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Horse Identity Issue Resurfaces

Inquiry will be held

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that an objection was heard at its offices at Turffontein Racecourse on 9 February 2018.

The objection was lodged by a member of the Central Provinces Stipendiary Board in terms of Rule 68.3.4 in that the horse NIGHT SHADOW  ran as the horse TROUBLE MAKER in the 3rd Race at the Vaal Racecourse on 6 February 2018, when this horse had not been entered or accepted for this particular race.

After deliberation, the Board was of the unanimous opinion that it had been established that the horse named NIGHT SHADOW ran in the 3rd Race on 6 February 2018 at the Vaal Racecourse under the name TROUBLE MAKER and accordingly upheld the objection.

In terms of Rule 69.6 the horse that ran as TROUBLE MAKER was disqualified from the 3rd Race on 6 February 2018 at the Vaal Racecourse and the remainder of the horses will be placed relevant to the original placings declared by the judge.

All records pertaining to TROUBLE MAKER in relation to Race 3 on this particular day are to be expunged from the official records.

An inquiry will be held in relation to this incident.

Ed – the press release does not mention that the horse Night Shadow, from the same stable, was down to run later on the same afternoon

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11 comments on “Horse Identity Issue Resurfaces

  1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    So the identifier never did it’s job again…. the power of one is the problem when one does not do its job…. we have had 4 or 5 in recent times and I can recall 1 in the uk…. so we have 500% more incidents off 12% of the number of races…..

  2. Viking King says:

    Scottsville tomorrow

    Total Eight Race Card – I see before the first we have a barrier trial, I thought all trials were mean`t to be on the poly?

    1. Editor says:

      They did indicate that in their original communication regarding the trials:

      Barrier Trials will soon be obligatory in KwaZulu-Natal for unraced horses and those returning after a rest of 120 days or more. The trials will be held over 1000m on the Greyville polytrack prior to racemeetings under the control of the National Horseracing Authority and no betting will be permitted.

      1. Viking King says:

        Thanks Ed – So we are just changing the rules again , (for a change) then we want the support of owners to keep their horses in Kzn and play by rules that change as we see fit.

  3. Ian Jayes says:

    The “Night Shadow” incident is tantamount to running a “ringer” which is a warning-off offence as well fraud, which is a criminal offence. What is happening to horseracing?

    1. Anthony says:

      and what are the repercussions and penalties???? nothing has been said or published. if found guilty this trainer should suffer front page exposure and warned off

      1. karel says:

        Take it easy, and don’t play judge & jury.
        The article concludes with the statement ‘An inquiry will be held in relation to this incident.’

        1. justice says:

          The enquiry will take weeks , the guilty will get a fine ,the Tote punters that lost money on that particulor race get a ‘ sorry please come again’

          Now what stops criminals from fiddling with foal identiy, Theres are 2 men a Dr and a trainer Oom Tobie Spies travel the same route to inspect conformity etc and decide on a points system if it’s suitable for sale ., it gets the microchip on left side of kneck ,Urban legend is that a sample of blood goes with the vet team for DNA of stallion matching foal . ANY ANSWERS?

          1. karel says:

            Facts can be so interesting.

            Both horses came from PE and were to have their first runs for Binda.
            Trouble Maker (race 3) finished last at long odds (66/1).
            Night Shadow (race 5) was scratched from race 5 (presumably the horse identifier spotted that one, but hadn’t spotted the first one, else we wouldn’t have had these sorry discussions)

          2. Brian says:

            In the event that there is indeed a prima face case criminal proceedings should proceed. In fact any writer with evidence could open such a case. Will they?

        2. karel says:

          NHA released this today:
          The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an Inquiry held at its offices at Turffontein Racecourse on 14 February 2018, Trainer Clinton Binda was charged with a contravention of Rule 72.1.45 in that he presented and subsequently raced NIGHT SHADOW instead of the horse TROUBLE MAKER, which was the horse carded to run in Race 3 at the Vaal Racecourse on 6 February 2018. Thereafter he presented TROUBLE MAKER to race instead of the horse NIGHT SHADOW, which was the horse carded to run in Race 5 on the same day.

          Due to some uncertainty from Mr Binda on what plea to enter, the Inquiry Board entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. Mr Binda was found guilty of the charge.

          The Board imposed a penalty of a fine of R20 000.00, of which R10 000.00 is wholly suspended for a period of 1 (one) year provided that during this period he is not convicted of a contravention of Rule 72.1.45.

          Mr Binda has the right of appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed.

          Miss Tanya Pilgrim, the NHA horse identifier on duty at the Vaal Racecourse on 6 February 2018, has been suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing, which will be heard on 16 February 2018.

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