. James George says:

    Things must be real bad if we are now applauding fish for being able to swim.

    1. Editor says:

      Indeed James. When interviewed the jockey mentioned that the trainer had said that the Stipes are paid to do the job – and that’s what they were doing

  7. Steve Reid says:

    Statistics do not lie. Taken from the 2015 NHA minutes and pertaining to the repective 2014 racing seasons:

    Mr Reid said that in the last racing year, the following number of objections
    per race were lodged in the respective countries:
    – Mauritius 1 per 26 races
    – Singapore 1 per 41 races
    – France 1 per 57 races
    – Japan 1 per 57 races
    – South Africa 1 per 430 races…

    Mr Witts-Hewinson explained that an Admission of Guilt system was used in South Africa which, to a large extent, alleviated the need to deal with racing infringements by way of objections. Mr Reid responded, saying that these penalties were not publicised widely. Punters were therefore not able to see that justice was being done. Mr Witts-Hewinson answered, saying that the publication of penalties had to be done carefully as too many penalties gave the (wrong) impression that there was a problem with the integrity of racing.”

    Two years down the line I do not see improvements.

  8. Kemper says:

    Accurate statistics do not lie….

    From the 2014 NHA annual report – number of races: 3869; number of objections: 52. That’s 1 every 74 races, not 1 every 430!

    From what Steve has posted, it seems Mr Witts-Hewinson misunderstood Steve’s comment at the meeting – his reply referred to interference and how it is dealt with, rather than objections.

    Anyway, to me, a lower ‘objection rate’ (1 in 74 races is lower than, say, 1 in 57) suggests cleaner, better regulated racing..

  9. Steve Reid says:

    The article refers to actions by Stipes. Accurate statistics do indeed not lie. The total number of objections IN 2014 lodged by licenced officials numbered the breathtaking total of 9. That’s less than 1 objection per racetrack in Southern Africa for an entire season. Now do some simple maths and 3869/9 = 429.8.

    There was no misunderstanding from Witts-Hewinson, this is how the NHA roll. Answerable to no -one but themselves.

  10. Albert X says:

    Kemper says that Mr Witts Hewinson may have misunderstood the question at the AGM.
    Is this the same Mr Witts Hewinson who is a senior attorney in JHB and who was lambasted by the High Court Judge in the James Goodman appeal?
    An answer was given by Mr Witts Hewinson at the AGM. He and other directors would have read the minutes. If thete was a misunderstanding it would have been recorded at the end of the minutes with a note and asterix.
    I am blown away that the NHA chairman stated at an AGM that objections are dealt in the main with a fining system.
    Whats next??
    Is the NHRA going to stop jockeys and teaonets from having a right to be heard when objections are going to be considered??

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