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Met Panel Discussion – Cringeworthy

Is this the best we can show the world?

Yet again Tellytrack succeeded in covering themselves in ignominy with the Met panel discussion on Tuesday evening, writes Ralph Fell in the Sporting Post Mailbag.

Flippant Joey Ramsden – G.H. Mumm’s the word. He should feel utterly embarrassed, his main contribution being singing Anton Marcus’s praises.

Gareth ‘Fluskered’ was totally out of his depth, as likeable a man as he appears to be.

Grant van Niekerk was generally inaudible, or is my hearing also giving in? Interestingly he didn’t make Snowdance the best bet on the card.

Justin Vermaak talks sense, albeit with the passion of an undertaker, and Grant Knowles, as the host, lacked decisiveness, and was only successful in handing out platitudes. Overall the presentation was amateurish and cringeworthy, hardly befitting the hype leading up to race day.

Fortunately I had to keep an eye on paint that was drying in the kitchen.

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45 comments on “Met Panel Discussion – Cringeworthy

  1. Clinton says:

    I agree no help what so ever . Joey Ramsden seemed uninterested .Why could they not get people who show more enthusiasm. Is this what we want to show the world this is the best we have to offer on one of the biggest race days

    1. Clinton says:

      Guys please go to 239 and watch the panel discussion with baby Soma and Dominic Zaki .What a difference .

      1. Kevin says:

        Clinton, any idea when it will be televised again?

        1. Clinton says:

          Not Sure Kevin contact betting world as it was at their Seapoint store

        2. Editor says:

          It was on loop overnight on Tellytrack

  2. Kevin says:

    The audio at times was shocking, and i was so looking forward to the discussion, but was disapointed to say the least….

  3. IAN says:

    Tellytrack can only be described as amateur and an embarrassment. Look at Gold Coast racing coverage again this morning. Neil Andrews (after 2 races tipped by Aussie Rod) stated ” Rod’s clearly in form” then “Rod’s been making us a heap of money today” then “”lots of success already this morning”. This after Rod’s tips in the first 2 races covered came stone last and seventh !!! Is there a bigger bull*#*?er than Neil Andrews? His comments are an insult to the intelligence of viewers, particularly as the programme is recorded – and this is not the first time he’s done this.

    1. jc lee ching says:

      Could not agree with you more, he would be more at home in a circus

  4. Annie2 says:

    Everybody is boasting about how many international visitors we have and yet we put on a circus like this.
    I don’t agree with Mr Fell that Joey let the side down. He was presentably dressed and is very witty and entertaining.
    Justin Vermaak and Grant Van Niekerk were also well attired and came across fine.
    The host Knowles sadly looked like he had just gotten out of bed – those jeans!
    Its just so disappointing that people can take so little pride in what they do.
    But there is obviously no management or minimum standards.
    He should have been sent home.
    The show needs to be canned from the Tellytrack loop immediately.
    Let’s see if Mr Scott will have the assertion to take that action.

  5. Annie2 says:

    As a whole the production was boring.
    No hype or vitality or glamour.
    Its the Met – we want excitement!
    Not middle-aged men looking bored and tired.
    If it wasn’t for Joey I would’ve switched channels.
    Watch international racing – how do they get it right and we don’t?

  6. Brian says:

    What we must remember is not to be too harsh. The simple reason being they are amateurs. Tellytrack is not a professional TV channel. They clearly don’t have the budget to pay professional salaries which is why they rely on family and friends,

    Let’s go easy on them.

  7. randle says:

    and joey fiddling with his phone while in panel discussion is rude. it seems like he didnt want to be there

    1. jc lee ching says:

      he was doing us a favour

  8. Ian Jayes says:

    I have taken particular notice of the Gauteng raceday presenters and tipsters. If punters had to follow their tips they would be onto a hiding to nothing. Every racemeeting they give large perms for the Bi-pot, PA, Jackpot and Pick-six and they usually blow-out in the first or second legs and on their bankers, very,very rarely do they get anything right. If Phumelela believes this is marketing, then it must be marketing for their bookmaking interests, not the punters. If you can’t do something properly, rather not do it at all.

