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No More Choice

Goodbye to the Choice Carriers team

The popular presence of the Choice Carriers crew that has served Cape Racing with reliability over many years will be no more from 1 December 2017.

An accomplished horseman, Peter Choice, together with his staff, has ferried runners to Kenilworth and Durbanville for many years and the news that his contract has come to an end is a shock for many local racing folk.

Suskia Trading has been appointed with effect from 1 December to manage the transportation of horses to and from races and gallops.

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30 comments on “No More Choice

  1. Don says:

    Who is Suskia Trading?

    1. Alex Page says:

      A furniture maker, according to Google…

  2. Philip Goldberg says:

    Insure your horses racehorse owners..
    Hier kom n ding.

    1. Philip says:

      New Turf Carriers will be doing the Ttansport.

  3. The Dark Duke says:

    The worst kept secret in racing. Why is the announcement made using the company name and not the trading name which is new turf carriers. Shameful and disgraceful treatment of a stalwart of WC racing. The capture by the inner circle continues.

  4. Kim Jong-un says:

    Also wondered who this company is , looked up in google came up with Some furniture comany in JHB .

    Was New Turf not sold or part thereof to two very influentual owners , I am sure I read something along those lines . Still remember the initials CvN and LN . Interesting also the Shams moving to the Vaal .

    Just goes to show its not what you know it is who you know.

    Who cares – the Nepotism keeps growing , Saw an interview with the Events Manager of Phumalela – after Summer Cup. Has very simalar eyes to a prominent family in Phumalela – Could it be a Niece , a cousin , who knows but she is connected in some way thats for sure.

    But let the ride carry on , they must have learnt a few tricks from the Gupta’s and when racing is captured , we must remember to not complain or vote with our feet at the next few up coming AGM’s.

  5. Walter May says:

    Any BEEE Level 1 companies supplying Feed & Agrochemicals to Horse racing Industry? Is the current Suppliers compliant?

  6. Matthew Sham says:

    hi guys

    Just to clarify with all the people who (think they)know everything:

    – Suskia trading 1153 cc is a subsidiary of New Turf Carriers and contract work is run through this company
    -Yes we sold 50% of our business but as much as we would like CVN to be a partner he has nothing to do with our business except being a loyal client.
    -With regards to insuring your horses this is normal practice and “No” transporter in the country will insure your horses!
    -My mom(Dorrie) and Dad( Mark) also have nothing to do with Suskia or New turf as they retired to Pe to pursue their dream of training horses however circumstances have now changed and they have 4 grand children in Jhb and wish to spend time with them

    Seen as though you are all investigators and know the ins and outs of our beautiful game please check the facts as to why we were awarded the Western Cape transport contract

    Should you wish to know any more information please feel free to contact us

    Matthew Sham

    1. Kim Jong-un says:

      My appologuise for getting -” Yes we sold 50% of our business but as much as we would like CVN to be a partner he has nothing to do with our business except being a loyal client.” Wrong – Can you rather than us guess please give the names of the new owners , it is importat, LN is one for a fact who is the other if you have nothing to hide.

      1. Matthew Sham says:

        Bernard Kantor is the other partner an it is no secret !

    2. James Darmody says:

      “why we were awarded the Western Cape transport contract “- Why not explain why you got it , was it out to tender and you won , do you have all the BEE credentials –

      Mathew Trust is a big part maybe be more transparent then we would not have to guess and listed to rumours. If you are the best then so be it and well done ,

      1. Matthew Sham says:

        Hi James

        Yes the contract was up for tender and we tendered as did Choice Carriers and one other Company to our knowledge! We were awarded the tender and if you would like to know the tender process you should contact Kenilworth Racing ! We are Bee compliant an completely transparent just cause we did not shout it from the roof top does not mean we are hiding anything


  7. Dorrie Sham says:

    Well hopefully this may clear up a few of the above veiled comments…
    Mark and I sold 50% of New Turf to 2 long standing people in racing , and it wasn’t Chris Van Niekerk. Our sons OWN 50% of the company. This was not a bail out as per rumours from certain CT trainers who called my sons rogues when the trainer and their transporter were breaking the law.

    We started New Turf Carriers in 1995 and are very proud of the fact that we could pass it onto the family.

    We decided to make a move to the Vaal from PE for purely personal reasons as we do not want to miss our grandchildren growing up any longer. Rocky Agrella will continue with a string in PE .

    As for the hookah about the change in transporters…New Turf did the PE Raceday transport for 9 years which included sponsoring the East Cape Derby.
    We were given the same 1 month notice at end of our contract which was then taken over by the transporter of choice. It’s the way contracts work.

    Anyone wanting to ask any questions re the above is welcome to call us.

    Mark and Dorrie Sham

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks for clarifying that Dorrie

  8. Verlynn says:

    Can a trainer/owner choose they own transport on race day?

