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Top Jockey Calls For Think Tank

Another close call at start

Leading jockey Anton Marcus pulled no punches when he suggested that horseracing officials did not appear to be aware of the reality that it is punter money that keeps the game going.

Anton Marcus – top man with concerns

Marcus was speaking after he had ridden the odds-on favourite Antony Hotspur to victory in the carryover Pick 6 opener, the Greyville third race on Sunday.

“This gelding barrier trialled just a week ago and played up badly there. He was probably the shortest priced horse on the afternoon and everybody’s banker. Yet despite the experience of the barrier trial and the starter knowing what happened there, we are loaded early,” he said after Antony Hotspur had become unsettled and had to be taken out and examined.

In nervous moments for backers, Marcus was  given the go ahead to load and he landed up winning easily in the end.

Anton Marcus steers Antony Hotspur to a popular win (Pic – Candiese Marnewick / Gold Circle)

“Nobody is looking for preferential treatment. And naturally the safety of horse and jockey is of paramount importance. But the public’s money is what keeps the engines running. We owe them better than this. We need an urgent think tank on the starting process,” added the veteran rider.

Assistant trainer Nicolette Roscoe said that Antony Hotspur was a bit above himself after a seven month rest and said that he did get uptight at his barrier trial.

The call for action by Marcus comes just 48 hours after the Le Grand Rouge incident at Fairview on Friday.

Read more about that here

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18 comments on “Top Jockey Calls For Think Tank

  1. Chris Swart says:

    Again. If it’s rotten from the top and the gravy train isn’t derailed then what hope does racing really have ?

    I really hope the auditors scrutinise every single aspect of the business.
    Contacts with non performing suppliers with a conflict of interest
    Where shares were sold in the business or transferred to avoid creditors

    Why a member of the authority empowered to uphold the integrity of the sport, is named today and virtually every week in corruption , criminal activity and money laundering isn’t asked to suspend colours until further notice .
    Yet he sits on boards, does not attend meetings and nothing is done about it.
    What about the money he DOES owe to a KZN trainer? It’s been handed over, so surely he’s defaulted and should be posted.
    That negates the argument that he pays his bills and invested heavily in racing.
    So has his partner in the alleged ill gotten gains.

    Bad money is bad money. It comes from a bad source and it’s public knowledge.
    It’s like calling Pablo Escobar a philanthropic businessman.

    Barends. Rautenbach
    Nothing done about the Mauritius scam.
    You tarnish yourself with your own brush and the integrity of racing by NOT being transparent.

    All the smoke and mirrors crowd that survived the first wave of scandal need to be cleaned right out.

    It’s pretty easy to see who they are and remember who heralded the praise.

  2. Pravesh says:

    Most interesting comment from ” top jock” who in recent times falis to make post race winning interviews. The latest being Wednesday…..FOUR winners , not a single interview. Comment to Dees after the first win was ..that was my BEST. …… concern is most touching….

    1. Shanil says:

      Absolutely. Punters wait with bated breath for jockeys comments to assist us to structure our exotics. We hang on to every word said. Our hard earned cash is at stake. Sheldon could learn from Dees by asking about each of the five rides the jock Has rather than one. Racing is competing with casinos here . It should b compulsory for all jocks to discuss their rides.

  3. Vikingking says:

    Since Friday
    An Owner is unhappy and says enough is enough
    Punters questioning the payouts of Maydan
    Top Jock Complaining about loading

    Who says SA Racing is dead and nothing going on – Well done to the Operators, CEO’s and Boards you guys are doing a top Job

  4. Stp says:

    Go back to the old grading system my horse was up in the air when the gates were pulled thank god he won,now next time this must be taking in to consideration ,we have been doing this for years but changed because the rest of the world does it when in Rome do what the romans do f—k the rest of the world

    1. Vikingking says:

      Well said STP – Just because we have a few horses overseas we need to follow everyones rules , who says they are correct .

      F,,, the system we are the system .

  5. Louis Goosen says:

    Anton is correct. The current system is not working. We urgently need a think tank on this issue , where HORSE PEOPLE are involved. Gold Circle must surely be concerned as they enter their Winter Season….

