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Meydan Dividends – Vee Explains

Apologies tendered for 'confusion'

Saftote has advised that the final Meydan Place Accumulator and Jackpot dividends for Saturday’s meeting are ‘100% correct’.

Vee Moodley

Vee Moodley

Phumelela Sports Betting Executive Vee Moodley says, however, that the query raised by SP reader Dave Sandes is a valid one.

Read the Sandes mailbag here

“The query raised is a valid one but the display and the final pool totals for both bet types were overstated by a technological glitch in the system. The carry-over amounts for the mentioned bet types were duplicated. We did encounter similar issues previously and our International hub, where the Pools are hosted thought that the issue was rectified. That was obviously not the case, given that it has now resurfaced. I am awaiting their input so that I can issue an official press release by Monday.”

Mr Moodley has apologized sincerely for all the ‘confusion’ that this has caused.

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17 comments on “Meydan Dividends – Vee Explains

  1. Gordon Davison says:

    Your explanation is gibberish Mr Moodley. It makes no sense and infers some lack of understanding and mendacity on your part.

  2. Philip Goldberg says:

    Unfortunately, an explanation, which makes no sense, coupled with an apology, just does not cut it.
    The pools and tickets are our guide to progressively keeping track of our end dividend.Once closed, these pools can not and should not be tampered with.They are compiled based on any carryover that might go in, plus cash injected into the specific pool.
    As the amount we talking about here is minimal, the operator should save face and pay out according to what was put in.
    The indication as to a carryover evades me.
    Could the operator kindly show some documentary proof prior to the race meeting, as well as journalised proof of the double up.

  3. Vikingking says:

    Most serious punters that play on the tote watch trends and pools , at all stages of the day one should know where they stand as if running in an exotic we are aware of our outlay and obviously want to show a profit .

    If for example one is running in the PA as few times and has a look to see how he or she is going to end up , one might want to play up by taking other tote bets to cover the foreseen lose of the exotic . Now if these numbers provided by what seems to be questionable at times , this can only put the punter at risk and cause them to have a lack of trust in the sport.

    1. Rod Mattheyse says:

      “serious punter “and “play on the tote “should not be in the same sentence. The tote’s inability to attract the serious punters is a weakness, to be fair their target market is the R36 punter, and serious punters just too much hassle.

      As an owner I play my exotics on the tote – call it a whacked sense of patriotism – many bookmakers out there that are prepared to take the open bet and they love serious punters.

      I think `Mr Moodley erred in his response – no doubt he was eager to

      1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

        My “whacked sense” cost me 5600 today on PE pa’s because if I had taken the open bet my return would have been more by that much… hope karma pays it back later this week or maybe the weekend

  4. Jay Munnsammy says:

    The problem is that the Gambling Board does not have the expertise to undertake a proper investigation of the glitch. When complaints are made to the Gambling Board based on unexplained Tote anomolies, the Tote furnishes an answer to the Gambling Board who uses the answer to give a reply to the complaining customer. Independent investigations into the Totes software and systems based on complaints are not undertaken by the Gambling Boards. Contact them and see for yourself.

    1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

      Absolutely correct. We are confused that the gambling board is set up as a regulatory authority. They are a revenue collection agency plain and simple

  5. Ian Jayes says:

    Our totes have been suspect for a long time. The only way dividends can be reduced is through adding winning tickets to the pools. This should never happen in the normal course of events.

  6. Pops says:

    Mr Moodley says, ‘The carry-over amounts for the mentioned bet types were duplicated’ Was there a carry-over for the Jackpot, and if yes,where did it come from?.

  7. Philip Goldberg says:

    Where is the transparency.
    This meeting was held on Saturday.
    Today is Tuesday.
    Can we please see documentary proof of deposits, journals, credits etc
    (as per my previous request)

    1. Editor says:

      Vee Moodley advised us yesterday afternoon that Isle Of Man feedback was awaited to finalise the press release

  8. pieta says:

    Any news on the press release?
    Or do I have my Mondays wrong?

    1. Editor says:

      Just another manic Tuesday maybe?
      Mr Moodley advised us yesterday afternoon that he was awaiting information from Isle Of Man

  9. Sean says:

    I think that an independent investigation should be launched.

  10. Jay Munnsammy says:

    It is bothersome to see that Phumelela runs its Meydan betting through the Isle of Man tote.
    Meydan has no betting. Phumelela should be running Meydan racing through the SA tote and not its subsidiary. If the SA tote hosts the global tote pools on the Dubai World Cup race meeting why can it not do so on an ordinary race day? The RA needs to catch a wake up. Stakes must surely be affected by hosting in the isle of Man and not SA. The Tote policy on Dubai meetings is to follow the Isle of Man All Clear policy. We need to find out what the All Clear was and then why we should bet into a system which cannot be audited by SA regulators.

    1. Pops says:

      Does Phumelela Gold Enterprise(Saftote)not have a tote hub on the Isle of Man?

  11. James George says:

    Is Vee Moodley(Phumelela) obliged to answer questions from punters?You know the ones who are not members of the NHA and do not pay fees(a la Mr. Bloomberg)

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