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Crazy – Maybe!

Nature and man conspire to do some odd things

As we wait for this evening’s Greyville meeting to continue, we have to admit it’s been a helluva seven days for South African racing.

A quick glance at the diary…

Last Friday evening the Greyville meeting was abandoned after two races, thanks to lightning.

On Saturday, our Tote crashed and the Summer Cup meeting was postponed to Sunday.

On Tuesday the Vaal meeting was abandoned after the fifth,  due to the weather.

On that same Tuesday a jockey lost his lead at the Vaal and then after reweighing and returning to the start of the third, he couldn’t find his whip.

On Wednesday the Vaal Classic meeting was abandoned after the fourth race, thanks to the weather.

On Thursday, the French dictated the longest Kenilworth meeting in history – with boringly long intervals between races – all to suit an overseas jurisdiction.

On Thursday, the best bet on the Kenilworth card, Afdeek, blew in the betting, cast his left fore shoe on the way to the start and ran unshod in front – running a dirty second, to a horse whose Equine Influenza injection was out of date.

This evening, a power outage at a sub-station caused a delay as there was no power at Greyville.

Then the lightning arrived.

The meeting has been rescheduled with the last due off at 22h15 – what time do the stable staff get to bed?

Any points to add?

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10 comments on “Crazy – Maybe!

  1. Editor says:

    Greyvlle abandoned at 20h35

  2. Barry Irwin says:

    Getting harder and harder to get into action these days!

    1. karel says:

      It’s an age-thing, Barry.

  3. I had a end of year lunch and ceremony at the Hilton in Durban today. Was hoping to go night racing afterwards in the city where I was born to see some horses I am fond of. Apart from it being month end and the memory of being smashed and grabbed after Friday night racing. I took a look at the weather forecast and decided that I did not want to die there too. I nearly did when I got mugged a decade ago going to the US consulate to get my American Visa to travel to Anchorage, Alaska to speak and assist with the World Wilderness Congress along with Ian Player the founder, Rhino saviour and Gary Player’s brother. Its a long story I’ll write up sometime.

    People forget that with the weather we are dealing with nature which is not predictable nor controllable, thank goodness. The same is true of horses which is why they sometimes go crazy and throw trainers, jockeys, owners and punters wild cards like the talented loony Run Rhino Run. It is this fatal attraction which makes the animals and the game so delightful. I have published the story about Lester Piggott’s remembers as his greatest race on The Maltster at Scottsville Pietermaritzburg in 1977. It was another case of a talented wild card stayer.

  4. Johnny Torrio says:

    One thing about today is the quality of horses to run at Kenilworth . Please lets all pray we do not add anything more to the weeks list . As for Turfontein , well that is going to be in the hands of the Gods, not so much the rain , lightning and thunder the biggest problem.

  5. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    i wonder what James Goodman was meaning when he said he could find no record of a substation breakdown near greyville?

  6. Adrian says:

    An earlier start could be an idea at Greyville. We can do nothing about the weather.

  7. Kim Jong-un says:

    Sunday 11h05 First race at Scottsville and no first timer comments – Everyone want consistancy and transparancy , but keep dropping the ball.

    I suppose we can learn to forgive you Ed we all know Sundays are Church days in your house.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Kim

      We publish what we receive from Gold Circle – who cover the first-timers nationally.

      A spokesman for Gold Circle has just confirmed that leave commitments resulted in the comments not being supplied today.

      He has assured us that they will resume this week.

      Just for the record, with effect from 1 March 2018, any unraced horses or horses returning after a rest of 120 days or more, participating in KwaZulu-Natal must have a valid Barrier Trial Certificate.

      As for Sundays, or any other day of the week, the Sporting Post is live 24/7. You will read it first, here!


  8. Kim Jong-un says:

    Thank You – This is the problem no consistancy , either Gold Circle must do it properly or not at all. It makes the current Barrier trails a joke and a waste of time . Nothing will change on the 01st of March 2018.

    Its ok I said 17 hail mary’s for you this morning , have a great week.

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