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The Consistency Issue

NHA Newsletter for October 2017

NHA Newsletter October 2017

NHA Newsletter October 2017

The NHA’s newsletter for October 2017 features their ‘Journey To Excellence’ .

In the CEO’s slot, Lyndon Barends discusses the challenges of maintaining consistency, particularly when coupled with the need for discretion, there’s a word from our Cape Town judges, Rachel Stott and Sarah Raine and an insert on the history of jockey silks.

Recently appointed Stud Book Keeper, Judy Davies explains the important work they are rolling out, and SAJA apprentices Liam Tarentaal and Leonard Strong are heading to the Middle East.

There’s also news from the Laboratory, information on microchipping and an update from Shumbashaba.

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NHA Newsletter – October 2017 (external)

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6 comments on “The Consistency Issue

  1. Steve Reid says:

    This must rank as one of the most nonsensical articles that I have ever read.

  2. Brett Maselle says:

    The NHA article which has the legend “The Journey to Excellence” is an argot patchwork of words that belongs to a snake oil salesman trying to sell his product and to impress.

    The salesman has no idea that most of his audience and potential purchasers know more about the product than him. This is a fact.

    Simply, the salesman does not know – while his audience does – that the oil is liniment without snake extract.

    The audience are going to have a field day with him because he should know everything about his product before he starts his sales pitch.

    It becomes worse for the salesman because after the audience has heard him, they worry that on every occasion he may talk to them, he may be saying something regarding a topic on which he has no knowledge or spinning them a yarn.

    I ask everyone to read the article again and to honestly ask themselves whether you fully understand “The Journey to Excellence”.We know that according to the article that the NHA strives for consistency.Does the writer of the article explain in simple english about how consistency will be attained by the NHA or does he say that consistency is difficult to attain and that we must live with an imperfect system?

    On an anecdotal level:

    The article emanates from the NHA CEO. As I understand the NHA Constitution and its rules, there is no person who can hold the title of Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”).

    There used to be a Chief Executive (“CE”) of the NHA but that title was replaced by the title of Managing Director (“MD”) when the NHA changed its Constitution. Mr Barends is the NHA MD.

    I have never understood why a title means so much to some people.

    If the article was written by Mr Barends as CEO, he should be told by his board of directors that he is not the CEO and should immediately desist in misrepresenting the position.

    Thinking about it, the NHA has been consistent over the past few years. A previous employee of the NHA, Mr Hall was appointed as Acing CE of the NHA but represented to all and sundry that he had a full time and permanent position as the NHA CE. The rules did not allow for an Acting CE. A previous employee of the NHA, Mr Pillay, represented to everyone that his position was Acting CE of the NHA although the rules did not allow for it. He kept his acting position as CE until the CE resigned and he became the CE.

    All in all, it appears that there has been consistency where the NHA has adapted its “interventions to fit the circumstances” and has done “that consistently enough to be deemed consistent.”

  3. Pops says:

    If you cannot convince them,confuse them.That is the Rule.

  4. The Dark Duke says:

    This is a very confusing article Mr Barends! We require consistency sir, not lame excuses for the lack thereof!

  5. AlbertX says:

    The word ‘ discretion ‘ is used 85 times in the NHRA rules.

    The word ‘opinion’ is used 15 times in the rules.
    There is more than enough discretion given to the NHRA in its rules.

    Consistency can never be obtained if the NHRA is allowed to use its discretion at all times.

    The published opinion of Lyndon Barends on consistency shows a lack of understanding by the NHRA of its rights and role in regulating horse racing.

    I would like the Sporting Post to contact the NHRA to ask Lyndon Barends to inform us what he is doing to achieve consistency in everything that the NHRA does. Asnsweing the question is a lot harder than promising consistency which Lyndon Barends does not understand.

  6. James Darmody says:

    It is my oppinion that Mr Barends has bigger problems than this to resolve . We seem to blame Mr Barend , But where is the Board and newly elected Chairman of the NHA – Mr Truter

    Remembering the mission statement and values of the NHA :-
    “To regulate, govern, serve and promote the sport of horseracing in Southern Africa”

    Values: The principles that guide our practice and decision-making.

    Service – We are empowered to serve
    Integrity – We do the right thing
    Responsiveness – We act with urgency
    Excellence – We exceed and excel
    Dedication – We love what we do

    In the last week Horse Racing in South Africa has made the headlines of all major News Papers for the wrong Reasons .

    We have the Mr Moodley relationship with the President ,

    Yesterday it was announced that SASCOC is under investigation . Dont forget two Directors of the Racing Trust are SASCOC members which we have harped on for years.

    Then yesterday we had the Mazzoti and gambling tycoons Philip and Photios Anastassopolous- who own Supabets- are said to have taken Dlamini -Zuma to the UK and Greece earlier this year to try to raise funds for her presidential campaign. Photios, who is also a nonexecutive director of Phumelela Gaming and Leisure.

    No wonder racing is seemed to be corrupt I am just not sure how Mr Barend is going to promote – “Integrity – We do the right thing”

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