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Mayfair Offload Interests

50 lots - Kenilworth 22 March @ 13h00

Another chapter in the Mayfair Speculators saga is set to close at Kenilworth on Thursday when the former racing powerhouse liquidates various horses in their first local public auction of interests.

Edict Of Nantes – sold to Hong Kong for top dollar

Racing Manager Derek Brugman has been disposing of racing and breeding stock since the multiple SA champion owner’s fall from grace in early December. While no specifics have been published, the liquidation hearing set down for the Cape High Court on 30 April could reveal more information.

Mayfair Speculators have interests in more than fifty percent of the catalogued lots at the Central Route Trading Horses In Training / Mixed Sale on Thursday.

The catalogue has no conditions of sale included and it is not known whether the horses will be sold without reserve.

Fly By Night

Gr1 winning Jet Master mare Fly By Night

The highlight of the sale could be the Gr1 Mercury Sprint winner Fly By Night, a daughter of Jet Master, who is believed to be in foal to Cape Guineas winner and new Klawervlei sire, William Longsword.

Klawervlei also offer SA Champion Older Female of 2014/15 Hammie’s Hooker, who is being sold with a Gimmethegreenlight colt at foot. The ten-time winner was trained by Mike Bass.

Hammie's Hooker - Kenilworth 12-03-21

Hammie’s Hooker – top class

The lightly-raced smashing looker Valedictorian is catalogued as #1 and gets the sale under way at 13h00.

The 3yo son of Var won impressively in the Mayfair Speculators silks on debut in February 2017, but was then off for 9 months with a  serious leg injury. He then reappeared in December and was beaten into fourth after bleeding. The Vet reported that Valedictorian returned with an epistaxis due to an exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage and was suspended for 60 days.

The Dynasty gelding Super Performer (#20)  impressed in the ear muffs with an end-to-end win at Durbanville on Saturday. He is based with Brett Crawford and must surely have more to come.

Silver Coin

The recordbreaking yearling Silver Coin comes up as #26. The good-looking and beautifully bred son of Silvano cost R6 million on the 2016 Cape Premier Yearling Sale and comes into the ring here as a two-time winner from seven starts. He was trained by Joey Ramsden and looks to have plenty of mileage left.

Glen Kotzen Racing offer the 4yo Fencing Master gelding Mount Keith, who caught the eye with a storming second behind the consistent Dayonaut at Durbanville last Saturday. As a one-time winner, Mount Keith looks capable of going on to pay his way and win a few more.

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27 comments on “Mayfair Offload Interests

  1. Brad says:

    Hmmmmm, 3 days notice …… who is holding the sale and were does one find a catalogue ? ?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Brad
      We just happen to be carrying details of the sale three days in advance. Central Route Trading (Grant Knowles) is hosting the sale

  2. Rob Champion says:

    The sale has been well advertised and catalogues available for some time. As Sporting Post stipulated they are only covering it now. Central Route Trading have had two successful sales in Johannesburg and I’m sure this sale will be no exception.

    1. karel says:

      “The sale has been well advertised” you say.
      May we ask where?
      We are well aware that Knowles & co are not friends of Sporting Post – it may not be coincidence that we were kept in the dark.

      1. Rob Champion says:

        I first saw it advertised on Turf Talk who have the biggest growing readership among people really interested in racing. Add to that as an owner I received e mail notification of the sale and I know that the trainers in other centers have been informed. Even one of my Mauritian contacts is flying in just for the sale so I guess it got out there ok.

        1. karel says:

          Well, Turf Talk would have had it first, wouldn’t it.
          Knowles being the controlling editor, and the publication the brainchild of Larry and sponsored to exist by the RA, Phumelela and Klawervlei (there may be others).
          The question is, why wouldn’t CRT as sales company issue press releases to spread the word?
          CTS and BSA do so routinely.
          It’s the way things work.

