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Meydan Dividends Puzzle

Punters short changed?

A simple calculation of the Saftote Meydan Jackpot and Place Accumulator dividends today makes for interesting reading, writes Dave Sandes of Summerstrand in the Sporting Post Mailbag.

We have been paid short!

Can the Sporting Post please do the sums and investigate?

Half of the fun of winning is watching the end dividend grow as we head towards the final leg!

These are the official dividends published by Saftote / Tabgold:

Jackpot 4-7

1st : 1
2nd : 3
3rd : 6
4th : 8,11
Net Pool = R 156880.57
Tickets = 57.35
Dividend = R 2408.60

Place Accumulator 1-7

1st : 1,3,6
2nd : 4,7,8
3rd : 4,6,7,14,18
4th : 1,5,10
5th : 3,8,10
6th : 1,2,6
7th : 2,6,8,11
Net Pool = R 113415.86
Tickets = 45.1
Dividend = R 1866.00
Ed – we have requested clarity from Saftote and must agree with Mr Sandes that the sums don’t add up as published.

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16 comments on “Meydan Dividends Puzzle

  1. Vikingking says:

    Come on My 7 year old can work it out. What is going on with this game , does anyone care or are they going to come up with some BS story once again. Even if there is a valid excuse this is just unacceptable , Employees of corporate companies have lost their jobs for less. Disgrace,

  2. Philip Goldberg says:

    I too have been seeking answers.Not even an acknowledgment to my emails from 12 hours ago to Phumelela.Are we hiding something.Where is the transparency? Brings me to the questions I have peviously asked ‘re where is the carryover money, abnormal or pathetic quartet dividends when results are a train smash, fluctuations in win dividends 5 minutes after a race, and let’s not even think of all the unclaimed scratching money that must be sitting in a vault somewhere.
    Not that we have the answers to these facts, but it would be nice to get one every now and then when we ask the questions.

    1. Roderick Mattheyse says:

      the unclaimed scratching money goes to profit after 90 days – its called breakages – so does dividend rounding down. when denzil pillay worked for the gambling board he made a determination that punters were not worse off – very soon thereafter he moved to the nha

      1. Philip Goldberg says:

        Lucky Denzil.
        Strange how the punter always gets the bad deal.
        No wonder why they leave this game when finding a better addiction.
        Ever analysed the punter, and why he stays?
        Bet Phumelea hasn’t.

      2. Philip Goldberg says:

        And the French quintet????
        Is that still in effect?
        Co mingling – now here’s a nice word they throw around every now and then.
        Strange how I have never got any answers there to with regard to exchange rates, over and under recuperation, etc
        Love to know who balances those books.

  3. Pops says:

    The Pick 6 on that day had no winning tickets but paid a dividend of R 539.70 according to Tabgold.
    Pick 6 2-7
    1st : 4
    2nd : 6
    3rd : 1
    4th : 3
    5th : 6
    6th : 8,11
    Net Pool = R 8096.77
    Tickets = 0
    Dividend = R 539.70

    1. Rolz says:

      What’s good for today guys?

  4. just wondering says:

    even the timebomb bet. never had any one won 5 put out 5 but there is no mention of carry overs or anything. where dies that pool dissapear to

  5. Gordon Davison says:

    Off the top of my head it seems like they have stated the gross pool not net.

    1. Pops says:

      Did KPMG do the auditing before dividends were declared?

    2. Vikingking says:

      Gordon Davison I doubt it which ever way you cut it , the numbers don’t add up. .

      Please put pressure on them for an answer Ed , this is not the first time recently questions have been asked , The lovely word commingling also sends out large red flags , like forex used etc.

      When in trouble and share prices are down , people do weird things , notices Phumalela International was in town this last week , got anything to do with this discrepancies .

    3. Philip Goldberg says:

      Hi Gordon. Never mind the nonsense re carryovers that Mr Moodley is suggesting. I think you are correct.It appears to be a gross and net story with a 25% factor.
      I am still waiting to see proof from Mr Moodley of his explanation re the carryover, and the accounting thereof.
      Be that as it may, the punter has been short changed, based on the pool and ticket calculations that we work on.
      The pool we see is meant to be the net pool, and the tickets the correct tickets, glitch or no glitch, or should we say competent or incompetent.
      Now this has been highlighted, how are we assured that our pools are ever correct, as so much can go wrong

      1. Gordon Davison says:

        Hi Philip ! Nice to hear from you again. Got back from PE last week and trying to get to grips with the Cheltenham festival cards before we set off in the morning. Once again we seem to agree on another aspect of horseracing in SA which is not fit for purpose. This being the operation of Saftote. I have a feeling that the latest fiasco with dividends is indicative of something profoundly wrong which has been kept under the radar by Phumelela. This being the manipulation of returns by the operator and was a huge story in the UK press some 30 years ago. What then started as routine disingenuous fob offs [like Moodleys] claiming technical error and input mistakes changed into an admittance that dividends had been altered sometimes. The story from the Tote then was that they had decided to vary dividends to remove unfeasibly high and low tote dividends. The term as I recall was ‘modulation’. The story went further in that individuals working at the Tote had simply been after timing their own bets and helping themselves, to cut a long story short. And that’s in the UK where the Tote was a regulated arm of government. Where does that put Saftote an unregulated [as far as i am aware] profit centre in a listed company. Just sayin’ Phil.
        ….and to be on the safe side the above is my own personal opinion I have no prime data to support what I suspect with regard to Saftote.

        1. Philip Goldberg says:

          Interesting stuff Gordon.

  6. Ebrahim Bhaijee says:

    Greyville Quick mix2 Fiasco !!! 8th race abandoned only after 2nd leg Warick race ran !! Punters given No Chance to make changes to selection….Ridiculous Policy Decision. When is the Punter gonna be respected as integral to the Viability of this Industry

  7. Dut says:

    Plain old chea…g!!!!

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