  9. William Milkovitch says:

    What a sham

    I switched over to channel 307 Nick Junior to watch Wallykazam.

  10. Andrew fortune says:

    What is with you people, most of you are full of shit. I disagree – the guests try their best to give the best information to their ability. They will be criticized either way, whether they get it right or wrong. So to you people that feel the need to complain I will have a word with Rob and have a volunteer panel made up by you. It is not easy and they willingly give up their free time to guide you to try back horses successfully on the day. So next time if you are going to have something negative to say rather not say it.

    1. karel says:

      So if a jockey rides a shit race, we mustn’t moan?
      Tellytrack is a professional channel, so the people on it should fit the bill.
      This is the Met, not a Kimberley maiden racemeeting.

      1. jc lee ching says:

        we are only punters so we can’t complain, it’s been like this for years

    2. William Milkovitch says:

      Nooo Mr. Andrew Fortune, how do you conclude that we cannot complain ?

      You yourself have never shirked the issue of expressing your dissatisfaction about any cog of racing that displeases you ..that over the range of your career.

      It a bit rich coming from you Sir



      1. Clinton says:

        You have never held your horses back don’t start now

  11. IAN says:

    100% Mr Jayes – I’m sure the presenters/tipsters don’t put their money where their mouths are, otherwise they’d be broke very quickly. Unless of course they’re earning fancy salaries……. Might be a good idea to re-introduce the tipsters’ competition, so punters can see who’s performing. But they don’t seem to have any “feel”, just tipping fav, 2nd fav, 3rd fav, etc, usually in that order

    1. karel says:

      I take it that you have kept extensive stats to back up the statement you make about the way individual presenters tip.
      You should show us the facts.
      Or is what you say just “feel”?


    Mr. Fortune,

    I’ll give up my own time, on your show, in an attempt to give the punters a “chance to dance” on SUNMET day.

    All I want is a cup a tea tea or two.

    just e-mail me : [email protected]

    Happy days


  13. Brian says:

    Andrew, you’re missing the point. Tellytrack is a television channel emphasis on the word television. It was started to get more money out of the punter and to promote the sport and increase the base of punters.. No punters, no horse racing. Simple.
    You yourself, whether you realise it or not, you were one of those characters that put a smile a on a punters face, not because you won or lost, but because you are a character and you made it a pleasure to watch Tellytrack. That means more punters and horse racing needs more punters and to do that you need more characters.
    I’m sorry your former colleagues got a bit of stick. It wasn’t their fault they’re not great TV personalities, it’s the fault of the people who run Tellytrack.
    If you’re buddies with Rob, why not ask why why he runs a shambles?

  14. Clinton says:

    Mr Fortune l think you are missing the point here.
    The Sun met is one of our biggest race days.
    We as punters expect more from Tellytrack eg have a panel that can give you more insight than there is on the race card.
    If Tellytrack really wants to market this correctly they should not be hoping for people to give up their time and come there sitting uninterested . They should pay people to come on the show and then maybe they will show more interest.
    The only guy looked like he studied the card was Justin Vermaak.
    Get a guy like Joe Soma he studies the card and helps the punter by giving his perspective and nails his colors to the mast.
    Guys coming on the show should surely have a best bet before coming on the show.
    Is this the information we want Hong Kong punters to see as this is the first time the pools are being commingled.
    They are taking four races and they have sent their own journalists including Basil Marcus to cover it for them at their cost and Tellytrack which is based locally wants a panel discussion RELYING ON PEOPLE TO GIVE UP THEIR TIME. ITS A JOKE.
    And yes if Rob needs assistance from the public l will be happy to oblige

    You were never one to hold your horses back don’t start now

  15. Chris says:

    I could sit and listen to Joey anytime.His articles in the Post used to be funny and controversial as his blog on the stable website.Maybe he should have chaired the meeting and been able to have chosen the panel and I am sure it would have been a massive hit.

