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New Year, New Challenges

NHA Newsletter - January 2018

NHA Newsletter January 2018

NHA Newsletter January 2018

In the NHA’s newsletter for January 2018, CEO Lyndon Barends reflects on progress to date as well as the challenges that still lie ahead.

Liam Tarentaal gets off the mark in Dubai, there’s a report back on the 2018 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate and Sun Met and a reminder to know your rules as NHA chief vet, Dr Eugene Reynders discusses the 12 day suspension rule.

The NHA Lab was audited by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) and is now fully compliant with ISO17025 standards, and lastly, there’s news and an appeal for volunteers from Shumbashaba.

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8 comments on “New Year, New Challenges

  1. Albert X says:

    You lnow that there are serious problems within the NHRA when:
    1. the Managing Director thinks he is and refers to himself as the Chief Executive Officer.
    2.personality problems within the NHRA are regarded as a bigger priority than the obligations and objectives of the NHRA.
    3.the complaints about a lack of team work are in reality a complaint by the MD that team work is actually doing as he says and not being able to voice any objection.
    4. It is evident that not enough progess has been made and the MD needs to find an excuse and his excuse is blaming unnamed hard working NHRA emoyees that have more knowledge and experience than him and spent more than a decade working for the NHRA. Watch out for more retrenchments of staff. I belive that the MD’s article is part of plans to blame others than himself for the poor performance, problems and lack of progress.

    1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

      Welcome back Albert

  2. James George says:

    Has the NHA really been in existence for 136 years as Lyndon Barends states?

  3. Jay Munnsammy says:

    The horses that compete in horse racing are thoroughbreds. When the national regulator calls them horses in notices on its website I want to cringe. The staff and management of the national authority ned to learn that our beloved races horses should be called thoroughbreds.

  4. Michael Jacobs says:

    It was previously called the Jockey Club and controlled and regulated horse racing in SA, so it is over a 100 years old, albeit in another format

  5. The Dark Duke says:

    I really struggle to understand this guy.

    1. B d steele says:

      This committee is not working .Ive been mulling over a kind of dream team to take its place made up of the following (you can put any name to match if you so fancy

      An advocate. He will see to the legality of everything and that it is followed to the letter.Properly
      A Greek shop/supermarket owner to oversee catering and customer care
      A ex trainer to see to the welfare of thoroughbreds ,stabling etc as well as looking after the grooms.
      A used car salesman. His job will entail transport to and from the”groot gat” maitaince for the starting stalls and general work
      A self confessed veterinarian cum bloodstock expert to offer advice to all and sundry (that he has no degree nor has he ever owned a race horse) not important
      A retired banker to do background checks on every owner to make sure they are not in hock to any bankers and can afford the keep .His speciality is seeking out those who own more horse flesh than the British cavalry in their heyday
      An investigative journalist to get to the nitty gritty of any complaints and the reason not to address them.The natural beauty of each track (birds ,trees fauna,lakes etc) shall be highlighted and kept in the public eye as well as any feel good stories concerning “all horses”
      The accountant. He won’t win any friends but he will keep a beady eye on the financials and all of the above.

      Sorted …..a new committee that will take us onward and forward.

      Any likeness to any living been is just a figment of the readers imagination

      In light and love

      1. Rod Mattheyse says:

        Accountants are redundant, especially when you consider the last time an advocate a retailer a banker a used car salesman a “vleis smous” and an accountant collaborated it left a short greek exasperated and mystified, the end result was the poor beast was left literally legless!

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