    The solutions are easy peasy. Getting these done seems to be the problem. This is a NHA issue. They control the start.

  6. Ronny Nijimbere says:

    I nearly fell of my chair when i read Mr Anton Marcus gave an interview after winning a race in KZN….. But on more serious note, Can the Vets seriously explain how they judge a horse to be fit to race after playing up in stalls.. Very few horses end up winning or even running a place after being declared ‘fit’ to race.

  7. Rian says:

    These issues have been going on for donkeys years, where HORSE PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED, but nothing been done
    GBI have a fixed rule that a horse is scratched and money spent refunded
    P6, Jackpots and PA must live with it until new rules come into play by HORSE PEOPLE
    I find it strange that Marcus has suddenly opened his mouth about who is good for the game

  8. Dave Thomas says:


  9. Vivian says:

    Fairview Race Meeting 12 Mrch 2018: Race No. 6 – Quid Rides. According to the commentator he refused to run!! How come we as punters get a raw deal with our bets. Should he have not be declared a non runner? All exotic bets just get thrown in the dustbin. Other than the commentators comment, there was no other comment as to whether the start was looked into. As usual the punter gets the raw end of the deal. Anton Marcus is so right, the Racing Fraternity has no idea how important the PUNTER IS??

    1. Editor says:

      Good point. Why the NHA do nothing about the horse refusing to gallop

      They made the following observations – and then nothing more!


      QUID RIDES was slow away and refused to gallop.


      A race review was called into the start of this race regarding QUID RIDES drawn in stall gate 2. After reviewing the patrol film of this race it was established that this horse had refused to gallop therefore no further action was taken.

      1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

        Can’t expect a scratching for that. The horse had every opportunity to participate but refused to do so. If the horse has a history of doing that ban him from competing.

        The powers that be must be waiting for the next proposal which could be to scratch horses who do not run to form.

        Many things are wrong but let’s not cloud it ala the 17 men of ABC with things that have no basis for complaint – we will get the same cold shoulder.

        1. Editor says:

          Agree Rod – maybe it was not conveyed correctly. Why not even a Vet examination of Quid Rides, is what we meant.
          Just a ‘no further action’. Seems an easy way out.

          1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

            for the welfare of the beast please do vet it, but this complaint was from a punting perspective – and therefore no basis. Complaints of this nature stem from losing and then trying to find a way to wangle out of the loss – I did not see anyone complain last Wednesday, when Foreign Policy dropped Keegan de Melo just after the jump in race 2.

            I would prefer the authorities and operators spending their daily complaint hour on real complaints not rub of the green issues. A good place to start is keep costs down so that takeout can be reduced in order to compete – by the way did you know the barrier trial noms are now so huge that the layoff criteria has changed from 120 days to 150days except for exposed injury enforced layoffs – so perhaps in 30 days it gets pushed out to 180 days…. it will get worse with the juvenile season in full swing.

  10. Graham Hurlstone-jones says:

    it is just more fuel thrown of the fire of suspicious circumstances. The 20/1 and 40/1 shots soon came in but the rain stopped the carryover. Monday, Fairview…..carryover, that did not take long, more to come….perception or reality. The NHA have a lot on there plate but I think they have other more pressing priorities, something is holding their attention enough to let racing suffer……Dysfunctional comes to mind but I am sure they will be on the ball when it comes to fining or sanctioning someone or covering for Mayfair…….Cant wait for the Natal season to start !! last year was full of incident, always interesting to see which way they will get it completely wrong when it is a lot easier to do the right thing……speak to the right people, ask the right questions.

  11. Paulo says:

    Me thinks bookies should price up…What will go wrong next?

  12. Leoned says:

    Watch how they load in Mauritius.. Different devision ..unless of course it’s a baby race they will tend to play up. Handlers need to be strong and taught well !!! And not be afraid. If you not cut out for it don’t do it ! It’s not as easy as it looks .. anything can go wrong. But knowledge is key !!! Especially when a horse acts up in the pens. Handlers must be ready to act !! As jockeys and horses get hurt !

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