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Tarry Star Changes Hands

Dual Horse Of The Year To Campaign In Tekkietown Silks

Braam Van Huysteen

Braam Van Huyssteen

In a press release dated 15 December 2017, it was announced that businessman and passionate racehorse owner Braam van Huyssteen has bought dual Horse Of The Year Legal Eagle from Mayfair Speculators (Pty) Ltd for an undisclosed sum.

He has brought in two partners, Brisbane-based William Henderson and Hedley McGrath, and Legal Eagle will run in Van Huyssteen’s silks of dayglo yellow with purple spots. The six-time Grade 1 winner will remain in the care of ruling champion trainer Sean Tarry, according to his new owner.

Van Huyssteen, who has around 175 horses, is thrilled with his purchase, which was confirmed at lunchtime on Friday. “He’s the best horse in the country,” he said, adding that he is hoping Legal Eagle will provide him with his first Grade 1 victory.

Plans Unchanged

Tarry’s summer plans for the champ were a bid to win the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate for the third year running and then to target the Sun Met. The first part of that plan will remain unchanged, with Van Huyssteen saying: “It makes sense for him to run in the Queen’s Plate.” However, he added: “But there are other avenues available to us after that. Let’s get through round 1 first!”

In his eight years as an owner, Van Huyssteen has had Grade 2 celebrations with Dynastic Power and Triptique in the Betting World 1900 and Cape Merchants.

It is rumoured that Mayfair Speculators have sold Edict Of Nantes to Hong Kong interests, but this could not be confirmed.

Legal Eagle and Edict Of Nantes are joint 3-1 favourite for the Sun Met next month.

(source:  Tabnews)

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32 comments on “Tarry Star Changes Hands

  1. James George says:

    This is an apple,. And this is a distraction.

    But it will never change the fact that this is an apple,
    Some people might try and tell you that it’s a banana,They might scream banana, banana, banana over and over and over again. They might put BANANA in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it’s not. This is an apple.


      If you can scream and I can scream then we can both scream ….Ice Cream !

      Happy days



    Furthermore, what if it, down the line, is shown that much of the value of these apples & bananas sold belongs to a pension fund of people earning R 1500 a week ?

    Will they receive any Ice cream next Xmas ? Because of the big unknown and risk of possible losses to those outside the racing industry, shouldn’t a Court Order be sought to suspend the sale of these apples and banana’s ?

    William Milkovitch

  3. Pieta says:

    James, you are watching to much fake news….CNN…

  4. Michael Jacobs says:

    Tekkie Town (Van Huysteen’s company) is a subsidiary of Steinhoff.

  5. Rick says:

    Did he swop Steinhoff shares for Tekkie Town shares to buy the horse? Is this a real sale?

  6. Ravi says:

    I like to concur with William, I’m one of those state pension fund contributors and I don’t have any say in this matter. I still have another 25 odd years to go before I receive any pension payout and perhaps this whole debacle might be a mere bump on this Steinhoff “silk” road…Lets wait and see as the old adage goes, time heals all wounds.

    However, I think the comment of suspending all trade period is a valid one whole the authorities clean up this mess, as I think this is going to take some cleaning. 30 years of cleaning to be precise and not even OMO will get it white again.

    Its also crazy to think that the NHRA, or any bodies that are respobsible for governing the fairness of our sport should be allowing the sale of assest (et al. horses) of a party that are currently under investigation for financial irregularities.

    But with all that said, I just feel that all Jooste’s horses and all Jooste’s men wont be able to put this whole Humpity Dumpity affair together again.

    1. Judith says:

      I am not rich. I do not own racehorses. I do not bet. I watch. And I love it – the horses, their beauty which is almost divine, their speed, which takes the breath away. I do not know the owners, the trainers, the jockeys or the grooms. But I know when I watch the final product, when I see those glorious creatures run, ‘I feel God” (to paraphrase Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire).

      I believe – without any inside information – that Mr Marcus Jooste feels a similar emotion, but he has the money and the wherewithal to realise a dream – to own one, or many, of those glorious creatures. I do not know him but I do believe, watching his progress over the past decades, that he has done no harm to the (very frail) South African racing industry. He has provided employment, enjoyment and enthusiasm. A triple E.

      He is also the first South African embroiled in financial shenanigans (and the number is countless) to put his hand up and take blame. He hasn’t even been charged with any crime yet but he has said ‘I made mistakes’. Is there one other example in this country when someone has said this?