    1. Editor says:

      Some trainers use their own – Kotzen, Nel, Stewart etc
      But as far as we know, the major training centre transport is subsidised by the operator

  9. Albert X says:

    A few non controversial comments from me.

    Matt says Suskia Trading is a CC and that It is a subsidiary of the company New Turf. I have googled ownership of corporate entities and found that a company is not able to own shares in a Closed Corporation. Oops

    Dorrie says that she and Mark sold 50% of their company new Turf. Matt says that the 50% was sold to Bernard Kantor. He says that New Turf is Bee compliant. Where on these facts is their any or can there be any Bee involvement? Mr and Mrs Bee compliant are not named.

    Dorrie says that New Turf was given the same one months notice as Turf Carriers. How would she know the details of competitors contractual relationsip? Was the notice to end the contracts given by Kenilworth Racing to New Turf and Choice after Bernie became a partner in New Turf? The successful Bernie has a brilliant ability of finding the right busineses to invest in at the right time.

    Matt says no Transporter will insure your horses. I am not sure that he is right about this. I do know that when Hans moved house and the transporters damaged his prized possessions, the transporters were liable to pay him although they did nothing wrong. Apparently the transporters had their own insurance which paid and if the transporters did not have the insurance, they would have had to pay Hans. Maybe livestock is different. Maybe not.

  10. Matthew sham says:

    Albert . this will be my Last comment as I can’t stand social media or negativity but feel i should reply to you as your questions are fair. Bernard and Larry were negotiating with us long before this tender came up.
    subsidiary is the wrong word choice then. apologies, suskia trading is a company owned by us that we run our contract work through as mentioned above. with regards to insurance, when u load a truck with tv’s,tables,chairs etc these items do not move so if they get damaged it is probably the transporters fault. we don’t insure ourselves but if people want their horses insured we put them onto the insurance brokers in the equine industry. all that my mother mentioned re our pe contract is that when we got our 30 days notice we took it and walked away. I can’t understand why we need to explain ourselves. maybe people need to start asking why Kenilworth put this contract out to tender and maybe you will get some answers. all I can tell you is that we went through the tender process as any other company did and have invested a massive amount into brand new trucks and trailer to run this contact and will do our best as we always do .


  11. Carlo Collodi says:

    I see my first comment was not allowed , so lets try again.

    Thank You Matt for your reply , we need transparancy and not cencorship , then we would not have to guess however some editiors dont exactly understand democracy and free speach. Not your fault we only get half the picture.

  12. James Darmody says:

    All the Best Peter Choice and a huge thank you from every horse you have ever transported . Thank You for many great Saturdays when sponsoring the Grade 2 . Good moments are never forgotton.

  13. Dorrie Sham says:

    As Matthew as already answered most of the questions we too will make our last comment !
    1. What I was talking about re PE was at least 5 years ago when we did Raceday transport between Arlington and Fairview. At that point New Turf was a wholly family owned business. Absolutely nothing to do with Kenilworth Racing or the new partners

    2. As usual all the comments and insinuations into our business and family lives are from people who hide behind pseudonyms. Aren’t you brave enough to ask these questions face to face . And what does our private lives have to do with you?

    3. A pity these yellow bellys don’t try to do something positive for racing, the lifeblood and passion of a lot of people ?

    Mark and Dorrie

  14. New turf fan says:

    The bottom line is people dont like change..hold your heads high..and just do the job…be proud of what you built up..and soon time will tell that the best is yet to be. Well done and congrats New Turf.

  15. Brad says:

    Really guys , not sure what all the fuss is about . I have moved horses with New Turf for years. They run a professional service oriented business and have always had the horses interest at heart . As for who has bought what % of there company really is there business and contracts come and go . I remember when New Turf moved all our horses in PE for us the service was great under testing involvement of live stock transport and they always made an effort to ensure a high level of client service. When their contract ended they were replaced and at the end of this contract tenders will again be opened for tender and they may be replaced again. That is how business works . Good luck to the youngster in getting a couple of solid partners in business and all the best for the future .

  16. A decade ago: “On Monday we had a truck on its way from Johannesburg to Durban with 11 horses from the Sale as well as two runners relocating to Natal.About. About 15kms after the Tugela toll the truck was pushed off the road by a gust of wind. Unfortunately at that point the road goes straight down an embankment.The driver, Joel, tried to get back onto the road but the trailer weight pulled the whole unit over and down the embankment onto its side, trapping the horses inside. Three horses escaped almost immediately and they were found standing a short way away from the truck. Two other horses also managed to escape and were held outside the trailer. Thank goodness just after the accident Heather Morkel and staff from Summerhill who were also returnning after the sale, arrived on the scene. Heather was able to help by identifying the horses that were injured or dead for us as we were miles away in Johannesburg. The local vets, Dr. Roger Turner from Ladysmith and Dr. Helen Tiffin and Dr. Dave Mullins were on scene as soon as they were called.To all of them as well as Tarryn Liebenberg our heartfelt thanks.

