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De Kock Appeal – Vermaak Responds

Appeal Board member gives his view

Justin Vermaak

Justin Vermaak

I generally find public spats quite juvenile and leave them to waste away in the recycle bin of life, but I feel in this case that the public should be afforded a more rounded view of the Pietro Mascagni merit rating appeal – I was one of three members sitting on the Appeal Board – as covered on the Sporting Post website and not the one sided barrage afforded to them currently.

Unfortunately what is written/typed in print is often taken as fact without any type of fact checking done, one would hope the media house concerned would be taking care of this but drama is obviously higher up on the list, more clicks.

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Ed – In a subjective matter with many role-players and stakeholders involved, it can be a never ending circle eliciting responses from all of the parties involved. Unlike many others, our platform is open to the airing of all views on the subject. We welcome Mr Vermaak’s response.

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6 comments on “De Kock Appeal – Vermaak Responds

  1. Punters Friend says:

    Don’t stop now. Wait let me get some popcorn

  2. Pops says:

    Don’t touch me on my studio.

  3. Kay says:

    The hype around this and the Miss Frankel story! Interesting indeed! Trainers usually complain about the MR given being too high. Now Mr de Kock not happy because his horse’s MR given being too low! Miss Frankel, well obviously being by Frankel expectations are overwhelming I guess.

  4. James George says:

    Are the members of this Appeal Board freelancers or do they work for the NHA
    So is this statement by Vermaak an official NHA statement or has he pulled a Donald Trump?

  5. Brian says:

    Yeh James. I would like to know the same. Who is this guy and who does he represent?
    He refers to public spats. Well public spats are great for sport. They are what makes sport sport. Creates excitement. Mr Vermaak may I humbly suggest reading in this forum, taking into consideration the opinions of people who have vastly more experience than you, you may just have got this one wrong. Nothing wrong in that. It’s happened before, it’s happened now and it will happen again. Take the advice of experience. Support public spats, the public can get it right too.

  6. Michael Jacobs says:

    I really don’t get this whole storm in a teacup.Why on earth would a trainer ask for a higher rating(more weight for his horse) unless there is an ulterior motive, ie. a big race coming up for which the horse needs to qualify. But the big races coming up for a good 3yr old from now to the end of the season are all classic races at set weights? The Cape classics, the Gauteng triple crown and then the Durban winter classics? So it must be a sales race or else the horse is going to be exported and needs to be well performed or highly rated? Very strange.

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