      ‘Lazarus’ – on an earlier blog – talked about PIC not asking him where he wanted his money invested. I have watched PIC invest millions in the slimy Iqbal Surve’s acquisition of Independent Newspapers – an investment aimed solely at the attempted destruction of independent media. I don’t see any investigation into this investment. But there are calls to boycott the Met…? Beware of stories from the Cape Times …

      I would suggest that we back off from killing him just because he put his hand up.

      1. James George says:

        Jooste put his hand up because he was found out.The auditors refused to sign off the 2017 annual financial statements.The next day is when he put his hand up not before.
        He said,’I made mistakes’ And yes ,he has not even been charged with a crime yet.But you can bet your bottom dollar(the one Steinhof did not get hold of} that he will get the best lawyers possible and will plead not guilty when/if he does get charged with a crime
        .Mistakes?If the same mistake is committed more than once it is no longer considered a mistake. It’s a conscious decision.

        1. Judith says:

          Why would he put his hand up before he was found out? How weird. Name one accused of any sort who has done so. But, once he was fingered, so to speak, he made an acknowledgement (resignation, selling off horses, etc) that I certainly have no seen from the Guptas, the board of Eskom, SABC, Transnet, etc. And before you lash up a lynch mob, remember that is really not the way the civilized world is supposed to work. Accuse him of a crime, prove he is guilty and then talk about punishment.

      2. Vivian says:

        Legal Eagle is a horse. He knows nothing about who owns him etc. etc. yet he has given South African Horse lovers some wonderful memories on the racecourse. Let the horse run and do what he knows best…win. Vivian

        1. Judith says:

          Oh yes. I so agree

        2. WILLIAM MILKOVITCH says:

          100 % agree Vivian. I can’t wait to see him run again.

          My point is, he wouldn’t know if he ran in colourless colours, maybe that of a curatorship – just to protect the patients money

  7. James George says:

    Great example of what the English call horse-trading.

  8. Ravi says:

    James George make a fine example of taking blame…and he would have had more respect from all in sundry if he put his hand up long before this whole thing hit the news, However like Judith said why would anyone take blame before they are found out. A person doing wrong will only say sorry after the wrong is found out not before. In his case he thought he was invincible. No one is invincible in this fragile world we live, no matter how much money you have. They are checks and balances in the universe, hence “what goes around comes around”, “every dog has its day”, “A fool and his money are soon departed”….Not Mr Zuma, Not Mr Shabir Shaick not Mr Jooste….They will have all have their day of reckoning. Some sooner than others…but the wheel turns and it will

    So Yeah he has provided employment, enjoyment and enthusiasm. A triple E, as we all know no one person in this world is a universe on their own, let alone run an entire horse racing and breeding operation. Mr Jooste by virtue of this had no other choice but to create employment…He cannot go the stables and wash, clean and dress his horses for race days. Those are by products of the process.

    Your are what your deep, driving desire is.
    As your desire is, So is your will.
    As your will is, so is youre deed.
    As your deed is, So is your destiny

    Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5

    Like Icarus Wings Mr Jooste’s deep desire to take over the ‘world’ and perhaps be invincible…Well guess he flew too close to the sun I guess.

  9. Judith says:

    Hi Ravi, In the capitalist world – which is our world – the rich do not groom the horses, or feed them, or fix their fancy cars when they break down. That is the employment cycle we live in. The rich, however, can create spaces where there are increased employment opportunities. If Steinhoff implodes, 130 000 people can lose jobs – from grooms to CEOs. Randomly calling for a halt to all Mayfair participation in horseracing does not take into consideration the domino effect on the groom, jockey, trainer, secretary, tech guy, etc. should that source of employment be shut down. All I am saying is, yes, Icarus may have burnt his wings, but he has not crash landed yet, and taking away employment based on the fact that he might crash is not right. We don’t know everything yet.

    1. James George says:

      Too Big to Fail?

  10. Y. N. Naidoo says:

    Catch a wake up, how many people are in danger of losing the pensions, wonder if you another colonialist

    1. Rod Mattheyse says:

      Y.N. Naidoo, please explain to me how many people will lose their pensions. Fact based responses will be appreciated… I have not noticed that the PIC selling any shares just yet.

      1. karel says:

        Naidoo doesn’t read other people’s posts.
        Else this one from Mincione (on 14 Dec) would have been noticed:
        “There are no millions suffering because of Steinhoff. Individuals and gamblers may well be suffering and that’s not okay, but millions? The PIC lost R15 billion, but they invest R1700 billion so the division comes to 0.008823 or 0.88%. Non of this is good but “millions” of South Africans won’t notice a ripple.”