    Peter Choice of Choice Carriers, responded to our call for help by diverting one of his units to the scene immediately. Greatful thanks to both him and Grant Gillies for their prompt response. Also we need to thank Bennie and staff of Car Towing Services from Ladysmith as he dropped all work to get his recovery unit there as soon as he did to cut open the trailer and get the remaing horses out.

    By some miracle off all 11 horses that survived only 3 had bad injuries. After the accident the 11 horses were taken to Summerhill Stud were they have been looked after diligently by the staff and Dr. Alan Bechard. Dr. Bechard has assured all that the horses should be back in work fairly soon. Thanks must also go to Mick Goss who offered his Summerhill Stud for the injured horses.

    Mark, Michael and Matthew Sham flew to the accident site by hired helicopter as soon as they could where they met with Bennie of Car Towing Services. Bennie assured us that there were very high winds along that stretch of road on Monday and that it was a regular occurance on that notorious road for vehicles for to be pushed off by the wind. Our injured staff were all taken to hospital for treatment. Joel has a back injury while our groom Redgie dislocated his shoulder, our groom Wilson has broken ribs and a punctured lung. However they will all be home soon.

    We would like to comment on the article published in freeracer,co.za and in Racing Express on 7 November: No horse was under the trailer at all. One horse was killed on impact and one was euthanased inside the trailer. Our driver, Joel Mutedi, has been driving horses for the last 9 years, 7 of those with New Turf Carriers. He is often especially requested by breeders and trainers to drive their yearling and racing loads to the sales and races. Once he has recovered from his injuries he will be returning to work for us as will both Redgie du Plessis and Wilson Ntuli.

    Once again we cannot express our thanks and gratitude enough to all the owners and trainers of the horses involved for their support during this trying time. Being involved in the Racing Industry brings you into contact with all different types of people. We have been inundated with sms and phone messages of support and good wishes. To all off these loyal friends and clients our grateful thanks. We live by our motto, “Dealing With Friends” and as always assure our clients of our personal, best service in future. Mark and Dorrie Sham, New Turf Carriers.”

    I guess it is true of horse racing and business. Friends competing in a fair race.

  17. I am proud to say that most of the folks thanked in the above drama are friends and neighbours, including Peter Choice. Their is something in the Drakensberg air around here that makes people love animals. A year ago the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary sent out an urgent appeal for help. The donkeys were to be shot 05h00 the following morning and the carcasses sent to crocodile farms. They were in the municipal pound. KDS did not have the transport or the funds to hire transport to save these previously abused donkeys, hence the appeal.

    Choice Carriers generously came to the rescue, dispatching a horse transport carrier from Cape Town at 02h00 in the morning to ensure these donkeys were saved. More followed. Peter gives freely of his time coaching newcomers to horsemanship and polocrosse and sponsoring the amateur sport which so many in horse racing were first involved with which deserves a story I’d write if I had the time.


  18. Johnny Torrio says:

    Malcom Thank You for a great story . Just wondring how this is in line with the way things should work.

    I think you are missing the point of the debate. We requested BEE Credentials but got called Yellow Belly’s , Does that not take us back 20 years . Yes I love the Sham family they are great people , however just like eveyone else in denial, you to have put yourself in that category.

    How about Western Cape Racing , educating , assisting with finance and let a groom become a boss. Or is that to much to ask.

    Life has changed just because you have no opposition in your field, does not mean you do not have opposition at all. Mr Adams was quoted recently in an interview on 702 that he was or is a staunch supporter of the ANC , I suppose once used why would you need anyone , when the chips are down , excuse the pun….

  19. I was just trying to pour oil on troubled water. A good pseudonym you’ve got for the comment. John Torrio also known as “Papa Johnny”, “The Fox”, and “The Immune”, was an Italian-American mobster who helped build a criminal empire, the Chicago Outfit, in the 1920s; it was later inherited by his protégé, Al Capone.

    Like the horse’s herd instinct, the human brain is hard-wired for gangsterism and tribalism as a result of its evolutionary advantages. The horse racing industry would naturally be embroiled in mob circles which go all the way to the head of state. See Jasques Pauw’s book or this article about it.


  20. Johnny Torrio says:

    Malcom sorry confussed – Jacques Who ? Never heard of him . But Thanks for the advice though.

  21. Johnny Torrio says:

    Bests part of the read Malcom

    – Kajee: But he is a genuine guy.

    So is a known certain owner that was made a non executive Director of Phumalela that resigned all of a sudden just before this article was released. Also in the Tabbaco trade infact.

  22. Don says:

    Is Turf Carriers not sponsoring the 27th Oct KW race WC Fillies Ch?

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