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Bailey Beetles In

'Commentating was something I always wanted to try'

After many months of try-outs, analyses and reviews, Brandon Bailey has earned the right to join Nico Kritsiotis and Alistair Cohen in South African commentary boxes as a junior commentator.

More than 100 people entered the competition from all over the country which was cut to a top nine from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. There were further eliminations and that came down to just three in Johannesburg. Each was then given the opportunity to commentate on live racing action.

Brandon Bailey

Bailey, 24, admits that while he had thought about commentating it had not been a serious consideration until the competition was announced.  “Commentating was something I always wanted to try. It did appeal to me and I admire Alistair and Sheldon (Peters), so when the competition came out and the carrot was dangled, I decided to give it a go.”

The competition has been long and exhausting but Bailey says it has been “an enjoyable experience”. “It’s been a bit long and overwhelming. But it’s been different. I’ve been standing in the shower and going through the motions, I’ve also been learning from the other guys.”

The most important trait one needs to be successful as a commentator, believes Bailey, is passion. “Every race is different so you need to be knowledgeable about the runners and be able to keep your head. But you have to have passion for what you are doing.”

Clyde Basel, Executive – Horse Racing, Events & Hospitality for Phumelela, and a top commentator himself, added: “We welcome Brandon to the commentary box. We believe he has natural talent and wish him only the very best. May he call home many winners in favour of our patrons!”

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6 comments on “Bailey Beetles In

  1. lazarus says:

    Its sad to see that even in the horse racing industry there is nepotism. Did not think it would be that way. Congrats to Brandon but it is quite clear to see that if you are not related to some one in the industry you wont even get a foot in the door let alone call a race.

    1. Keen punter says:

      Don’t know what you talking about he is not related to anyone whatsoever in the horse racing industry, he got it on pure merit and determination Well done.

      1. lazarus says:

        I guess you reading a different article from the sporting post.
        The fact if the matter is that most of the presenters on telly track are related to someone in the industry. The article on Brandon also makes mention of the fact that he started out in horse racing with a trainer who his dad knew. One just has to look at the presenters names in certain cases to see that they are related to someone in the industry that, MR.KEEN is not my imagination.

  2. Rod Mattheyse says:

    I only heard 2 of the blokes competing. He was by far more polished, and I think at a the same level as Alistair Cohen was when he started. Look where Alistair has got to.

    Its hard to make out the difference between Jehan Malherbe and the newbie Sarembock in Cape Town because of the atrocious sound quality from Kenilworth.

    1. Editor says:

      Agree Rod regarding sound quality – no answer at Kenilworth – have emailed Rob Scott and Dom Zaki to see if they can assist

    2. Editor says:

      Rob Scott confirms that a technical issue in the OB Unit was resolved after second race

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