  11. Judith says:

    Y.N.Naidoo. I get the feeling that we are slipping into insult mode here. Maybe if you could give me your definition of a colonialist I could see if I tick any of the boxes? My concern, amongst many, in this whole fiasco has been the investment policies of the PIC – R1bn into Iqbal Surve (an obvious political move, without any reference to the poor policy holders) and, in retrospect, the highly questionable billions of rands investment into Steinhoff. Yet the PSA calls for a boycott of the Met without any look at the immediate financial ramifications of such a boycott, yet they don’t call for a boycott of the Cape Times, or Independent Newspapers as a whole. All the guilty should be held accountable.The PSA is being as selective as you appear to think I am.

    1. James George says:

      So are we saying the PSA should call for a boycott of a company,(Independent Newspapers), that its members own shares in?.

      1. Judith says:

        Good point, but No – I am saying with a group as compromised as the PIC, no boycott should be called at all. And being selective about who should be boycotted doesn’t work. Bear in mind its members own shares in Steinhoff as well. The PIC has made some appalling investments without any information being passed down to those whose pensions they are playing with. To quote ‘Lazarus’ again – no-one in the fund was ever asked.

  12. Blue Peter says:

    Mr Jooste will never interfere with the running of the abovementioned Group races. Three cheers to him for withdrawing his name and permitting the show to go on. The punter will not be dis advantaged in these races. Please allow Markus space and time to deal with his issues. Compassion is the name of the game. Racing people always stick together. Best wishes to Mr Jooste and may he have a peaceful holiday season.

  13. Michael Jacobs says:

    Sorry, we cannot be so charitable towards Markus Jooste. Too many oeople are making excuses for him, and almost exonorating him from the nefarious crisis at Steinhoff, almost compartmentalizing Steinhoff from Mayfair, yet they are intertwined. He may well have kept the industry going by his prolific investment and spending, but overall was/is it good for the game? Especially now that hundreds in the industry are at risk. A fly-by-nighter is never good for any industry, it puts the industry at risk and ruins the long term sustainability, to say nothing of the reputational damage, image and credibility.

    Also, his involvement distorted the sport, the financials and basically took the little guys out if the game. Also his business conduct involving financial irregularity and possible fraud is probably what funded his racing enterprise. His colours should not be allowed on a racecourse until the Steinhoff shenanigans have run it’s course and all investigations and probes have been completed. Horseracing needs a time-out from Jooste and Mayfair Speculators.

  14. Dave says:

    3 horses of Mr Jooste that were in the met have changed hands, or so we think.
    I dont believe this.
    This is a cheap shot.
    And people, wether millions are going to lose or not their pension is not the issue.
    The real issue, is we must stop making excuses for this behavior, wether the man has been good for racing or not.
    To inflate revenue and to deflate expenses is a deliberate act of fraud and must not and never be accepted.
    It has also been rumoured that Stienoff is not the first company under Mr Jooste to suffer this fate.
    I have read that a company called Gants also went down because of similar dealings.
    Also a few years ago this gentleman was investigated by SARS for tax evasion to the tune of around R150 million.
    This this is no exceptional businessman that we have been lead to believe.
    We operate in an open international market, so surely, if the horses were to be sold, then a transparent auction would have taken place.
    Too many questions and to much silience alows one to make his own findings, which I doubt would be far from the real truth of dishonesty.

    1. leonie says:

      You must understand how many individuals have been enticed in to the sport only to to have been fleeced i can name many and i will but im opening it up for the viewers to confirm let me start with h podlas


    There goes the working classes money, trading in the horse racing industry.

  16. jennifer schoultz says:

    Legal Eagle was bought by Mayfair for only R425 000. The last data I have on him is from a year ago when his earnings stood at R5.8 million. From 13 races at that stage he had won 7 and placed in 5. He is now 6 years old, so doesn’t have many competitive years ahead. Whatever his latest sale price is, it won’t be enough to get Mr Jooste out of the massive hole he’s in.

    1. Editor says:

      The champion has earned close on R10 million

  17. William Milkovitch says:

    Ssso…. it’s alright for Legal Eagle to ‘duck’ ABSA. There was no premeditation by Mr. Jooste to “sell” LE to Mr.van Huyssteen, Mr. McGrath and Mr. Henderson, was there ?

    Mr. McGrath, why would you want to get involved with this ‘purchase’ while Mr. Jooste has so many allegations to answer ?

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