          1. Rian says:

            Never heard of turf talk, but just glad we have Sporting Post although dont always agree with Editor

          2. Editor says:

            Didn’t they say it was a difference of opinion that made horseracing and missionaries? Debate is healthy

  3. hilton witz says:

    Where is this catalogue shown on line ?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Hilton
      The sales company do not appear have a website or Facebook page that we could track

  4. Jay Munnsammy says:

    This man G. Knowles must have the longest CV in horse racing. He is employed by Tellytrack as a presenter. He was involved in CTS. He has worked for M. Jooste, Klawervlei and Mayfair Speculators. He has shares in many horses and now he runs an auctioneering company. What next? Have I left anything out?

    1. Bugs Bunny says:

      He is also an agent

      1. Rob Champion says:

        Amazing how a simple comment that I’d received notification of the sale has now become a personal issue and an attack on myself because I am a friend of Grant Knowles. This is so typical of the nonsense one has to read in Sporting Post who are quick to attack other publications. Maybe “Bugs Bunny” would like to publish his real name like myself rather than hide behind an alias.?

        1. Editor says:

          Be interesting to get a few examples of where we have been ‘quick to attack other publications’?

        2. karel says:

          You say: “This is so typical of the nonsense one has to read in Sporting Post who are quick to attack other publications”
          Can you give examples of that – I am curious to know where we went wrong.
          Or are you just making this up?

        3. Vikingking says:

          Rob – If I may recommend one thing , that would be to ask both Grant and Yourself – to request your mutual business partners to change his twitter profile picture – Is that not you in the green shirt.?

          A picture tells a hundred stories – Jacques Chowles – Twitter – @JacquesChowles

          1. Rob Champion says:

            That is me in Jacque Chowles twitter picture A bunch of us had horses from pinhookers syndicate on the farm and went to watch them sprint up. I don’t see a fault in Jacque using the photo. That is his prerogative.

    2. Blue Peter says:

      He can sure find a decent “orse on a Saturday edition of USO. Grant speaks, lets play.

  5. Rod Mattheyse says:

    its been on Salesring for a while, some really nice mares and weanlings. oh if only there was enough pound in the bank account. A few months ago there was huge debate about the fact that horses were being sold privately. here we have an auction and now we have to hear outcries of that it was not advertised enough – really funny. Note to self next time i want to cross the street be sure to get approval from as wide an audience as possible.

    lets see what happens on 30 April( and subsequent dates probably) and measure the findings of the court hearing

    1. Jurgs says:

      What a pity this is the closing of just a chapter and not the entire book. I get sick to the stomach when I see the leeway Jooste has received. Compare his exit to that of van Vuuren and you will understand my views.

      Rob Champion states that Turf Talk is the fastest growing publication. Off a low base I am sure it may be. “Real” racing people should avoid it like the plague for the reasons that Karel has given. It reminds me of the Citizen newspaper back in apartheid days, funded by the National Party.

      1. Rod Mattheyse says:

        I dont see as well as you do, damn astigmatism, so please highlight the glaring differences.

        i wonder if telkom got any money from the sale of van vuurens horses

      2. Bugs Bunny says:

        Rob Champion is a close friend to Grant Knowles. They work together as agents. What else did you expect from Rob other than he’d defend Knowles.

  6. Brad says:

    Thank you for the link , some interesting pedigrees

  7. Verlynn says:

    Ugh, just a lot of complainers on sporting post. Complains about everything, little cry babies. Readers need to get more tech savvy. They’ve advertised on a lot of social media platforms.

    Sales ring have launched their website last year already. CTS, salering, sporting post, turftalk and bloodstock South Africa always advertise on social media.

  8. Vikingking says:

    Rob yes there is nothing wrong with the Photo The surprise here is the closeness of yourself , we see Gwen of Kuda Insurance also very involved in Central Route Trading , just wondering how many letters of appointments for different jobs are out there in the racing industry.

    Jobs for Pals , and then we get the BS speech you the varsity students must attend a race meeting in order to see job opportunities , personally never seen any adverts for employment.

    You are not responsible for what your friends do, bue you will be judged by the company you keep.

    1. Rob Champion says:

      There is no one in that photograph that I wouldn’t want to be seen with. Most have been friends forever. Goodbye !

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