  16. Andries says:

    Nobody is looking after the punter who put sometimes their last money trying to win something but look at the pick 6 Only the rich win but the medium to poor punter which the racing enviroment depend on never but never win.Look at horses with no form running 20 lengths behind winners out of the blue winning or horses with 5 runs in places running 3 times out of the places.
    Like my friend say no punter no horseracing.Come on jockeys have also a responsibility towards the trainer but also to the owner and punter.


    1. Clinton says:


  17. WBAM says:

    ‘Will need the run’ springs to mind immediately re Carlita. Now defending the indefensible… what next?

  18. Geoff Clark says:

    Ha Ha well said , WBAM.

  19. Ian says:

    I wonder what’s worse for a punter “Carlita will need the run” or the Mayfair Speculators fiasco

    1. Rian says:

      Well said Ian, who gives a (*censored) what Mr Fortune says to defend the panel, he obviously wasnt well when he watched it, comedy central looms large

  20. Saki says:

    Let me give you a few tips guys, I have been on a roll in the last 4 months…..Race 10, Fortissima win, Race 9, Captain America place, Race 4, Magical Wonderland win and Race 8, White River a place……you should get a nice all to come odds, Good Luck.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Saki. Break a leg!

      1. Clinton says:

        Thanks Saki l like Quick Star

    2. Gavin Langeveldt says:

      Some advice for what it’s worth…”Don’t give up your day job just yet”

  21. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    I think this is a great start to where racing should be going. An all inclusive symbiotic relationship with the general public. Its great to see the characters, the thoughts, the stats and certain industry stuff that is not normally mentioned. The panel discussions have been great and full of insightful information. This also includes the different relationships you see in the industry whether it be jockey and trainer, bookie and punter, experts and everyone. The tele track experience can only improve but bottom line its the info we want. More jockeys and trainers on telly please and maybe a punter or two. Why cant the NHRA and the RA jump in as well…….I have watched all the panel discussions and have spent many hours in deep thought and my choices are the winners, those blokes know nothing. It is rough at the edges but its a great step forward…..nothing wrong with that. Joey Ramsden is a highly talented, hard working trainer with a great record he is also not quite PC but his insight from that type of thinking as opposed to Brett Crawford gives you the same output, inside info from the stable. More please.

    1. Clinton says:

      My suggestion is run a tipping completion for punters before a big meeting . The punter with the most winners gets to appear on the panel. If the powers that be are interested please contact me and l will be able to explain the whole process in detail . its not complicated at all.
      In that way the punter knows someone who has a good strike rate is tipping them . What do you guys think ?

  22. Kevin says:

    anyone have any idea when this years panel discussion for the met will be (2019?

    1. Editor says:

      There was one last evening Kevin – will be on the loop – Robert Bloomberg, Brett Crawford, Aldo Domeyer and Justin Snaith
      Was quite informative as it represented a diverse spectrum of runners on the day

  23. hilton witz says:

    Any chance they can put it on under shows on tellytrack.com or give the link out to s.post so we can watch it?

    1. Editor says:

      Have asked Rob Scott , Hilton

  24. Jay August says:

    Thank goodness I remembered it from my slumber at about 2130 and then decided to give it a miss. Actually no I knew it would be useless and never bothered! If you watch Tellytrack with the sound on you seriously need some therapy.

  25. Chris Swart says:

    Any truth to rumours that Tellytrack is being removed from the DSTV bouquet ?

    I think that’s pretty pertinent when you consider the impact it will have on turnover and pools

    As for this year, I feel the panel produced a very good show and the only disappointment is the scratching of a Frankel first timer this weekend

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