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Fractional Ownership A Winner

Own colours not required

The National Horseracing Authority recently announced  the initiative of Fractional Ownership.

A Fractional Owner is a person who desires to be a racehorse owner but does not necessarily want to register their own colours.

This owner is a Shareholder in a Company that already has registered Company Colours with the NHA.  The Company holds the colours, authorities to act and voting rights.  Fractional Owners have their names printed in the race card and will be permitted into the parade ring on race days.

The benefits of being a Fractional Owner are that you enjoy the sport of Horseracing as an Owner, without having to complete the paperwork at a fraction of the cost.

The main differences between being a Colour Holder & Fractional Ownership are:


  1. Has colours registered.
  2. Must have an Authority to Act to Trainer.
  3. Holds voting rights with the NHA.
  4. Entitled to sign all documents pertaining to the racing of the horse/s.

FRACTIONAL OWNERS (registered under a Company with colours)

  1. Not entitled to be a Colour Holder.
  2. Does not need an Authority to Act.
  3. Does not have voting rights.
  4. Not entitled to sign Changes of Ownership, or Authority to Act, or cancel such Authority to Act.

Please contact Leigh Bockel on [email protected]  or 011 6839283 for more details.

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4 comments on “Fractional Ownership A Winner

  1. Brett Maselle says:

    On the flip side:-

    1.it is a tacit acknowledgement by the NHA that they are not succeeding in controlling under the lap ownership;

    2.it is an advert to the public that if they become “fractional owners” they can also become a part of the so-called “elitist crowd” and enjoy the benefits (if any) of ownership;

    3. it is an initiative for the Racing Association to swell its ranks with more paying members who want to feel “elitist”.

    In my view, and put crudely – it is time for the NHA to allow ownership of a horse through whatever vehicle or entity a person desires,whether anonymous or not, as long as there is at least one responsible person on the hook.

  2. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Each Trainer registers his business as a colour holder, all his patrons are fractional owners – 3000 less colour holders R30 million less revenue for the NHA.

  3. James Darmody says:

    Great Idea Rod – and the horse runs in stable colours if anyone wnt own colours must register in full. Brilliant , is there a place on the NHA board for you 🙂

    1. Rod Mattheyse says:

      could end up being a funding nightmare for the NHA

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