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Mayfair Speculators To Exit Shareholding

Business As Usual, says CEO

Markus Jooste, Mayfair Speculators

Markus Jooste has resigned from CTS

In a press release 14 December 2017, Cape Thoroughbred Sales (CTS) confirmed that Markus Jooste has resigned as director, and Mayfair Speculators has commenced the process of exiting their shareholding following yesterday’s CTS board meeting.

Chairman Chris van Niekerk with CEO Wehann Smith (photo: CTS)

CEO Wehann Smith (right) pictured with Chairman Chris van Niekerk (photo: CTS)

Wéhann Smith, Chief Executive Officer at CTS, explains that all remaining shareholders are fully committed to the company and to the CTS Cape Premier Yearling Sale taking place from 20-21 January 2018.

The CPYS draft, according to Smith, looks potentially stronger than that of any previous years, and his belief is that vendors and buyers alike can look forward to the event with great optimism.

“Our business is resilient, and our Board, which includes chairman Chris van Niekerk and Bernard Kantor, is dedicated to ensuring that operations continue as normal, and that we keep innovating and raising the bar with each sale,” he says.

Smith confirms that the transition is underway and proceeding smoothly, with no impact on vendors or disruption to the Sales programme.

“While recent events concerning Mayfair Speculators have admittedly impacted the broader industry, we can assure our clients that our focus is on ensuring we continue to deliver on our commitment to presenting Sales with the professionalism and style to which our clients have become accustomed. Markus has in many ways been our founder and visionary, and we are tremendously saddened that he will not be part of our future plans. His leadership of and passion for our industry will be sorely missed,” says Smith.

The 2018 CTS Cape Premier Yearling Sale will be held at the CTICC on 20 & 21 January 2018 and the catalogue can be viewed here.

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2 comments on “Mayfair Speculators To Exit Shareholding

  1. Rick says:

    The issue is whether the continuance of Mayfair / Mr Jooste to race amounting to or bringing the sport of horse racing into disrepute or Discrediting the good name of the NHRA etc. He has admitted making mistakes. Today we establish that the audited and released 2016 financials are inaccurate. This means the CEO misled and or duped the firm of accountants. That is tantamount if not blatant fraud! It was designed to mislead. Therefore, we are dealing with a person who is untruthful by his admission (via the email and the unfolding conduct). The NHRA ought to immediate issue an interim suspension without further notice to Mayfair. The rules allow it (Rule 91) and it will be well served given the last weeks occurrence.

  2. Albert X says:

    Take heed from the lyrics of “You Better Let That Liar Alone” by The Original Carter Family circa 1964.

    The lyrics are appropriate because on the one hand CTS is saying it is getting rid of Mayfair Speculators (which must be with the help of Jooste) while the NHRA is saying it cannot stop Mayfair Speculators (because Jooste is not willing to help like he has apparently helped CTS).

    Jooste through his companies and cronies remains in control with a vice like grip. This is crystal clear by horse racing doing nothing to save itself. Jooste friends and surfs are clearly saving their skins with his assistance. CTS is a perfect example.

    You better let that liar alone

    If you don’t want to get in trouble
    If you don’t want to get in trouble
    If you don’t want to get in trouble
    You better let that liar alone

    Well let me tell you people what a liar will do
    He’s always coming with something new
    He’ll steal your heart with a false pretense
    Make out like he’s your bosom friend

    When a liar takes the notion to bend the truth

    He’ll lay around his neighbors to get the news
    And nearly every day when you look out
    You can see that liar coming to your house

    He’ll tell you such a lie it’ll surprise your mind
    He’ll mix a little truth for to make it shine
    When he finds out you believe what he says
    Then that liar’s gonna have his way.

    When everything’s in perfect peace
    Here comes that liar with his deceit
    When he gets his business fixed just right
    Then that liar’s going to cause a fight

    He’ll make out like he loves you so well
    Everything you hear he must come and tell
    Let me tell you sisters if you only knew
    What a certain somebody says about you.
    He studies up a lie he’ll tell it so smooth
    You’ll think absolutely that it must be true
    And he’ll urge you out for to trace the tale
    And if you don’t mind you’ll be put in jail
    A hypocrite liar both kicks up a fuss
    They’re both very bad but a liar’s the worse.

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