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Durbanville New Year’s Day

R1000 per runner being paid as a gesture of goodwill

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The debate around the poor subscription and support of the Durbanville New Year’s Day racemeeting took another turn today when Kenilworth Racing produced a tangible gesture of support for trainers.

The local racing operator has announced that they will be paying trainers R1000 per horse that crosses the finish line on the day.

The gesture, said to be a show of appreciation for support, comes amid various rumours doing the rounds as to why only 52 horses have been accepted for the eight races on the card.

Whether the token financial gesture solves the underlying causes of the apathy is another matter entirely.

It simply costs the operator R52 000 on what looks like a loss-making racemeeting – and sets a potential precedent for the future.

A close call of throwing the baby out with the bath water – or crisis management?

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15 comments on “Durbanville New Year’s Day

  1. Philip Goldberg says:

    Very sad!!!

  2. Ernest says:

    Just a thought! They offer the trainers an incentive R1000 per horse.Why not offer the punter an incentive to come to the course.Any ticket purchased on the tab will receive an additional 10% payout,if bought on course.It would not apply to the Pa Jackpot or pick six.\it would help towards the cost of getting to the course, and towards food and drinks.But no,The powers that be would never do this,the punters are not what comes first in racing,even though thay are the backbone of the sport.Like I say, Just a tought

    1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

      Ernest i must agree with you, take the 52k and use it to attract punters – or reward the punters in some manner . The problem is you cant just reward on-course punters as you will be annoying 99% of your punter base by excluding them. what about adding 52k to the pa pool of the p6 pool etc. This looks like it was a dig at the trainers who did not support the meeting and it is definitely a case of no good deed goes unpunished, as i’m sure owners will be asking why did I not get my share?

      1. Brian says:

        Why not start a loyalty card/project to get on course patronage. Point for all bets struck on course. sure, punters who can’t get to the course will feel aggrieved but you can’t be all things to all people. Get a burger free or whatever if you want people on course. Thing is they only want the annual pseudo punter in paid for fashion.

  3. Steve Reid says:

    You boys are missing the obvious. Why would Phumelela offer this incentive AFTER final fields were declared? Phumelela do not give a hoot about people working on 1 January 2018. The reason Phumelela are splashing the cash is simple. This is being done to ensure that pools stand up. There are 4 races with five runners on the day, 2 with seven and 2 with nine. A few scratchings and suddenly bets like quartets cannot be taken, fields apply to the exotics, and turnover plummets. The fact that 40 out of 52 runners are guaranteed a stake check illustrates my point clearly.

  4. Michael says:

    How racing has fallen, that it has come to this…… bribing trainers to run their horses at an unpopular venue (for a peak summer meeting), on a day which is traditionally a big summer race day in Cape Town. The fields should have been overflowing and there should have been 10 races programmed. A late start with a twilight ending and happy hour with good food and drink, but what do we have, a dreary 8 race programme with 5 runners per race! How has Cape racing fallen into such a shambles where traditionally Summer season was the peak racing season in SA, even better than the KZN winter?

    The operators appear to not have a clue anymore of what constitutes an exciting racing offering. It is now a numbers game, and other income streams (sports betting) is clearly more important than horse racing!

    1. Graham Leslie Hurlstone-jones says:

      Nailed it. The waters will dry up pretty soon when the horses turn up but there is no turnover. All the recent anti punter ( actually ongoing ) agenda is exactly what it is. The Southern Cross was empty….The Guineas was dead. Lets see the Sceptre on Friday ( the poor mans day to the QP day )…..Its all about a few days of the year for an elite crowd and that is not a perception.
      On Teletrack I heard them say that the two days is to get the people back ????. Where is the national promotion ? where is the local promotion ? Teletrack is pay for view so that audience is exclusive. Where is there any incentive to go to the track ? unless you have the right ticket of course. I simply cannot get my buddy’s to go any more. Expensive, elitist and a lottery is the response I get ( the Jooste catastrophe is difficult to counter and the Mayfair colors even more…perception ).
      I wonder if the FA was to pay the managers of the premier league to play football on a Thursday lunchtime but not at their ground and a weeks notice what the owners of said clubs would say or the fans ? I do hope Kenilworth racing make this an ongoing payment for trainers…..maybe owners next or even punters !!!? now thats what I call a gesture for goodwill……ha ha ha ! yeah right ( its funny the turnover will most probably go up but that is not the agenda…is it ? ).
      By the way who is paying for the R 52,000 ? where does it come from ?

      I wrote to the RA concerning the empty Kenilworth ( Southern and Guineas ) and was referred to Kenilworth racing whom I have heard nothing from, sums it all up. The Cape Summer season is 3 days everything else it seems is not.

  5. Ella says:

    The 1st January is not a great date …

    1. James George says:

      1st January 2017 Gold Circle (Greyville) had a 9 Race meeting with 98 runners.Some fields were tiny but there were fields of 10 plus runners.Not too shabby.
      OK there was a small Feature the Grade 3 Flamboyant Stakes..

  6. Michael Jacobs says:

    1sr January is a great date for a twilight meeting, as I explained above. It is a public holiday, we have holiday makers in Cape Town, the course (Krnilworth) could be overflowing and everybody could have a great time it needs marketing and a nice feature race .

  7. Luella Robinson says:

    I’m at the course with my family and friends and probably one of the best social/casual/events I’ve been to in ages! Teresa Esplin and her boyfriend have fabulous live music on the go, and the biggest crowd I’ve seen in months (certainly bigger than Kenilworth of late)! We need more Durbanville Racing as the country course has a vibe second to none and Mike Robinson Racing will continue to support these race days going forward………and we need more of them! They have spent millions resurfacing the track and now we need to utilize it more, especially for the owner, punter and local community!

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks for that feedback, Luella

      1. leonie says:

        Ed best wishes fpr new year for your sporting post pls can you open a debate re the use of anabolic steroids in race horses at stud and in stables

    2. Graham Leslie Hurlstone-jones says:

      When I was younger growing up in London we used to go the Monday night twilight meetings held at Windsor. A great evening with your lady and friends, good food, good fun and great racing, they were the best. Durbanville race course has many of those qualities and vice versa of course. To see your horse win at Durbanville on a late sunny afternoon with good friends around you is always special. Its a great idea to have twilight evenings if it fits into the calendar, trainers etc, the punters will love it !! me….and as Micheal mentioned….tourists. Posters in the arrivals at Cape Town Int promoting a twilight evening during the summer, and a feature of course, agreed. I am pretty sure Empress Club holds the track record over the sprint and I think it should be a sprint only because it is fantastic watching the horses and jockey’s barreling down the Durbanville track at full charge. So the Empress Club Twighlight sprint. I have no idea what happens next but we will be there en masse…..come what may it sounds great

  8. James George says:

    So does the NHA say the Operator broke no Rule by offering the R 1000 bribe/bonus? Is there not a Rule that states the conditions of a Race cannot be changed after Final acceptance?
    Now when jockeys protest about the going the operator can now offer a ‘bonus’ to jockeys and trainers who horse crosses the finishing line in the balance of the card.Even if it is just up until the second leg of the Jackpot.

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