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Tote IT Whizz Kids Under The Whip

Meydan Dividends Saga

The official TAB Jackpot and Place Accumulator payouts for the Meydan race meeting in Dubai last Saturday were correct, but the net pools displayed for both bets were incorrect because of a technical glitch in the display feed that resulted in the carryovers being added twice to the respective net pools.

This was reported in a Tab Press Release issued on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

Punters were up in arms over the weekend – read more

The Press Release states that there was a carryover of R18 498 from the Meydan race meeting on 3 March to the Jackpot. The net pool total in the tote betting system was correct, as was the official payout of R2 408.60 displayed, but the glitch in the display feed caused the carryover to be counted twice in the net pool display.

The R29 243 carryover to the Place Accumulator, which also arose from the 3 March Meydan race meeting, was also counted twice in the display feed. This resulted in a displayed net pool of R113 415 that was actually only R84 172. Once again, the official payout of R1 866 was correct.

“I want to stress that the tote betting system itself did not malfunction, only the data in the net pool display feed,” said TAB chief Vee Moodley.

“TAB delayed issuing a statement until the IT team reported back on the exact causes of this display feed fault, but our programmers have so far been unable to get to the bottom of the problem and we cannot delay any longer in responding to the queries received. TAB will issue a further statement once the glitch is found and resolved,” he added.

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12 comments on “Tote IT Whizz Kids Under The Whip

  1. pieta says:

    This is disturbing…..especially as Moodley mentions that it has happened in the past…….this time they can’t find the problem after 3 days…

  2. pieta says:

    I see Moodley is hiding behind the word “glitch”
    Google it……it’s a minor malfunction…….

  3. Jay Munnsammy says:

    The glich has not been found and it has not been resolved and the Tote is able to say there is no fault in the betting system. Try treating punters with more respect Mr Moodley.

    Punters are now expected to bet on Meydan without the Tote and the Gambling Boards being able to provide complete assurance that punters will not suffer. We know for certain that the Tote will not suffer as it can easily say that whenever it feels in the mood tthat there is a glitch without any explanation.

    The Meydan Tote system on the Isle of Man needs shutting down until the system is one hundred percent working and all glitches have been found , repaired and explained. Hard earned money is being bet.

  4. Wayne says:

    I’ve stopped punting into tote pools because i cannot trust that these are accurate.

  5. Ian Jayes says:

    Our totes were suspect thirty years ago and nothing was done to get to the bottom of it. Why would net pools be counted twice? We may as well blame the tokoloshe or the tooth-fairy. Horseracing’s credibility is slipping further and further down by the day.

  6. Philip Goldberg says:

    The tote is always right. Always right, so don’t even think to argue.
    The punter is always wrong. Always wrong.
    Now that is the Phumelela way.
    Fit in or go elsewhere

  7. Cleo says:

    Good job Sporting Post. That picture of the “Tote IT whizz kids” really instils confidence.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Cleo. Was a generic and fun tongue-in-cheek pic. But almost a week later, the IT guys have not yet got the answers!

  8. pieta says:

    Still no comment?…..not even a sick note?

    1. Editor says:

      Nope Pieta

  9. Rian says:

    Did the Whizz Kid advise the punters of the carry overs,?????????
    Only took the Jackpot late and didnt hear of the carry overs

  10. pieta says:

    It is obvious that this individual is struggling to get the truth out to his company’s clients…..

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